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81 Violetwing

Please do not yell by using capitals. There are probably thousands of Warriors fans out there who thought of Violetwing, just they didn't announce it everywhere because they don't know about these lists. Anyway- you can NOT claim the name. Violetwing is a name that goes by the Warriors standards, and that would make it like you're claiming that you've made up Warriors. Don't make this a copyright issue.

I picture this as a medic cat that's really pretty name by the way

Sounds really pretty!

So cool.

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82 Patchfoot

I like it. I imagine a grey tom with a patch of white on his front left foot that goes up a little on his leg. He is loyal to his clan, RiverClan, and falls in love with a white and ginger she -cat named Gingersplash.

IT'S A NAME ALREADY! - Spottedtail

83 Skystream

So beautiful! When I hear this name I think of a pale blue-gray she-cat with very pale blue eyes

A cat in warriors was named Sunfall (Bluestar's Prophecy) so therefore, it's okay to use the word "Sun" in warrior names

This is a really good name

You can name cats with sun and moon like Moonflower, and like somebody said Sunfall, and Halfmoon!

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84 Rushheart

Share your opinions...

Cool name I love it!

Rushstorm would be awesome.

Beautifully designed! A ruffled white/blue she cat with a fleck of pale yellow on her chest. She also has brilliant green eyes. She is a great hunter and a modest fighter. She is adventurous even though most see her as a rabbit-brained fool to be venturing outside all the territories. She enjoys romping around in the tall grasses, climbing the pines, and running through the stepping stones of the raging waters edge. She is mates with a loner in the horseplace named Jonah, a pale yellow tabby tom with white flecked fur near his paws, muzzle, and tail. They have two kits, Molekit and Blossomkit. Molekit was a yellow tabby tom with a fleck of dark fur on his chest and Blossomkit was a yellowish white she cat with one amber eye and one green eye. Rushheart had a painful birth to her kits because of her swells. Since she lost Cloverkit, she was extremely careful with Molekit and Blossomkit. She didn't even let her sister, Amberdawn look at them. The only cat RushHeart trusted with them ...more

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85 Tigerfur

It doesn't matter if u already made it

Already made by me sorry

I used this. Snowclan deputy Lemonheart's mate.

Clan: ThunderClan-1, TigerClan-2, RiverClan-3
Eye Color: Orange/yellow
Mother: Unknown
Father: Crookedfoot
Sister(s): Spottedtail
Brother(s) 0
Half Brother(s): Raggedfur, Blackstripe
Half Sister(s): 0
Rank: Warrior
Mate: Tawnyfur ( formally )
Kit(s): Brackenstar, Bramblepelt, Squirrelpelt
Appearance: A ragged, scraggy brown and orange speckled tom with one ear that was bitten half off

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86 Featherstorm

Yah Featherstorm is taken

Sorry but this is already in the books.

When I saw FeatherStorm I thought of Feathertail and Stormfur combined and Raggedstar's and Scorchwind's mother Featherstorm

This is real. - IcetailofWishClan

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87 Blossompelt

I think this is a really nice name! I imagine a pure white she-cat with a soft ginger patch under her left eye and 3 grey/silver spots under her right eye, and she always has a pink flower in the fur near her ears,by the way I think I may use this as my warrior name:3 thanks for all the suggestions

Ummm I like it.

88 Littlepaw

This makes me think of a Small Grey She-cat with green eyes

This sounds like a smurf name

Its already a name

Little kit Little paw Little Cloud ALREADY A WARRIOR CAT NAME

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89 Spottedfire

It just sounds cool and looks cool, she would probally be my favorite cat if she was real...

When I see this name, I imagine an energetic, friendly ginger tabby with green eyes with small specks of red. Spottedfire would always be running around, burning off access energy and is quite swift, giving him an advantage in battle.

I think Spottedfire sounds awesome.

I think of a reddish brown she-cat with darker spots and green eyes. She would be fast, flexible and always cheerful. Spottedfire would be from ThunderClan and her mother would be Sandtail (The ThunderClan deputy) and her father would be Thistleleaf (A ThunderClan senior warrior). Her litter mates were Thornclaw and Fernpool. I really like this name and it would be a great suggestion for the Warrior Cat series.

