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1161 Solarflame

I thought of solar flares, and this blew my mind as I thought.

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1162 Swiftfire

Bluestar shouldv'e given Swiftpaw this name. He really deserved it.

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1163 Cinderfoot V 2 Comments
1164 Shadeytail
1165 Stripedpelt V 2 Comments
1166 Starshine

You can't use star in warrior cat names

Yeah this is a Gorillaz song x.x

I absolutely love this name!

I like the name but it is warroir cat names that don't exist so it totally works

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1167 Bubblelily

I have a tomcat called bubbleburst. He's in a group of loners with clan rituals but are called "the loners"

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1168 Lostspirit

A cat who kind of went crazy after a really bloody battle

Nice and original. I think it should be a black she cat with white paws and white tipped tail with blue eyes and green flecks. She should have an ambitious attitude and strives for the best.-Shadowmist

Honestly? I know what cat did this! HA caught you red-handed Bluestar! Now either change her name or give her back her spirit. -Moonstar

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1169 Nileopool

Sounds soothing and no one would think of that

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1170 Amberbreeze

A ginger she-cat with amber eyes and brown stripes. Her paws, belly, spots, and ears are golden. She has a black chest and a cream-colored tail.

A ginger tabby she-cat with striking amber eyes, as swift as the wind.

A ginger flame she-cat with bright yellow eyes.

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1171 Littlefur

For a small, slender, white she-cat she has one blue eye and one hazel eye.

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1172 Hollyheart

A very dark grey she-cat with crimson eyes.

1173 Raggedleaf

A ragged dusty brown medicine cat she-cat. Grumpy like yellowfang but sweet

1174 Thistleheart

There's a cat called this in Bramblestar's Storm. - IcetailofWishClan

A light brown tom with one eye.

Love this name! I actually have used it in a fanfiction. But Thistleheart was a light grey she-cat with dark grey stripes instead of a tom.

1175 Killclaw

A tom with long deadly claws. Scar across back with ice cold blue eyes. A member of the dark forest.

Dark forest cat with blood red eyes and battle scars And lots of them

No offense but this name isn't very good like who would name there kit killkit?

Dark forest/ evil/ any cat. Maybe a queen would have named it after someone.

Sounds like teen Kakashi's nickname if he were a cat :3

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1176 Pebblebreeze

A small, light grey she-cat who's fur ripples beautifully in the wind.

1177 Petalcloud

Pinkish - white she-cat with piercing green eyes... so beautiful, don't you think?

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1178 Swiftpelt

If Swiftpaw of Thunderclan lived longer than this will be his warrior name

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1179 Rabbitwing

It doesn't make sense... How could a rabbit have a wing?

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1180 Lonestar

Lol sound like he's from Texas

That's a name of a steak house I think

Interesting. - IcetailofWishClan

First off: Lonestar steak house.

Second off: If this was a real cat I think this would be his background;

He was born into Riverclan after his mother died in her kitting. He looked a lot like his mother (the same dark gray fur and even darker gray stripes) He never played with any of the other kits and they never wanted to play with him so as a joke his father named him Lonek it. w ell... the name stuck with him and soon he became Lonepaw. He still didn't really talk to anybody but his mentor, Nightblaze (a black and white tom with blazing amber eyes). Some cats thought that he was mute because he never spoke. Even though he was quiet he was a quick learner and a skilled hunter and warrior. He was given the name Loneheart as a warrior. As a young warrior now he started to talk a bit to some of the other cats in his clan to get to know them better... He met two cats that were nice to him and weren't surprised that he wasn't mute. One of them was a pretty she-cat named ...more - Rainsilver

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