Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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1201 Lionspirit

My cat has the same name but its Lion's Spirit

It's not, Lion's Spirits Legacy, it's Lionspirit's Legacy

I have that same name.Lion's Spirit is in my story,Lion's Spirits Legacy

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1202 Dawnpool

I really like it, it sounds like a cream she-cat with peircing blue eyes and is a medicine cat

1203 Lilygrass

She sounds like a Medicine Cat. I love this name. It sounds graceful, elegant and kind.

Pure white she-cat with grass green eyes

She's Mistystream' s apprentice. When Misty dies she'll be med cat

1204 Earthbird

Just saying it makes me think of watching a robin flitting through the trees...

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1205 Heatherheart
1206 Dawnleap

How does dawn leap?

I really like this name

1207 Dawndrizzle

A creamy-grey tabby she-cat with blue-green eyes and a darker tail-tip

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1208 Longstride

I imagine a loner who has come from a far away place and when he meets a clan they name him longstride because it was like destiny that he came there

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1210 Ravenflame
1211 Rainpath

For a cat that had a tough life

1212 LakesEclipse

Not to be rude but I think this name doesn't even fit the whole warrior book at all! It just doesn't work... :(

This is my characters name she was a rogue named Lake

No offense but warriors don't know what an eclipse is.To them it's basically a terrifying experience of having the sun that warmed them dissapear

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1213 Sparrowpool

Wasn't that Silverstream in the books? Pretty name though - xChrysanthx

A pretty RiverClan she-cat who moves to ThunderClan because of her love for Greystripe.

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1214 Aquablaze V 2 Comments
1215 Nightwasp

Amazing name it's so unique! Whoever thought of this is a genius!

I searched through every name to see if anyone else thought of this magnificent name I made up
(If you ever thought of this name you're awesome)

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1216 Frostwillow V 2 Comments
1217 Skydream

If you don't want people using it, why did you post it?

(Please do not copy this name unless you have thought of it before I posted)

Yeah I agree, I have some nice names that I've thought of but I don't want others to use them so I don't post them here.

I don't really like this - Catsarah123


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1218 Fernwinter

Cool! I like it! But, yeah, like someone mentioned, winter, summer, and autumn can't be used in a Warrior cats name. Spring and fall can, as they are also actions.

Not a possible one, the cats don't know the names of the seasons.

Pretty, but It would be Fernleaf-bare, and I don't believe that will work.

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1219 Jayheart

She has silver fur with white tabby stripes, and blue eyes. Her fur is medium length, and her tail is long and feathery. She'd be a kind cat, loyal to her clan, but can be fierce on behalf of her kin. She'd be a great mother.

A fab prefix, Jay, but a caring suffix, heart, so blue eyes and a kind personality.

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1220 Fernpool
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