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90 Amberdawn

I made this just because I like the prefix Amber- and the suffix -dawn and also the sky is orange when the sun rises so ya u get dah point

I feel I'm a little vain since my warrior names are dawn chaser and Amber breeze so when I saw this I was like YES!

Great name, like an orange tabby she-cat with amber eyes.

I love it! - Spottedtail

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91 Moonpaw

Okay yes, you are right. Everyone was saying that, so I just assumed it was true. I've gotten much more mature and analytical, and now I just wouldn't use this because it sounds like a generic mary-sue. It's out of place as a side character and too mary-sue to be a main character. But that's just me, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I like this name it can pair up with some good combinations

LOL moo flower... But anyways, for the hundredth time, Moon. Is. Sacred. Thus. Cannot. Be. Used. In. Names.

MOON can NOT be used!
Moon is sacred to cats!
But u probably know because of all the comments.
And moonflower,sunstar,sunfish,and sunstrike were all mistakes

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92 Dawnstream

I imagine a cat with this name as a calm, collected, stoic, observant she-cat, with a pale ginger pelt and a white chest and underbelly, maybe green or dark amber eyes. It's a pretty good name, in my opinion

Dawnstream reminds me of a calm she-cat who is really kind. I really adore this name a lot! I would think of her as a med cat, but, that is just me. I think she would be fit for WindClan or ThunderClan. Also, she reminds me of a sun colored tabby from the prefix "Dawn". Dawnstream somehow reminds me a bit of Silverstream, who once loved Greystripe. She would probably be really loyal to her clan no matter what. But, I know she would never make a good warrior!

I thought of this while writing my version of warrior series. Except her name was Dawnstar because she was once Leader of the Creek Tribe - SnowThunder

A sleek, yellow furred she cat with big white splotes of fur running down her face and oak leaf green eyes.

As a kit, Dawn ( rogue name) and her sister Leaf's mother was killed by Hazestar, a merciless leader from BoneClan. The kits were left in a small bramble thicket of shrubs and dead leaves. After Hazestar had killed her, a fierce and powerful ginger she cat, who was all for clawing up kits, took them and kept them as her own. She had an unusual soft spot for her enemy's kits. Flurry, the she cat that was Dawn and Leaf's mother were only trying to protect their kits and hunting. She called the yellow furred she kit ( Dawnkit) Sun Spot and the smaller, gray and white she kit, Cloud Eyes. Dawn and Leaf never knew Flower, the cat that had killed their real mother was not. Dawn and Leaf had the most amazing bond with Flower. They were completely in tune with her. They always came home from exploring licking Flower's ears and drifting off to sleep: with Sun Spot ( Dawnkit) on ...more

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93 Silverfox

I'm thinking a silver she cat with a dark grey stripe down her back. Spots all over her, and with dark grey paws, tail tip, and muzzle. She was apprenticed early due to a power corrupted leader, who was killed in a battle against a new clan coming to the lake, Dawnclan. She soon fell in love with Stonestep, a loyal handsome Tom. After a fox breaks into the camp, She earns her warrior name, Silverfox, helping chase it off, also earning a nasty scar from the base of her ear, to the side of her nose. she has a Sassy personality, able to freeze Tomcats with her stare (not literally), She was know around the camp with a pathetic Nick name, sneeze because of a very bad chill she caught early into her warrior days, making her sneeze a lot. You know what, I'm so writing a book about this!

I imagine a very beautiful silver she-cat with the most stunning sparkling aqua eyes that instantly melt the hearts of even the toughest warriors. She has slight black tipping towards her tail, which is long and silky.

I love this name! I think of it as a lean, silver she-cat with white and black stripes lining her back and muzzle. She has amber eyes and a long, poofy tail.

! THIS IS AWESOME! I usually don't like the prefix or suffix fox, but this is GREAT! - Spottedtail

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94 Honeyblossom

Wait. Two things. 1) med cats can't have mates. Sorry to burst your bubble. 2) Cats do not know what Jets are! I agree with the other guy, did they glance up in the air, see a flying two leg monster and randomly call it a jet?

