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1241 Astrafrost V 1 Comment
1242 Leopardblaze

I would have given Leopardstar this name... It really fits her personality too!

I agree with the comment below me ~Windblossom


1243 Sunflare

A gorgeous orange she-cat with green eyes I love it!

Reminds me of The Maze Runner book series, so I imagine him as a tan tom with deep brown eyes.


1244 Gingerscar

A ginger and brown tom with a scar down his flank and maybe a missing tail!

1245 MintRose

Graceful. Sounds like creamy brown she cat with reddish splotches and misty blue eyes

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1246 AloeSkip

I love Aloe! These names are unusual, yet it goes together! - lilydoestopten

While some names may be boring, at least they make sense.

Black and brown tom with a white underbelly and deep blue-green eyes. Retired early with his mate chervilpelt

A queen frowns at her kit. How could one be born with so many scratches? Surely her insides weren't claws. The medicine cat comes in, wide eyed. Her paws were covered in Aloe Vera, a sap that camp from stiff, spiny leaves. She plastered it over the kit. The queen frowns, even more disappointed. "Aloekit," she says. The medicine cat frowned. "You really shouldn't name a kit for a disability," she warned. "After all, it could pre-determine the suffix, and now she might be called Aloescratch."

*Warrior Ceremony*

Aloepaw sits. Her warrior name would either be Aloevera or Aloescratch. She did a little skip as the leader prepared to give her her name. "Aloeskip." The leader said flatly.

Featherpool- (me)- 'enough said.

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1247 RoseCrest
1248 MapleStride

Picture a tall dark brown she cat with pale brown tabby stripes and green eyes

1249 OpalPine

Doesn't make sense, but I love it

1250 TulipVine

Brown tabby she-cat with dark green eyes

OpalPine and TulipVine could be twins!

Thanks for the names! They're awesome. I made Opalpine and Tulipvine start out as kits in one of my made up Clans and they are twins! They have two other littermates called Emeraldkit and Spitkit but they aren't twins. -Wingkiss

1251 SnowShell

A pretty white she cat with cream splotches and pale gray flecks

1252 CoralSpark

I love this name

1253 Autumnmist

Think of a she-cat with a pelt the colour of autumn leaves... - officialstudyqueen

The warrior cats call Autumn Leaf-fall, But Leaf-fall Mist would sound beautiful for an ancient cat.

They don't call the seasons Autumn, Spring, Winter, and Summer, they're Leaf-fall, newleaf, Leaf-bare, and greenleaf. I'm pretty sure.

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1254 Echosky

Silver dappled she-cat. Medicine cat of RiverClan. Adores her leader.

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1255 Speedtail V 3 Comments
1256 Sappaw

Another one of my ocs,

Tortoiseshsell she-cat with amber eyes and a long, fluffy black tail

1257 Stormleaf

Pale brown she-cat with amber eyes, injured hind leg

Legit, no? E. E

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1258 Bluelake

One of my OCs mate, when Saptail gets her warrior name

Gray tom with lake-blue eyes

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1259 Oceanstar

Bluelake's father

Silver tabby tom with aquamarine eyes. Strong and sturdy leader.

Cats call the ocean the Sun-drown place, sorry. Sun-drown-placestar just isn't the same.

Sundrownplacestar is quite a mouthful. Sundrown Star is fine though.

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1260 Seafur

Oceanstar's passed mate and Bluelake's mother

Silver she-cat with a hint of blue with green eyes and a white underbelly

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