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1241 Foxhound

Similar to fox catcher, and a name of an evil secret agency in the metal gear solid series. Go Foxhound!

There's a movie called The Fox and the Hound, so I'm not sure this name would work that well...

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1242 Whalepelt

Seriously?! Is this cat like, FAT or something?! Cause whales have blubber and I bet this cat does not even know what the hey is a whale. - willowfur123

The names go dumber and dumber. Do cats know what a whale even IS?

Do whales even have pelts?! :8/


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1243 Dewshine

Isn't this a Mountain Dew drink? Dewshine? Dude, my mom drinks that. The names just get dumb, dumber, dumbest, dumber than the dumbest, and then dumbest of the dumb. - willowfur123

Its sounds like the word if you replace dew with moon

Sounds too much to me like that thing that will probably kill you if you drink it
You know the thing
Sounds like Dewshine..
Is actually pronounced Dewshine...

It reminds me of freshly fallen dew droplets on the grass shimmering in the morning sunlight. Beautiful name!
-Stormrunner of DawnClan

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1244 Willowfern

Willowfern's sister is moontail and her mate is blackfur and she a blue and gray she-cat

1245 Bird Feather

I think this is a really cool name! Do you agree with me?

Could be a tribe name, like Bird Feather On A Rock

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1246 Mooncloud

Light grey Tom with a whit patch on his head and Amber eyes. Shy and timid personality-Shadowmist

1247 Glittergleam

Sounds like a girly girl would name her cat this

The glitter force is just a whole bunch of glitterholic girly girls

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1248 Snakestrike

This is amazing. I imagine a Skinny light brown tabby tom with reddish tabby stripes, fierce and determined

A sleek brown and black striped tabby tom with sly amber eyes. A vicious fighter who is not above fighting dirty, but loyal to the core and always willing to help a Clanmate in danger. Possibly a deputy.

Why hasn't anyone put any comments yet? This sounds like a strong ginger tom with light green eyes, and extra long fangs. Probably deputy... but like Bluestar's little Tigerclaw/Tigerstar.

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1249 Foxeyes

Makes it sound like they have evil eyes

It would probably be spelt Fox-eyes

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1250 Iceglitter

Ice glitter is actually a type of watch..

This is an awesome name, so here's my description for her: A white she-cat with black paws and glittering silver eyes.


Oh my goodness this sounds so beautiful! Heres a blurb of my manuscript:
Iceglitter looked deeply at Dappledsnow lovingly. She was hiding behind some rocks and a bush "oh, Dappledsnow..." Dappledsnow sniffed the air," Is that you, Iceglitter? " Iceglitter fainted.
Ya know who this is EXACTLY like? Hinata and Naruto!

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1251 Sparklingstream

I can imagine a small fluffy gray she cat with white paws and a white belly and dark grey flecks like rain

Nice name, I can imagine a cute little grey or white kit with blue gray spots on her back and along her muzzle Shadowmist

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1252 Brightblossom
1253 Thrushfeather

Cool AND original. =)

1254 Lionpetal

It don't really think that petal works with lion... Lion is a more powerful name and petal is more a she-cat name. So you can see the contrast

Is a cream golden she-cat with green yellow eyes caring bur fierce in battle!

Wow, beautiful! They don't really go together, but I imagine a strong and fierce she-cat, yet loving and caring at the same time. - lilydoestopten

Are you saying she cats can't be powerful? Have you forgotten Mapleshade?

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1255 Sagelight

Is a white she-cat with light brown stripes and light green eyes the ThunderClan Medicine Cat app Hazelpaw

SO AMAZING! Sagelight is so cute I absoulutely love it! Should have been in the books!
- Hiddenglow of EmberClan

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1256 Dewflow

She's a pale-blue she-cat with think pelt and a white muzzle and paws with a gray eye and a icy-blue eye he lives in RiverClan, of course and dislikes thunderClan, (she thinks there soft, greedy, brats), the taste if fish tail, a windClan cat he met named primrosewind. She likes, water vole, her mate (coldwind), and fighting. She's brash, sarcastic, carries a scar running down her left hind leg. She died when her mother, rainstar, ripped her leg off because she killed primrosewind, who was trying to claw her windpipe in two. (giving her a shallow scar on her chest)

1257 Primrosewind

This name is okay, but it sounds kinda clunky. But, that's just my opinion.

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1258 Sundancer

Used for a graceful golden she-cat.

I don't think cats know what -dancer means..

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1259 Solarflame

I thought of solar flares, and this blew my mind as I thought.

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1260 Swiftfire

Bluestar shouldv'e given Swiftpaw this name. He really deserved it.

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