I think of her as a white she-cat with green eyes that is a med cat that smells like roses but dies when she is a elder

Well there is such thing as jet black water and a jet of water

Light ginger tabby she-cat, dark green eyes

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95 Badgerflame

Pretty cool it sounds like a loyal and ferocious fighter

I picture him as a black and white striped cat with blazing Amber eyes

A gray tom with dark blue eyes and he burned off the fur on his left face. He died in a battle (this is in the books)

I picture a black tom with ginger paws, his tail a stump. He had burning red eyes that pierced into a cat's soul. He was in ThunderClan. All the cats in the Clan were afraid he was going to attack them, but he had a kind heart. Only his mate, Silverberry, knew that. When Redstar was about to banish him, Silverberry tried to make him stop, but failed. Badgerflame left ThunderClan, Silverberry, now heavy with his kits, went with him. They changed their names to Badger and Silver. After the kits were born, they were named Tadpole, Jake, Eagle, and Holly. Badgerflame died a horrible death, defending Silver, Tadpole, Jake, Eagle, and Holly from foxes. His mother, Acornheart, led him to StarClan. "You may be a rogue, but you still have the heart of a Warrior. The way you fought, it showed that you still have ThunderClan in you." She explained. He waited for Silverberry and his kits to join him, in grief and pain. Pretty sad story, if I do say so myself.

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96 Icestorm

I love this name! I made it up in my head before I found this website, but I still think its an awesome name! I imaging this cat as a frosty white she-cat, a queen, with light gray-silver eyes and whiter splotches all over her pelt

Really cool! I picture a half hearted, light silver gray tom with very light blue eyes with a long scar on his left eye from a devastating attack, is a warrior and mates a nice she cat

Sick, reminds me of like a silvery white tortoiseshell with more energy than squirrelflight and is a loyal and hardworking fighter. Her claws swirl around like shards of ice in battle.

thumbs up

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97 Featherpool

A small, confident she-cat, probably silvery grey, maybe a medicine cat? Deep blue eyes. I think I like her!

A black with silver tabby. She loves caring for kits. She hunts for elders than herself. She is a medicine cat.

Beautiful, silky furred, dappled whit, silver, grey and black she-cat with dark blue eyes

I use this in my books. good job though it’s so pretty

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98 Berryfang

It means that maybe the she was a deadly fighter which was why her fangs were stained with red, like berries

This is okay but number 63 deserves more! 63 ROCKS! ( more than 78)

I don't know why, but I really like this name.

I'm totally using this, for my Berrypaw. He is a creamy-sandy colored tabby tom with white sock paws and blue eyes. Also a short, but not bob tail, tail. - Jaystar

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99 Flamefur

Flamefur is already a name! It is on the book Tallstar's Revenge. But I still like it

I love this name! It reminds me of a animal with it's fur on fire in the blazing sun.

Its amazing though it is in Tallstar's revenge.

I used this name too the cat who fell in love with Lemonheart.

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100 Spottedwish

This is really pretty and I picture her as a calico with mostly black and green eyes. Perfect warrior, good with kits, and great mentor. (what I see her as)

This name rocks I love it!

Maybe a medicine cat? I always say that Spottedleaf in Warriors is Spottedwish but a is cute name

I love this name I almost made it my name when I was playing and I imagen her as a beautiful gray she cat with amber eyes and also with wight spots and her mate is named Firebreez and her kits are spotkit/tom/Dawnkit and moonkit when spotkit was an apprentice he got killed by a dog moonkit got her warrior name moonflight and Dawnkits warrior names Dawnfrost Dawnfrost got a mate named Darkscar moonflight died when giving birth to her kits none of her kits survived.Then one day Darkscar was kicked out of the clan for attaking the leader Dawnfrost was very upset then one day at a gathering she met a cat called Stormwind they fell in love at first sight. so Spottedwish had a very strange life but she loved it.Just remember life is an important thing never say that it isn't is what she always said to Dawnfrost I know mother said Dawnfrost and then she walkrd away. :3 I made these names up you like them? hopefully.

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