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101 Whitehawk

Sounds like a strong, snow-colored tom with amber eyes.



I imagine him as a snow coloured tom with ice blue eyes and powerful muscles. Very handsome and deputy of Snow tribe (tribe that I made up). His mate is Leafrost and has 3 kits, Mousepaw, Ashpaw, And Morningpaw. Leafrost is a blue-grey she cat like Bluestar. Mousepaw is brown like a mouse. Ashpaw looks like her mother but her fur is darker and Morningpaw is like her father with red paws and a red tinged tail tip. They are all very strong and eventually, Ashpaw becomes deputy and her father dies in a battle. Leafrost betrays her clan and finds a mate in SunTribe. Her kits hate her after that. Yeah that's my perspective at least. Very, very nice name.

102 Crescentfur

How do cats know what a 🌙 Moon is?

Great name, it reminds me of the crescent moon 🌙

103 Spottedwish

This is really pretty and I picture her as a calico with mostly black and green eyes. Perfect warrior, good with kits, and great mentor. (what I see her as)

This name rocks I love it!

Maybe a medicine cat? I always say that Spottedleaf in Warriors is Spottedwish but a is cute name

Sounds to close to spottedleaf.. Honestly I have been seeing a lot of name that sound to much like charcters from warriors like Firepelt? That sounds way to close to fireheart

Just because they have the prefix of "Fire" or "Spotted", doesn't make it a character from a book. - Spottedtail

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104 Snowyclaws

I don't really like it but nice try.

This sounds like the animal jam person... Snowyclaw right?

Snowyclaw IS an animal jammer. I tried buddying her..


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105 Foxtrip

The third comment kinda describes little Kakashi from Naruto when his dad died except for the sister part... Or maybe Naruto can fill in for the sister... Well I don't know about the sickness though

I'm not sure if this would be realistic...

Not trying to be rude but really Fox is fine but Trip? Tell me one name from warrior that has trip in it

I love this name it would be a tall long legged ginger Tom a little bit clumsy lol. Would be nice and kind but a fierce fighter

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106 Maplepaw

The name of my main character BEFORE I even looked on here!

I played as this a couple times. It's a cute name!

A tortoiseshell apprentice with amber eyes and sleek fur. She was half drowned when she was a kit and her brother Wildpaw is the only brother that survived.

Well MAPLEPAW... so creative. What was Mapleshade named in her aprpenticeship? Donburipaw? Beckhampaw? No, I don't think so. seriously though I love the prefix maple.

107 Ashbreeze

This is my cat. He is a lean long-limbed tom with gray fur and ice blue eyes. He becomes Ashstar and is the 8th leader of Stormclan.

This is my cat, she has a grey coat and has orange eyes. Ash Breeze is a proud, strong, reliable and kind character but hates water because she's afraid that something could happen!

Ashbreeze is the daughter of kestrel wing in lake clan her sisters are ivy heart and lark feather her mate is adder heart

This is meh :3

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108 Dewfall

Dewfall sounds like rain to me. I love the name though

It sounds like a pale ginger she cat with eyes like morning dew

I'm not sure why, I just honestly love this name.

A white she-cat with small black spots. Born in Riverclan. As a kit Dewkit was a playful young kit. She was also quite attractive. When she became a apprentice along with her two sisters, Drizzlepaw and Hollypaw she met a young Shadowclan tom named Whiskerdawn. Whiskerdawn fell in love with her imedeintly. She was sharp-tounged and beautiful which fascinated Whiskerdawn. Dewpaw thought he was a nice young warrior. He asked her to meet him a fourtrees the next night. She arrived the next night looking beautiful. Whiskerdawn was torn when she said they could not risk every night meeting each other after 2 moons. Dewpaw was also torn when she said that. At the next gathering she was Dewfall and her sisters where Drizzlerain and Hollymist. Whiskerdawn begged her to meet him one more time. Dewfall pitied him and said of course love. Whiskerdawn's heart leaped for joy. But he was unaware that Reedclaw was also in love with her. He was from Riverclan. Reedclaw made his move that night and ...more

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109 Blazestorm V 4 Comments
110 Brightflower

I named one of my littles pet shops this before I new it was in yellow fang secret

I love this name. It is so good, the Erin Hunters have already thought of it! Great minds think alike!

Umm... its in Yellowfang's Secret

It's already a name. Mother of Yellowfang, Nutwhisker, Rowanberry, Marigoldkit, and Mintkit. - Spottedtail

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111 Dappelheart

I imagine a small. quiet she who is a light brown, with dapples on her back with a bob tail. She has pale blue eyes, who is very kind to almost every cat in her clan. She isn't very good at fighting, so she became a medicine cat. Sometimes she feels that she isn't a good medicine cat, but that problem is resolved when she successfully cures a cat from a life or death illness/situation

This sounds really pretty, like a tortoiseshell with dapples around where her heart is and pretty green eyes. I agree with the person down below she sounds like she has a lot of hope and wisdom and loving.

