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1181 Quickfang

Sounds like the name of a swift, clever, fierce warrior. I picture a pale gray tabby tom with amber eyes. He'd be slender and sleek, and a very good hunter,

1182 Scarletblood

This is just like Redblood. Also, of course you have scarlet blood!

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1183 Roughclaw
1184 Poppystem
1185 Mallowstem
1186 Eclipsemoon

Sounds awesome! She would be a small she-cat, and has all black fur! Her parents were killed by twolegs was just a wandering kit when Thunder Clan found her. She would be in many battles too, and maybe, even have special powers like Lion blaze! It just sounds like a name for the most powerful cat in the world! Her power would be to turn into a shadow at will. So she could fight enemies but they couldn't touch her!

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1187 Graystream
1188 Tinyfeather

A small white stubborn she-cat with a long fluffy tail. - SpeckleFlight

1189 Mossflower

I myself really like this one. Kinda gives me the picture of a tortoiseshell she-cat with vivid dark green eyes. She'd be very sweet in nature, hence the suffix "flower", but she would also be one of the most loyal to her Clan, and perhaps be a good fighter despite how kind she is.

Pale ginger and white she-cat with amber eyes. She would be very kind. I think she would also be fast. Very fast. - Embershine

Wow this is a beautiful name - Roseclaw

1190 Honeybee
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1192 Cloverleaf

Creamy white fluffy she-cat with green eyes. She is a medicine cat and she saved many cats. She dies of greencough during an outbreak in the Clan. - Embershine

Love this name! I'm using this in a fanfic (well, she's Cloverpaw at the moment but this is what her warrior name will be). She's a white tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes.

I have a cat with this name! She's white with ginger patches, and she has an identical twin sister named Mossleaf. She also has three littermates, Owlstar, Branchfang and Otterblaze, and two younger siblings, Tigerpool and Aspenclaw. Her parents are Snowstar and Frostheart. Cloverleaf ended up becoming mates with Skyheart, and she has had one kit so far, Foxpaw. - Warriorcatsfandom

1193 Flamewatcher

Peanut ran towards the forest, running from his dangerous father. He looked so much like his father his mother often screamed when she saw him. His father was not the tom Peanut used to know. He continued running, tears in his eyes. His father had just killed his mother. Peanut wished his ginger and light brown pelt looked different from his father. He could still hear his mothers fearful voice. "Run Peanut, Run! " He skidded to a stop as he heard many cats yowling for help. He ran towards the sound but stopped as he saw a huge fire. He climbed a tree to get a better look. He saw many frightened cats trapped by the flames. He heard a sound, a sound familiar to him. Kits! His father had killed his litter sisters when they were kits. He recognized the sound of kits mewling for help. He dashed towards the sound, using a fallen tree as a way down. He jumped onto the dead tree and fell through the wood. He pulled himself out, but his leg was stuck. He heard more mewling, and struggled to ...more - Embershine

Brown tom with amber eyes and a ginger mask - Spottedtail

Solid ginger tom with green eyes. Love the story, Jayfrost!
- Skyheart

This name is so amazing! Flame watcher would be the son of Amberburn and Clearfeather. Had the same power of his mother, which was to be able to see other clans in his dreams. Sadly he used these powers in different ways than his mother and instead used it to meet a cat from that clan. They soon had kits and 2 went to Lighteningclan and 2 went to Stormclan. Flamewatcher would get the kits Specklekit (paw, gaze) and Rosekit (paw, cloud). His mother knew of the mistake her son had made and made him find a mate in Stormclan so it did not seem he was not loyal. He choose Dapplestrike and soon had strong feelings for her. Currently she is in the nursery and Flamewatcher a warrior.
-by the way whenever I do these kinds of posts it's going to be from the clan Stormclan.

1194 Redrose
1195 Sundrop

A golden she-cat as bright as the sun.

Can't be as bright as the sun. I think just yellow would do.

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1197 Darkriver

Dark blue gray she-cat with lighter blue spots. When she was a kit she was bullied by her two brothers. When she was a warrior her brother died from a fox attack her other brother that still bullied her blamed her for killing him and she got exiled

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1198 Whitefrost
1199 Tinyfoot
1200 Brokenrose
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