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1181 Mistycave V 2 Comments
1182 Shadowyforest

It's certainly... Unique.

Sounds like the dark forest.

Different and mysterious,"



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1183 Emeraldleaf

This is such a beautiful name my name relates to the seasons so I really like the suffix leaf let alone I also have a connection with emeralds as it is my birthstone overall it's an amazing name and I plan on using it -(newly named)-emeraldleaf

I like this name! It makes me think of a light brown or grayish furred she-cat with bright emerald colored eyes. - Wingkiss

Do the warrior cats even know what emeralds are? Emeralds are found underground. Duh!

Person who thinks warriors don't know emeralds, emerald is a color, so yeah.

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1184 Wolfspirit

This is a really pretty name. Very mysterious.

My character in my fanfiction's son is named Wolffoot. I thought about using this as his warrior name but decided against it because the story line took me somewhere else.

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1185 Startledfawn

Brown and white cat with blue eyes

This name actually makes me satisfied. It seems unusual, yet beautiful. Startledfawn... - lilydoestopten

I don't know if Startled is a prefix used in the books, but other than that it's a good name

It also might be a good name for an ancient.

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1186 Silvernight

Silver she-cat with a white underbelly and deep midnight-blue eyes

Ilvery grey she-cat with dark grey paws, chest and tail-tip

BEAUTIFUL! - Spottedtail

1187 Dragonflight

It sounds so graceful and fierce. Golden cat, green eyes

Maybe they named their kit after a Dragonfly?

Heh I might use dragon in one of my names

Whats with all these weird names? CATS. don't. KNOW. WHAT DRAGONS ARE.

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1188 Icetalon

Such an amazing name! It sounds dark and mysterious, with a touch of coldness. Maybe he was just misunderstood, we'll have to wait and find out! I said that because I might it (probably not though because I already have amisunderstood cat named Snowpuddle

I am just doing gibberish for people who don't have any comments.

This is a great name. I see a White tom with peircing blue eyes, a great fighter, probrobly a she-cat magnet. Lolz hope u don't mind if I use this

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1189 Cloverdawn

This is a really good name. I imagine him/her as being a light brown she-cat with bright green eyes and an adventurous personality.


I think grey she cat with bright green eyes

This is so good! I can just imagine..

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1190 Flashstrike V 1 Comment
1191 Jewelchorus

How would feral cats know what a Jewel or a chorus is?!

Pretty name for silver she cat. Sweet!

1192 Twilightdawn

My that's like posting the name Firewater!

Flame coloured ginger tom with a burnt tail (struck by lightning) and bright green eyes.

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1193 Featherstripe
1194 Sandblaze

Pale ginger she-cat with a white blaze down her forehead and yellow eyes.

1195 Lindenheart

Just imagine an enormous brown tabby she-cat with really long thick fur, broad shoulders, long legs, and green eyes

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1196 Birchflower

Birch strikes me as more of a male name, while flower is most definitely female.

1197 Twoleg Kittypet

No need to be rude, whoever last commented. There's always a nice way to say it.

A perfect description for a fat kitty pet

Born as a real forest cat as Towleg Kittykit, to Twoleg Kittypaw, to Twoleg Kittypet as a leader, Twoleg Kittystar

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1198 Riverfall

It just sounds so cool and on my favorite game that is what my leader calls me. :D

If you say it too many times you get tounge tied! Cool name by the way. Reminds me of a large silver Tom, deputy of Riverclan and soon to be one of the most strong and fearless leaders the clans have ever seen! (Other than Firestar of course) -Silversky

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1199 Maplepool V 3 Comments
1200 Snowfrost

I'm sorry I just don't like it because Snow- and -frost are very similar so therefore this name is very boring

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