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981 Blazeleaf V 1 Comment
982 Mallowsong

I feel like Mallowsong would be a beautiful she-cat,Calico maybe.Or a light brown with white ear tips.Maybe yellow or amber eyes.

Mallowsong should be a grey she-cat with black stripes.Her parents who she thought who were her parents names were Sneezepuddle and Twilightcoat.Sneezepuddle should be a new warrior with a dirty brown pelt,black spots and amber eyes

983 Dreamstep

I see a sorta see a silver burmilla, and she's blind, like jayfeather, but unlike him she likes having to be medicine cat. She is able to go to starclan in her dreams, which is an ability starclan gave her to make up for loss of sight. She enjoys to talking to the other cats in starclan, but also enjoys her life in the windclan. Everyone was very open to her disability and treats her normally. She hates battles and does not regret not being able to be a warrior. She loves her time sorting herbs in the medicine den and going out to gather them as well. She sadly died young, protecting her apprentice from a loose dog. She had been collecting herbs with her apprentice when a dog attacktes. It had leaped out and caught them by surprise, injuring the apprentice. She fought the dog and held It offuntil the Warriors arrived, saving her apprentices life. She died from bloodless because of the severity of her wounds. The Warriors had carried her back to her den before she died though, and she ...more - Coralreef

984 Fireshade

A dark redish brown tabby tom with blazing amber eyes and black paws and black tipped tail. He is very handsome and an energetic personality but he is very calm and gentle with his mate and all the kits. He is a warrior and his apprentice is Willowpaw (Willowblaze).

985 Lakesplash

Brown tabby she-cat with blue-gray paws. - IcetailofWishClan

986 Nightmist

Sounds like a beautiful she-cat wondering around, I love it!

987 Lightningfrost V 1 Comment
988 Icefang

Aww darn it! I was just about to add this name to the list! I love this name!
It sounds like a strong, Large tom with frost blue eyes, silver fur, black front paws and black hindlegs and one black ear. He is fierce and very protective of his mate, Heatherflight, a strong she-cat warrior with dark ginger fur and brown eyes, and only kit, Applekit (White tom with ginger patches and frost blue eyes) and he currently lives in Riverclan as the deputy - Rainsilver

V 1 Comment
989 Duskwing
990 Flamestream
991 Mudstreak

A mottled brown tom - tigerstar908

This is my mates name! He was a brown tabby with bright green eyes, he was the only one who thought I was beautiful...-rippedface

992 Condorkit
993 Ferretstripe
994 Brightfeather
995 MelodyHeart

Super cute name great explanation for her back story, different I like it

This is one of the best names I've come up with! (I added the name to the list)
I use her as a white she-cat with odd eyes who was born a BloodClan cat, but quickly left to join RiverClan, but since RiverClan didn't trust her fully they refused her request of completely changing her name and named her MelodyPaw. But during her apprenticeship she had more then proved her loyalty to the clan and had also proved that she was loyal to the warrior code, almost to loyal to it. So they gave her the suffix Heart! For her outstanding loyalty and passion for the clan and the warrior code. - LiliBoo

996 Gorsethorn

I like the suffix -thorn because it sounds fierce and different. I Imagine it as A brown tabby she cat with amber eyes from wind clan gorse grows on wind clans territory so this cat is probably from wind clan

A brown tabby tom with orange eyes. He is fierce and unloved. As a young warrior, a ShadowClan warrior clawed both of his eyes. He always thought he was missing something, a mate. He than met OtterHeart, an all brown she-cat with ice blue eyes, and she was a WindClan she-cat. He was from ThunderClan so it was hard. When ThunderClan kicked him out for being mates with a WindClan cat, he joined WindClan. OtterHeart than had only one kit. There kit was named BeetleKit, an orange tabby tom. Later, OtterHeart died from green cough and it was just GorseThorn and his wonderful kit, BeetleKit.

997 Poppysplash

I imagine a tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes.

For this warrior cat, I can imagine a sleek brown tabby she-cat with light blue eyes, but not blind.

as I walked through the mist, my heart raced. I knew what could happen if I we where caught, but I did not care. I loved him and that is all I could think about. when the mist cleared I saw his pelt. it was nettleclaw. he had riverclan scent all over him, yet I did not mind. who would think a thunderclan cat and a riverclan cat would love each other? when he noticed me, we rubbed pelts. "hello my darling, how has thunderclan been treating you? ," he said playfully in his deep voice. All I could do was purr. finally I got the words out," it has been good." no cat could tear us apart now, I would find a way to be together forever. - Cedarhaze

998 Lilacsage
999 Larksong

It's a lovely name, I think it has a nice ring to it - nellynutella

It already exists, but there was two Ashfurs, one that rescued the kits during the first ark, and you probably know the other one. But that doesn't mean there can be another one!

Larksong is a real charictor is was one of the Thunderclan Cats

1000 Smokeflower

Smoky-gray she-cat with amber eyes, she has white paws, tail tip, muzzle, and belly.

A grey tabby she cat, with blue eyes and one white paw- loyal medicine cat. - Frostcloud

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