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1161 Turtleshell

Tortoiseshell tom, with solid black eyes, and one ear.

Sounds like Turtle Tail, who already exists. - IcetailofWishClan

I've actually used it once...she was a tortoiseshell...
-Stormrunner of DawnClan

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1162 Leapheart

Black tom with a white chest and legs, white flecks on haunches and pale green eyes.

Leapstar is an pretty good name for an leader, I Think


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1163 Frostrun

I was playing and had to make a name for a frostpaw and I just came. It sounds like frost running through the forest.

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1164 Echostep

She seems like a pail bluish gray she cat with blue eyes or yellow or green

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1165 Flamegaze

Strong tom. Epic name.

1166 Poisonheart

Red or orange she-cat.

I honestly don't know why a queen would name her kit poisonkit unless the kit ate deathberries but lived. (Just like Sorrelkit/Sorreltail)

This would have been Poisonkit's warrior name. Poisonkit was a kit that was killed by a adder in a snake attack. He had two littermates, Snakepaw and Adderstrike. They both survived the snake attack but Snakepaw died as an apprentice from a battle. - Embershine

1167 Sunblaze

Bright orange and yellow tom.

Ginger tabby tom with blue eyes. Grows to be the leader of StormClan. Sunstar - Embershine

1168 Pebblestorm

Sandy tom. Cute and tough.

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1170 Amberburn

I love it. She's a pretty orange she-cat.

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1171 Cloudleap
1172 Blazefern

Ginger she-cat with striking green eyes.

My main character's friend.

1173 Pebbleslip

I like this name sounds like a cute playful apprentice with grey fire and green eyes

Sounds like a stone coloured, small fast and quiet male

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1174 Quickclaw

Small black she-cat with darting blue eyes and lightning reflexes.

Would you like to give the Quick Claw to Weavile? - Frogjaw1996

It just reminds me of the item from Pokemon. My meloetta has it. The Quick Claw. It makes the holder go first acasionally

Blazefern, pebbleslip, and echostep 's friend

1175 Ivy frost

Sounds like a strong loyal warrior

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1176 Firebird

A small reddish coloured cat that's very fast and clever

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1177 Bluebird

Makes me think of a white or light gray she-cat with fierce blue eyes.

Clan leader coming up with Bluepaw's name: "Hmm... What should Bluepaw's warrior name be? Oh, there's a bluebird! Hey... Bluebird! That'll be Bluepaw's warrior name! "

1178 Shimmerfur

A pretty siver tabby queen that's what I think of her

1179 Riversong

A Russian blue with small whale paws and soft blue eyes. She started to train as a warrior but it didn't feel right so she decided to become a Med cat.

Blue - silver she - cat with ice blue eyes, grey muzzle, grey paws and a white tipped tail

This reminds me of doctor who - Warriorcatsfandom

Illegal! But, I like it. - Spottedtail

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1180 Redblood

The cat has red blood? Well, you don't say!

No obviously a muddle blood learn your facts

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