Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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1081 Berryleaf

Russet and cream striped she-cat with green eyes.

Nice name and description below

1082 Poppyshade

So graceful I really like this name

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1083 Honeyfur

Golden she-cat with bright amber eyes. - AirfrostOfJayClan

Golden tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

I get this was posted after Shattered Sky, but Honeyfur is a TC warrior - Frogjaw1996

Anybody has the right to use the prefix "honey". Your don't own it Honeypool. The Erin's used "Honey".

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1084 Eagletail V 1 Comment
1085 Flowerpool

Pretty tortoiseshell and white she-cat with clear blue eyes.

1086 Duskshade

Ooh I really like this name, the warrior should be a dark grey Tom with black stripes and green eyes

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1087 Moonfall

I thought the moon was sacred to the warrior cats, so you can't use moon in a name, right?

Yes. You can use "Moon" in a name because it was used in Bluestar's Prophesy. Bluestar's mother is called Moonflower.

I don't know why people think that you can't use names like Moonfall because words like "moon," "sun," and "sky" are sacred to warriors, cause there not. Names of warriors who have names like this: Moonflower, Sunfall, etc.

You can totally use moon in a name

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1088 Skyflight

Like it. Silver she cat, brave and outgoing.

I like it but I think it should be Skyfearher

Dangit that's my cat's name in my fanfic

Skyclan is refered to in Firestar's Quest and Skyclan's Destiny.

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1089 Petalheart

Seems like a medicine cat or a queens name

Seems more like a queens

Simple, yet pretty. - Roseclaw

This name was in to lps warrior cats

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1090 Reedfur

A Light brown tom

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1091 Whiteberry

I'm pretty sure this is already a character in Tallstars revenge

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1092 Redwind

Red tabby tom with with golden eyes, incredibly swift and an excellent hunter.

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1093 Blueclaw

Blue-gray tom

1094 Bloomflight V 1 Comment
1095 Riverleaf

I See A Dark Blue She-Cat With Bright Green Eyes. Yeah I Really Like It!

You can't use clan names as a prefix, but a suffix is fine, e.g Runningwind. Maybe change it to Leafriver?

Her mother is Sorrelcreek and her sister is Heatherbreeze. She is a blue gray she-cat w/ light green eyes. And she is a warrior in LeafClan :3 - KatnissTheImmoDeer

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1096 Whitenose

Dark she cat with white nose. Nice name

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1097 Roottail

Dark brown tom.

1098 Dustclaw

Like the name! It sounds like a dark brown tabby tom that is very strong but not very fast. - PaintedWolves

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1099 Morningfoot

Pale ginger tom with a white forepaw.

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1100 Runninglight

I really like this name I can picture a cream/pale orange she cat with ginger paws running through a snow covered forest.

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