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1081 Heatherfur

Tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes.

1082 Runningflight

Lean dark ginger she-cat with amber eyes, WindClan's fastest warrior.

1083 Dapplecloud

So pretty! White, fluffy she-cat with ginger-brownish and light-brownish spots.

I really like this name, I imagine a pure white Tom with brown flecks on his back

Tortoiseshell and white she-cat with green eyes.

1084 Brackentail V 3 Comments
1085 Pebblestream

This is a good,natural name! Think of a lithe dapple-grey tom of Riverclan. Silver eyes?

1086 Seastripe

I think it is pretty, and I don't think you should go as far as to tell the person who made this to DIE. Think about how it would feel to be told to Die

V 4 Comments
1087 Spiritfire

Silver she-cat with one misty blue eye and one bright amber.

Wow... Amazing name! Best one ever. A mist colored she-cat with dark Amber eyes.-Silversky

V 2 Comments
1088 Pumafrost

I like pumas and the suffix frost

Pumas are big cats, like panthers

V 2 Comments
1089 Hazelstorm V 3 Comments
1090 Breezestar

Handsome Tom and spiritfire's mate

Aww... Do they have kits if so what r their names! What a cute couple

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1091 Moonbreeze

A silver she- cat with beautiful blue eyes that shine like a blue moon when the moonlight shine though her eyes.

This is a really good name for a medicine cat, in my opinion.

I made an OC named Moonbreeze and she's a black she cat with bright blue eyes and has a white circle around her right eye and she is a med cat

Tortoiseshell she-cat with cream colored flakes and blue eyes. Whitefur, a large white tom with yellow eyes, is her mate. They have 2 kits, oakkit, a brown tom with white stripes,and bloomkit a tortoiseshell she-cat with white patches, who becomes bloomheart ~Windblossom

V 1 Comment
1092 Stormcloud

Stormcloud has already been used that was what Bramblestar renamed Frankie the kittypet

V 2 Comments
1093 Lightningstream

Lightningstream is a black she-cat with blue-gray lightning marks on her black tail underbelly forehead and ears. I think I would make an amazing Warrior! ���"

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1094 Forestheart

I picture a dark brown tabby she-cat with a white muzzle, underbelly, paws, and tail tip. Forest-green eyes. Sounds like the name of a ThunderClan cat

Love this name. Just something about it is awesome.

1095 Snowleaf

I named my actual cat this! Awesome name.

Grey tabby she-cat/tom with green eyes and spotted tail

I actually have this name in my story, I absolutely love it.
She's a fluffy white she-cat with forest green eyes. She is currently a kit in Thunderclan - Heatherbrook

1096 Sundust

Awesome! gingery-golden tom with brownish tabby markings and yellowy-green eyes

So pretty! How is this not in first place? It's too bad I used up my vote...

It sounds so.. Unique and different.

Woah, really pretty! I have a name Firedust

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1097 Hazelfeather

We can use whatever name we want, so I will use it right now in my fanfiction. Done. Ha! What are you going to do? Get mad? Yarrowberry, my daughter, mocks you!

Ugh you adults are acting like BABIES! Especially you, mother of Yarrowberry, are acting stupid

Hazelfeather is my warrior cat name, if I find anyone using it I will get mad, so please don't use it. I'm writing a fan fiction for Hazelfeather and her brothers, so yeah. I spent a lot of time coming up with this name, too.

Seriously? How old are we now? Three? If you don't want anyone to use it, don't put it on here! Geez people, IT IS THAT SIMPLE.

1098 Jetflight

I see Jetflight as a jet-black tom with sky blue eyes.

But I don't see why he's called JetFLIGHT. He is called Jet- for his jet-black fur, but why Jet FLIGHT? It just confuses me. But maybe Jetflight is for his eyes, which are the color of the sky and things fly in the sky? Yeah. That's why!


Did a leader and mother look at a jet and realized it's called a jet? Cats don't know what jets are

Wow! I am making a clan super edition, and I'm probably going to use this name! Love the name JetFlight! He will be part of MossClan! - Larkwing

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1099 Mossstorm

This name would have been good for Mosskit.

Hyphenate it please, otherwise its okay

It's awesome and looks funny, I like it!

V 2 Comments
1100 Fallingleaf

Bright orange She-cat with skinny black stripes, fast and clever

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