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1221 Foxclaw

A tall orange tom with a white chest

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1222 Squirrelgaze

I think this name sounds so majestic and beautiful. :3 She has the same fur color as Squirrelflight with the same white paw, but Squirrelgaze has blue eyes. I got this name from my friend on Doodle Club Flowerlily. I think it's a pretty name. :3

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1223 Foxblaze

I just love foxes plus blaze would go amazing with fox :3

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1224 Ecocave

Dark silver-grey tabby she-cat with bright blue eyes.

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1225 Doeleap

The funny thing is, once I was role playing and Doeleap was my kits name

Certainly a ShadowClan she cat. Light brown tabby with white legs

1226 Iceheart

Obito described lil kakashi this

White she-cat with blue eyes

White tom with green eyes.

My OC name... What does Naruto have to do with this, person below?

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1227 Ferrettail

Skinny brown tom with a long tail and flickering amber eyes.

1228 Bloomingleaf

Dark brown tabby she-cat with crisp green eyes.

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1229 Snowstripe

Pale grey tom with white tabby markings and ice blue eyes.

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1230 Brokenpetal

Black she-cat with a bent tail, white spots, and eyes with a fractured appearance.

1231 Yellowfire

Yellow she-cat with dark red tabby stripes and blazing Amber eyes.

1232 Vineleaf

Lean grey tabby tom with strikingly bright green eyes.

1233 Bravewind

A big brave white male with blue eyes

1234 Tinyheart

Tiny heart is a good name for a small black cat with Amber eyes and a fierce attatude towards kits and queens. Feeds a whole litter of four death berries just because he could. Later murders the queen.

Tiny heart? Like this cat is very cruel?

Haha I agree, it is would've been scourge's warrior name ~Windblossom

Tinyheart aka Scourge

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1235 Silverbirch

For a second I thought it said silver (Female dog)

Wow...I imagine a small she cat with a beautiful silver pelt and a warm blue gaze. - Silversky

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1236 Thornwing
1237 Whitemask

I used this in my eragon fan fiction! But not for a cat...I also farted

Wouldn't be good for a burglar though =3

I just find this a cool name :3

Well, that's nice. Thanks for sharing.
-Stormrunner of DawnClan

1238 Rainmist

Rainmist sounds like a beautiful name. I love the rain, and the mist just makes it more beautiful. Love the name. It's like a She-cat's name. Silver grey cat, white bottom of fur (belly, chest) and black stripes.

Rainmist would be the queen that all the kits and aprentices adored. - Moonblaze

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1239 Trueleaf

This name is so... TRUE! I love it! I love names that are like braveheart brightspirit and shinningheart names that are very unique

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1240 Nightshade

No offense but she's a type of poisonous plant...

She is a black she-cat of ShadowClan. She has forest green eyes, is a warrior, and very mysterious.

If a cat loves to eat squirrels and their sister is a fairy that's the most Mary Sue OC I've seen.

Isn't Nightshade in warriors?

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