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1061 AmberSpark

I love this name!
I imagine a tortoiseshell and white she-cat with beautiful blue eyes. She was found by RiverClan cats almost dead and taken in by them. she lived happily, even if she wasn't trusted vary much, she soon earned the trust and even became a warrior, named after her sparking personality. She was even chosen as deputy! Although it was suspected that she was only chosen as deputy because the leader was suspected to love her, which wasn't true. She is a pushy, impatient, and sweet cat, she is a loving cat and a great leader. - LiliBoo

1062 Nightshine
1063 Lilyglance

Super cute name! Maybe a white she-cat with cream patches brown eyes. Lilyglance would be a warrior at first, super shy and introverted. She feels as if she never fits in. She's always drawn to the medicine cat den, but of course she's a warrior. As well as that, the medicine cat already has an apprentice. Later on, the medicine cat and their apprentice mysteriously dies. Lilyglance offers to be the medicine cat, finally feeling as if she fits in. Just my idea! ^^

1064 Lilypetal

It sounds so peaceful and pretty

Love it, I imagine a brown tabby with white underbelly, or creamy she-cat, or lilac she-cat ALL SHES.

Do you mind if I use this pretty name it's so nice

This is so beautiful reminds me of my actual name so much.

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1065 Poppyfoot

Poppyfoot searched the forest for some herbs, the medicine cats soft mitts thumping against the mossy terrain as she noticed some fresh Marigold beaming in the cold leaf-bare sun. A faint sound of a stream running nearby as she came towards the training hollow to find Moonpaw training with Stormbird, "Salutations" she greeted them.

I like this name, but hate the suffix -foot. Cats do not know what feet are. They call their feet paws. But is a great name and sounds like a real warrior cat name!

A cream she-cat with black ears and bright ginger paws with amber eyes

The person who said "they don't know what feet are" you are wrong. MISTYFOOT is a real cat. BLACKFOOT (blackstar) is a real cat too. ANYWAYS Poppyfoot is a red she-cat with black feet. Her sisters are Rosestar (Rosepelt) Violetheart and Daisyfur (all named after flowers since in FlowerClan). She died before she could become mates with Blizzardfur. Blizzardfur became mates with Dandelionpelt, and Poppyfoot was frustrated. Spottedfern and Thrushclaw (her parents) told her to find a mate in StarClan. She snapped at them, refusing to let Blizzardfur go. But when Blizzardfur died of greencough, they became mates in StarClan. When Dandelionpelt became mates with Birdwing, Blizzardfur was slightly furious. But when they both joined StarClan, Birdwing announced that he was no longer Dandelionpelt's mate. Dandelionpelt, feeling the desparate need to have a mate, she asked Blizzardfur to leave Poppyfoot and become her mate instead. Blizzardfur said he would never love her, for she betrayed him. ...more

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1066 Tigerstripe

I made a Tigerstripe she is a dark tabby with green eyes daughter of squirrelflight and bramblestar

He's one of the characters in my book! A brown tabby tom with jet black stripes and green eyes.

Tigerstripe... Nice. I love tigers so it is perfect.

Sounds like Tigerstar...

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1067 Oceanheart

Something about this name is so beautiful and graceful, and the reason it hasn't been used is because the cats ca the ocean 'sun drown place' so they wouldn't get the concept of the word 'ocean'. If they used this name it would be Sundrownplaceheart.

That's funny, I'm glad you realize they DON'T KNOW WHAT AN OCEAN IS... *cough cough* coralreef *cough, cough*

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOOOVE IT! It reminds me of my oc Oceanstar of the tribe of Rushing water

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1068 Openflight

What do you mean by Open?

Who would name their child Openkit?

I think it means that she has an open mind and is ready for anything and is a quick thinker. Pale gray and white with tan paws blue eyes white tail tip.
~ Gingerpaw of CinderClan

1069 Ripplespear

Perhaps you could change the suffix to claw? It's the equivalent to spear in the warrior cat world

Oh my God! CATS DON'T KNOW WHAT A SPEAR IS! They don't know ANY words that cannot be found in nature.

Um there is already a Rippleclaw in Crookedstar's Promise just saying

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1070 Raggedsong

Maybe the cat suffered an injury from battle, so it's voice is ragged?

Does that mean this cat sing bad?

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1071 Flamestripe

Hey I made this up! The daughter of the ship fire star and Graystripe. A gray cat with flaming tabby stripes

Doesn't that just sound awesome? - ruJILLous

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1072 Mudsport

Sport is NOT nature

Isn't that a Pokemon move?

Mudkip, use Mud Sport! - Frogjaw1996


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1073 Cleaverkit

If you wanted to say clever. Then you spelled it wrong

Uh.. Cleaver means knife. I heard a Twoleg say that once.. And they also said Knives are dangerous. What kind of Leader or Queen would name their kit Knifekit?

I'm sorry, a cleaver is a knife
what queen would name her kit after a flipping KNIFE?!?!?!

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1074 Ashfeather

I imagine a she-cat with a flare of medicine cat in her, possibly a medicine cat's assistant, like Brightheart. It's a rather pretty name and doesn't deserve to be 172 in the SECOND part, technically being 1171 in the entire list. A pretty dark gray she-cat with yellow eyes perhaps?

I honestly see this as both a possible she-cat or tom name. I like this name.

Why is ashfeather at 464? This name is awesome!

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1075 Darkheart

This is a name of one of my warrior and wolf

Dark yet pretty

There is a cat in my quizup clan named Darkheart

Evil cat

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1076 Rosecloud

Really pretty! A dark ginger she-cat with a white underbelly and paws - Roseclaw

Beautiful. Sleek white she-cat with flaming ginger patches.

Nice name, also love Rosedapple

Thick-furred ginger she-cat with dark green eyes. She is kind and gentle and currently a queen. She is expecting her second litter. She already has two kits (A tom named Redfern who is also thick-furred and ginger and a she-cat named Mousetail who is pale brown and white, looking like her father: Hawkpelt) - Rainsilver

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1077 Cloverpetal

Love this name... A confident, stubborn, yet caring medicine cat. Pale gray with even paler gray chest and dark green eyes. - Rainsilver

Pale grey she-cat with white patches. Warm amber eyes. Medicine cat.

Using as deputy

Pale grey she-cat with white splotches and amber eyes, was warrior made Medicine Cat due to a wound on her belly that never fully healed.

Brothers~Swiftblaze, Pebblestep and Mousefoot
Rank~Medicine Cat
Clan~ThunderClan - WoofWolf

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1078 Lavenderfur

Yes, they know what it is. It's a plant sometimes used my the medicine cats. The name's a bit of a mouthful though.

They know what an HERB is, people. Yes, it may be a mouthful and it doesn't make sense. I mean, a cat with purple fur?

Gray she-cat, creamy underbelly, green eyes. Med cat.

There's Brackenfur, and bracken is green.

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1079 Maplepelt

Fierce yet gentle reddish-brown she-cat with blazing amber eyes.

Some idiotic Canadian cat who likes moose

A golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes

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1080 Cloudstripe

White tom with black stripes and green eyes

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