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101 Badgerflame

Pretty cool it sounds like a loyal and ferocious fighter

I picture him as a black and white striped cat with blazing Amber eyes

A gray tom with dark blue eyes and he burned off the fur on his left face. He died in a battle (this is in the books)

I picture a black tom with ginger paws, his tail a stump. He had burning red eyes that pierced into a cat's soul. He was in ThunderClan. All the cats in the Clan were afraid he was going to attack them, but he had a kind heart. Only his mate, Silverberry, knew that. When Redstar was about to banish him, Silverberry tried to make him stop, but failed. Badgerflame left ThunderClan, Silverberry, now heavy with his kits, went with him. They changed their names to Badger and Silver. After the kits were born, they were named Tadpole, Jake, Eagle, and Holly. Badgerflame died a horrible death, defending Silver, Tadpole, Jake, Eagle, and Holly from foxes. His mother, Acornheart, led him to StarClan. "You may be a rogue, but you still have the heart of a Warrior. The way you fought, it showed that you still have ThunderClan in you." She explained. He waited for Silverberry and his kits to join him, in grief and pain. Pretty sad story, if I do say so myself.

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102 Berryfang

It means that maybe the she was a deadly fighter which was why her fangs were stained with red, like berries

This is okay but number 63 deserves more! 63 ROCKS! ( more than 78)

I don't know why, but I really like this name.

I'm totally using this, for my Berrypaw. He is a creamy-sandy colored tabby tom with white sock paws and blue eyes. Also a short, but not bob tail, tail. - Jaystar

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103 Featherpool

A small, confident she-cat, probably silvery grey, maybe a medicine cat? Deep blue eyes. I think I like her!

A black with silver tabby. She loves caring for kits. She hunts for elders than herself. She is a medicine cat.

Beautiful, silky furred, dappled whit, silver, grey and black she-cat with dark blue eyes

I use this in my books. good job though it’s so pretty

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104 Whitehawk

Sounds like a strong, snow-colored tom with amber eyes.

In my opinion, this name sounds fantastic! I feel like it's a real name from the original series but I know it's made up. But inspite of all that this name is crazy cool!


I imagine him as a snow coloured tom with ice blue eyes and powerful muscles. Very handsome and deputy of Snow tribe (tribe that I made up). His mate is Leafrost and has 3 kits, Mousepaw, Ashpaw, And Morningpaw. Leafrost is a blue-grey she cat like Bluestar. Mousepaw is brown like a mouse. Ashpaw looks like her mother but her fur is darker and Morningpaw is like her father with red paws and a red tinged tail tip. They are all very strong and eventually, Ashpaw becomes deputy and her father dies in a battle. Leafrost betrays her clan and finds a mate in SunTribe. Her kits hate her after that. Yeah that's my perspective at least. Very, very nice name.

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105 Flamefur

Flamefur is already a name! It is on the book Tallstar's Revenge. But I still like it

I love this name! It reminds me of a animal with it's fur on fire in the blazing sun.

Its amazing though it is in Tallstar's revenge.

I used this name too the cat who fell in love with Lemonheart.

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106 Spottedwish

This is really pretty and I picture her as a calico with mostly black and green eyes. Perfect warrior, good with kits, and great mentor. (what I see her as)

This name rocks I love it!

Maybe a medicine cat? I always say that Spottedleaf in Warriors is Spottedwish but a is cute name

I love this name I almost made it my name when I was playing and I imagen her as a beautiful gray she cat with amber eyes and also with wight spots and her mate is named Firebreez and her kits are spotkit/tom/Dawnkit and moonkit when spotkit was an apprentice he got killed by a dog moonkit got her warrior name moonflight and Dawnkits warrior names Dawnfrost Dawnfrost got a mate named Darkscar moonflight died when giving birth to her kits none of her kits survived.Then one day Darkscar was kicked out of the clan for attaking the leader Dawnfrost was very upset then one day at a gathering she met a cat called Stormwind they fell in love at first sight. so Spottedwish had a very strange life but she loved it.Just remember life is an important thing never say that it isn't is what she always said to Dawnfrost I know mother said Dawnfrost and then she walkrd away. :3 I made these names up you like them? hopefully.

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107 Nightweb

Love this it reminds me of this time when I was going for a walk and a spider spun a huge web and it looked beautiful at night

Reminds me of a dark tabby tom or she-cat. Great name. I feel like it could fit with a lot of personalities.

Sounds like NightWeb would have a dark personality...

I imagine a light black she cat with her whole tail jet black with jet black feckles with blue eyes
when Nightweb was Nightkit she was bullied because her mom was leader of clover clan and dad became leader of holly clanshe was the youngest out of her litter mates

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108 Firefly

I think of a gold and red she cat that has amber eyes.

