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1201 Twoleg Kittypet

No need to be rude, whoever last commented. There's always a nice way to say it.

A perfect description for a fat kitty pet

Born as a real forest cat as Towleg Kittykit, to Twoleg Kittypaw, to Twoleg Kittypet as a leader, Twoleg Kittystar

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1202 Riverfall

It just sounds so cool and on my favorite game that is what my leader calls me. :D

If you say it too many times you get tounge tied! Cool name by the way. Reminds me of a large silver Tom, deputy of Riverclan and soon to be one of the most strong and fearless leaders the clans have ever seen! (Other than Firestar of course) -Silversky

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1203 Maplepool V 3 Comments
1204 Snowfrost

I'm sorry I just don't like it because Snow- and -frost are very similar so therefore this name is very boring

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1205 Firefur

Ginger red tom with amber eyes, clever and strong

I agree with Clearstar. What if he becomes leader?

Paws off of Firepelt. In my story, that is Emberfur's son

So Clearstar you butt off. If Fireprlt becomes leader, he will be another Firestar. There are too Rowanstars in the series. I also have a OC named Brambleleaf and guess what happens? He becomes Bramblestar! So it's ok if Firefur becomes Firestar.

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1206 Lightfoot

It sounds like such a graceful and beautiful name for a pretty she-cat

A skinny cream and white tom with long legs and pale blue eyes - tigerstar908

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1207 Sunstrike

This name has already been used, but great creativity

ABCDEFG Gummybears are after me. One is red. One is blue. On is chewing on my shoe. now I'm running for my life. Because the red one has a knife

Epic name, like a lightning strike coming from the sun! In my fanfiction, he is the mate of Moonheart. Moon x Sun FOREVER!

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1208 Hawktalon

This name is awesome! One of my OC'S is named this. He's a light brown tabby tom with black front paws and green eyes. And he has a scar across his left eye from a eagle

This was my OC. She was deputy of Mistclan (now leader and Hawkstar). She'd rake her hawk-like claws down her enemies.

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1209 Redleather

A brown cat with red ears tip of tail and paws

Cats don't even know what leather is.

Do you think cats are going to stroll into a two leg farm, skin a cow, and dry the skin? I think not!

What is "leather"? - Riverclan cat

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1210 Nightshadow

I like this name. I see an ebony (that means black) she-cat with dark brown eyes.

Jet black she-cat with deep blue eyes; a RiverClan, ThunderClan, or ShadowClan cat. Also the name of my OC Character :3

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1211 Bloomingheart

This name gives me a very... Vivid... Picture. A cat wih a heart literally blooming from their chest... Yuck... But awesome name, too!

1212 Watertail V 1 Comment
1213 Vinepaw
1214 Emaraldstar

And could someone please tell me how cats know what emerald is?

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1215 Riverpaw

Makes me think of a blue-grey she-cat with vivid aqua eyes, who is very calm.
I think her warrior name could be Riverflow.

1216 Berrystumpytail

If you read the series, you should know1

If you read the Warriors Series You would Get this name and when I read it my brother was in the room and asked Where you having A seizure?

Laugh out loud! Very funny

Lol I remember this it was so funny

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1217 Sunburst

Big golden Tom with this fur and green eyes

A large ginger Tom, very arrogant with Amber eyes and a reputation in battle for defeating two full grown Shadowclan warriors with his rear end while his front end carried four kits to safety. As I said, arrogant, but kind hearted. Sort of like Berrynose! -Silversky

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1218 Hollywhisker

Joy to the world for barney's dead. We barbecued his head. Don't worry 'bout the body we flushed it down the potty. And round and round it goes. And round and round it goes. And round and round and round it goes.

What an amazing name, definitely needs to be number one! - -Cloudstar of MistClan

Watch out Hollyleat! Wannabe twin is coming to get you! - Silversky

1219 MIstywater

Somebody once told me the world was macaroni so I took a bite out of a tree. it tasted kind of funny so I shot that little bunny and he got mad at me. A thousand years later he turned into darth vader and he threw his lightsaber at me. missed me by a meter and killed Justin beaber and the whole world had a party

Um excuse me but Misty Water is one of the ancients

Misty Water is already taken. She is one of the ancients.


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1220 Leopardfang

Such a great name! I will be sure to use this name in my books.

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