I see a light brown she cat with black speckles and dark eyes.

Such a beautiful name! I would definitely use this, if you don't mind. Very creative and pretty. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat and she is a medicine cat. But she falls in love with Foxheart from Suntribe (tribe that I made up). She has secret kits but gives them to her mate to take care of. Her kits are Ashykit and Icekit. Ashykit dies when he becomes a apprentice by a badger but Icekit becomes Icefoot (eventually leader). Icekit finds out the truth about her parents and she fled the tribes forever. Well ya, that is my opinion. Hope you agree! I LOVE THIS NAME SO MUCH!

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112 Sorrelsplash

A light brown tabby she-cat with white muzzle and blue eyes, playful, energetic, slightly stubborn, and loves kits

Bracken colored and white she-cat with long fur and ginger splotches. Her eyes are a deep and beautiful amber. - Daizyrea64

Reminds me of Sorrel whatever her name is. I like it I'll use it for my book


Alright Rabbitflight, but if you gave me credit that would be awesome, because I'm currently using this is my fanfic. Thanks. :3

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113 Moonflight

I would never use this personally. It sounds too special and out of place to be a side character, but if you use this for a main character no one will read your fic because Moon- is basically one of the most mary-sue names in the warriors fandom, right up there with Star-. - Warriorcatsfandom

As long as this isn't popular, I'm safe to use it.. Don't ask me how.

This is my warrior OC name! I like the name because it gives me a strong and confident vibe. I know that moon isn't supposed to be used, but people can't tell me how to write my stories

I'm using this for a fanfic the prefix is ok because she is part of a prophecy and bluestars mother is named moonflower

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114 Crowflight

Sounds like a ship between crowfeather and squierrelfligh.. Nice name though

Hey! Ship names are awesome! Take Graystripe and Silverstream for example. Graystream or Silverstripe, even though they've used Silverstripe already. Another would be Moonflower and Stormtail. Monorail and Stormflower. See! Never. Insult. A. Ship. Name.

~ I use him to rp

I imagine a sleek, black tom with four white paws and a small white fleck on his forehead.
He is a respected warrior of DarkClan, his mother being a small, black she cat with the same white fleck and a fluffy tail named Sparrowfur. His father, a huge dark brown/red tom with glossy fur and white paws named Hawkfeather. Crowflight had 2 kits with a silver furred she cat named Silverfrost named Blackkit and Greykit. Greykit was older than Blackkit but just more playful. Blackkit was younger and more shy. Greykit became Graysky. Blackkit became Blackstep. Graysky had secretly mated with a DesertClan she cat named Sandfeather. She was a mottled, sand colored cat with black specks and dark round eyes. They had 1 kit named Sorrelkit, until both cats were exiled from their clans. Sorrelkit was left until Blackstep found his brother's kit and decided to take care of it. Sorrelkit was a white she kit with surrounding ginger and black patches. Blackstep had kits of his own with a she cat ...more

115 Sunpool

This names is awesome! It should be number one

Sun can be used as a prefix

"Sun" can be used as a prefix. There was a cat in the books called Sunstrike, so it can be used.

Unfortunately, ''sun'' cannot be used a a prefix, if it was it would be a very pretty name

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116 Spiderfur

How dare you guys not appreciate this name!? All it means is a cat that is black like a spider! Or at least some spiders!

Sounds odd, like a cat that had fur that looks like a bunch of spiders?

My BFF Emily would hate this

Sounds ok-ivyheartofswiftclan

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117 Foxtooth

I don't really like the prefix 'fox' and the suffix 'tooth' - Spottedtail

I think this is a great name because one of my made up clans has a cat called Fox tooth one if the main characters kits.
Now he is Fox star and is really powerful. Others my think if Fox tooth as a dark ginger cat with fluffy tail and white tail tip and amber eyes with fox like teeth that could be lethal.🦊🌟

118 Fawnripple

I really like this name. I imagine a light brown she-cat with small white spots (Like a deer) and big bright blue eyes, with different shades of blue, like a ripple in the water.


119 Fieryclaw

I imagine a feisty ginger Maine Coon with part of his tail missing and lots of rips in his ears. He would be a polydactyl cat (extra toes), hence his name

This name sounds majestic and awesome! I love it.

Nice name..., Sounds like a Tigerstar though...

I agree with all the negative comments.

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120 Blacktail

A black and white tom whose tail is completely black. He has had two mates and loves his kits dearly, often hunting with them. He is quite muscular, but is pretty average and well-rounded. His mother died in a fight against a rival clan when he was an apprentice, only days away from his warrior ceremony.

Hey, whisker fanatic person under my post, chill man. But seriously, I agree with you, it's a cute suffix, and classic too. But everyone always uses things like tail, stripe, heart, or fur for a suffix. But I think Blacktail is a neat name in general.

I feel like Erin's come up with this name for many years and then suddenly she dismisses it at generic. WHY does no one do the "WHISKER" suffix?


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