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1141 Blueclaw

Blue-gray tom

1142 Bloomflight V 1 Comment
1143 Riverleaf

I See A Dark Blue She-Cat With Bright Green Eyes. Yeah I Really Like It!

You can't use clan names as a prefix, but a suffix is fine, e.g Runningwind. Maybe change it to Leafriver?

Her mother is Sorrelcreek and her sister is Heatherbreeze. She is a blue gray she-cat w/ light green eyes. And she is a warrior in LeafClan :3 - KatnissTheImmoDeer

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1144 Whitenose

Dark she cat with white nose. Nice name

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1145 Roottail

Dark brown tom.

1146 Dustclaw

Like the name! It sounds like a dark brown tabby tom that is very strong but not very fast. - PaintedWolves

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1147 Morningfoot

Pale ginger tom with a white forepaw.

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1148 Runninglight

I really like this name I can picture a cream/pale orange she cat with ginger paws running through a snow covered forest.

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1149 Violetsnow

She is a bright white she cat with a red tint in her fur to look a bit like violet and dark sea blue eyes.

"Snow" is rarely used as a suffix. It just sounds odd.

I love this name! Since there is no description, I'll do the honors! She is a frost-white she-cat with dark blue, almost indigo, eyes.


Um I don't even know what to say, this name is just... Weird. No, it's terrible.

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1150 Breezeleap

Pale grey SkyClan she-cat, famed for her enormous leaps from branch to branch.

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1151 Sunshadow

There is a cat named sun shadow in dawn of the clans.

This name would be great for a dark, mysterious cat.

He's light brown and he was burned in a fire

Dawn of the Clans cat - Frogjaw1996

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1152 Silentsong

A brown medicine cat with green eyes. When the patients can't calm down she sings a beautiful song only for them

A gray she-cat with pale green eyes that is very sweet, but never speaks. Is very patient.

I think she would be a pale grey she cat, who would be a mute but she would be a perfect medicine cat as she would be cool under pressure

Does that remind you of someone? (hint hint is Adventures in BayClan? ) - Spottedtail

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1153 Hawkgaze

Dark grey she-cat with piercing yellow eyes.

Nice one, I like it

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1154 Spruceleaf

Dark brown tabby she-cat, with one eye, and an amber eye.

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1155 Twoblaze

Oh my god this post is over, after three hours of looking at it!

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1156 Jaggedcloud

White Tom with a jagged black stripe down his spine.

1157 Crackedlimb

Crackedlimb was born in a very dark cave, the mother notices a crack in the cave as light shines through onto the diminutive kit, she smiles and softly laps at the tiny kit, crackedkit will be your name, and your kind personality will always shine through, even during rough times, awesome name if you actually think about it and stop hating on people.

Did he crack a limb when he was a kit?

One day a kit ran and broke his leg. His mother said "Your name is crackedkit now."

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1158 Dareheart

Ugh, seriously?


A daring kit

Really? That makes no sense. =^v^=

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1159 Hyperdare

You have GOT to be kidding me.

A hyper daredevil!

Your kidding. - Silversky

Stupid name

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1160 Strongwind

Weird... Stuff like "strong" isn't normally used in the Warriors world.

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