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1041 Darkheart

This is a name of one of my warrior and wolf

Dark yet pretty

There is a cat in my quizup clan named Darkheart

Evil cat

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1042 Rosecloud

Really pretty! A dark ginger she-cat with a white underbelly and paws - Roseclaw

Beautiful. Sleek white she-cat with flaming ginger patches.

Nice name, also love Rosedapple

Thick-furred ginger she-cat with dark green eyes. She is kind and gentle and currently a queen. She is expecting her second litter. She already has two kits (A tom named Redfern who is also thick-furred and ginger and a she-cat named Mousetail who is pale brown and white, looking like her father: Hawkpelt) - Rainsilver

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1043 Cloverpetal

Love this name... A confident, stubborn, yet caring medicine cat. Pale gray with even paler gray chest and dark green eyes. - Rainsilver

Pale grey she-cat with white patches. Warm amber eyes. Medicine cat.

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1044 Lavenderfur

Yes, they know what it is. It's a plant sometimes used my the medicine cats. The name's a bit of a mouthful though.

They know what an HERB is, people. Yes, it may be a mouthful and it doesn't make sense. I mean, a cat with purple fur?

Gray she-cat, creamy underbelly, green eyes. Med cat.

There's Brackenfur, and bracken is green.

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1045 Maplepelt

Fierce yet gentle reddish-brown she-cat with blazing amber eyes.

Some idiotic Canadian cat who likes moose

A golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes

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1046 Cloudstripe

White tom with black stripes and green eyes

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1047 Berryleaf

Russet and cream striped she-cat with green eyes.

Nice name and description below

1048 Poppyshade

So graceful I really like this name

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1049 Honeyfur

Golden she-cat with bright amber eyes. - AirfrostOfJayClan

Golden tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

Golden she-cat with creamy underbelly and hazel eyes ~Windblossom

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1050 Eagletail V 1 Comment
1051 Flowerpool

Pretty tortoiseshell and white she-cat with clear blue eyes.

1052 Duskshade

Ooh I really like this name, the warrior should be a dark grey Tom with black stripes and green eyes

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1053 Moonfall

I thought the moon was sacred to the warrior cats, so you can't use moon in a name, right?

Yes. You can use "Moon" in a name because it was used in Bluestar's Prophesy. Bluestar's mother is called Moonflower.

I don't know why people think that you can't use names like Moonfall because words like "moon," "sun," and "sky" are sacred to warriors, cause there not. Names of warriors who have names like this: Moonflower, Sunfall, etc.

You can totally use moon in a name

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1054 Skyflight

Like it. Silver she cat, brave and outgoing.

I like it but I think it should be Skyfearher

Dangit that's my cat's name in my fanfic

Skyclan is refered to in Firestar's Quest and Skyclan's Destiny.

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1055 Petalheart

Seems like a medicine cat or a queens name

Seems more like a queens

Simple, yet pretty. - Roseclaw

This name was in to lps warrior cats

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1056 Reedfur

A Light brown tom

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1057 Whiteberry

I'm pretty sure this is already a character in Tallstars revenge

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1058 Redwind

Red tabby tom with with golden eyes, incredibly swift and an excellent hunter.

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1059 Blueclaw

Blue-gray tom

1060 Bloomflight V 1 Comment
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