A young tom with a fiery red pelt, small and shy.

The opposite of Firefly is a waterfall. - LordDovahkiin

This is so unique and awesome! - lilydoestopten

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109 Crescentfur

How do cats know what a πŸŒ™ Moon is?

Great name, it reminds me of the crescent moon πŸŒ™

110 Snowyclaws

I don't really like it but nice try.

This sounds like the animal jam person... Snowyclaw right?

Snowyclaw IS an animal jammer. I tried buddying her..


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111 Foxtrip

The third comment kinda describes little Kakashi from Naruto when his dad died except for the sister part... Or maybe Naruto can fill in for the sister... Well I don't know about the sickness though

I'm not sure if this would be realistic...

Not trying to be rude but really Fox is fine but Trip? Tell me one name from warrior that has trip in it

I love this name it would be a tall long legged ginger Tom a little bit clumsy lol. Would be nice and kind but a fierce fighter

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112 Maplepaw

The name of my main character BEFORE I even looked on here!

I played as this a couple times. It's a cute name!

A tortoiseshell apprentice with amber eyes and sleek fur. She was half drowned when she was a kit and her brother Wildpaw is the only brother that survived.

Well MAPLEPAW... so creative. What was Mapleshade named in her aprpenticeship? Donburipaw? Beckhampaw? No, I don't think so. seriously though I love the prefix maple.

113 Frostcloud

This is a really pretty and Icy Name!

I made a frostcloud

I'm going to use it for a kit
~Grousefur of The Rain Clan

114 Spiritchaser
115 Ashbreeze

This is my cat. He is a lean long-limbed tom with gray fur and ice blue eyes. He becomes Ashstar and is the 8th leader of Stormclan.

This is my cat, she has a grey coat and has orange eyes. Ash Breeze is a proud, strong, reliable and kind character but hates water because she's afraid that something could happen!

Ashbreeze is the daughter of kestrel wing in lake clan her sisters are ivy heart and lark feather her mate is adder heart

This is meh :3

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116 Dewfall

Dewfall sounds like rain to me. I love the name though

It sounds like a pale ginger she cat with eyes like morning dew

I'm not sure why, I just honestly love this name.

A white she-cat with small black spots. Born in Riverclan. As a kit Dewkit was a playful young kit. She was also quite attractive. When she became a apprentice along with her two sisters, Drizzlepaw and Hollypaw she met a young Shadowclan tom named Whiskerdawn. Whiskerdawn fell in love with her imedeintly. She was sharp-tounged and beautiful which fascinated Whiskerdawn. Dewpaw thought he was a nice young warrior. He asked her to meet him a fourtrees the next night. She arrived the next night looking beautiful. Whiskerdawn was torn when she said they could not risk every night meeting each other after 2 moons. Dewpaw was also torn when she said that. At the next gathering she was Dewfall and her sisters where Drizzlerain and Hollymist. Whiskerdawn begged her to meet him one more time. Dewfall pitied him and said of course love. Whiskerdawn's heart leaped for joy. But he was unaware that Reedclaw was also in love with her. He was from Riverclan. Reedclaw made his move that night and ...more

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117 Blazestorm

Oooh sounds like a ginger tom with tabby markings to me.

Cool, I have a warrior called blazingstorm!

I think Blazestorm is a cool name! I used it for my book! :3

Light pale tom with clear blue eyes and large paws.

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118 Dappelheart

I imagine a small. quiet she who is a light brown, with dapples on her back with a bob tail. She has pale blue eyes, who is very kind to almost every cat in her clan. She isn't very good at fighting, so she became a medicine cat. Sometimes she feels that she isn't a good medicine cat, but that problem is resolved when she successfully cures a cat from a life or death illness/situation

This sounds really pretty, like a tortoiseshell with dapples around where her heart is and pretty green eyes. I agree with the person down below she sounds like she has a lot of hope and wisdom and loving.

I see a light brown she cat with black speckles and dark eyes.

I love this name.Its sooo cute

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119 Brightflower

I love this name. It is so good, the Erin Hunters have already thought of it! Great minds think alike!

I named one of my littles pet shops this before I new it was in yellow fang secret

Umm... its in Yellowfang's Secret

It's already a name. Mother of Yellowfang, Nutwhisker, Rowanberry, Marigoldkit, and Mintkit. - Spottedtail

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120 Sunpool

This names is awesome! It should be number one

Sun can be used as a prefix

"Sun" can be used as a prefix. There was a cat in the books called Sunstrike, so it can be used.

Unfortunately, ''sun'' cannot be used a a prefix, if it was it would be a very pretty name

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