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1221 Shadowyforest

It's certainly... Unique.

Sounds like the dark forest.

Different and mysterious,"



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1222 Emeraldleaf

This is such a beautiful name my name relates to the seasons so I really like the suffix leaf let alone I also have a connection with emeralds as it is my birthstone overall it's an amazing name and I plan on using it -(newly named)-emeraldleaf

I like this name! It makes me think of a light brown or grayish furred she-cat with bright emerald colored eyes. - Wingkiss

Do the warrior cats even know what emeralds are? Emeralds are found underground. Duh!

Person who thinks warriors don't know emeralds, emerald is a color, so yeah.

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1223 Wolfspirit

This is a really pretty name. Very mysterious.

My character in my fanfiction's son is named Wolffoot. I thought about using this as his warrior name but decided against it because the story line took me somewhere else.

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1224 Startledfawn

Brown and white cat with blue eyes

This name actually makes me satisfied. It seems unusual, yet beautiful. Startledfawn... - lilydoestopten

I don't know if Startled is a prefix used in the books, but other than that it's a good name

It also might be a good name for an ancient.

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1225 Silvernight

Silver she-cat with a white underbelly and deep midnight-blue eyes

Ilvery grey she-cat with dark grey paws, chest and tail-tip

BEAUTIFUL! - Spottedtail

1226 Dragonflight

It sounds so graceful and fierce. Golden cat, green eyes

Maybe they named their kit after a Dragonfly?

Heh I might use dragon in one of my names

Whats with all these weird names? CATS. don't. KNOW. WHAT DRAGONS ARE.

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1227 Icetalon

Such an amazing name! It sounds dark and mysterious, with a touch of coldness. Maybe he was just misunderstood, we'll have to wait and find out! I said that because I might it (probably not though because I already have amisunderstood cat named Snowpuddle

I am just doing gibberish for people who don't have any comments.

This is a great name. I see a White tom with peircing blue eyes, a great fighter, probrobly a she-cat magnet. Lolz hope u don't mind if I use this

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1228 Cloverdawn

This is a really good name. I imagine him/her as being a light brown she-cat with bright green eyes and an adventurous personality.


I think grey she cat with bright green eyes

This is so good! I can just imagine..

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1230 Jewelchorus

How would feral cats know what a Jewel or a chorus is?!

Pretty name for silver she cat. Sweet!

1231 Twilightdawn

My that's like posting the name Firewater!

Flame coloured ginger tom with a burnt tail (struck by lightning) and bright green eyes.

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1232 Featherstripe
1233 Sandblaze

Pale ginger she-cat with a white blaze down her forehead and yellow eyes.

1234 Lindenheart

Just imagine an enormous brown tabby she-cat with really long thick fur, broad shoulders, long legs, and green eyes

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1235 Birchflower

Birch strikes me as more of a male name, while flower is most definitely female.

1236 Twoleg Kittypet

No need to be rude, whoever last commented. There's always a nice way to say it.

A perfect description for a fat kitty pet

Born as a real forest cat as Towleg Kittykit, to Twoleg Kittypaw, to Twoleg Kittypet as a leader, Twoleg Kittystar

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1237 Riverfall

It just sounds so cool and on my favorite game that is what my leader calls me. :D

If you say it too many times you get tounge tied! Cool name by the way. Reminds me of a large silver Tom, deputy of Riverclan and soon to be one of the most strong and fearless leaders the clans have ever seen! (Other than Firestar of course) -Silversky

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1239 Snowfrost

I'm sorry I just don't like it because Snow- and -frost are very similar so therefore this name is very boring

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1240 Firefur

Ginger red tom with amber eyes, clever and strong

I agree with Clearstar. What if he becomes leader?

Paws off of Firepelt. In my story, that is Emberfur's son

So Clearstar you butt off. If Fireprlt becomes leader, he will be another Firestar. There are too Rowanstars in the series. I also have a OC named Brambleleaf and guess what happens? He becomes Bramblestar! So it's ok if Firefur becomes Firestar.

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