Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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1261 Softfur

Either a Fluffy white she-cat or a gray fluffy tom with blue eyes.

1262 Foxflare

I was using Mozilla Firefox when I read this.

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1263 Lilyleaf

White she-cat with leaf green eyes

1264 Firestrike
1265 Lightningstrike

Light gray Tom with dark grey stripes and yellow eyes!

1266 Graymist

(I haven't read a lot of the series don't hate) if gray stripe and Silverstream had a kit this would be one of their names

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1267 Whitemist

A she-cat with a White-misty pelt and ice blue eyes

1268 Silverwind

A pretty silver she-cat with green eyes

1269 Stonepool V 1 Comment
1270 Featherdrop

White she-cat with red eyes

Calico she cat with green yellow eyes

1271 Raindrop

I really like i! When I first saw this name I pictured a small gray fluffy she cat loner.

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1273 Vixenmist

I just like the way it sounds. Imagine a sleek she-cat that looks like a fox prowling around in apocalypse weather. It feels right.

No! It's a Grey she-cat with a white belly and white paws with piercing green eyes

Why would you name your kit Vixenkit? Female version of Foxheart I guess

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1274 Ivyheart

White she-cat with grey stripes, blue eyes and a light sense of humor.

I really love this name! - Roseclaw

1275 Mintleaf

Makes me think of a leaf curled up by frost.

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1276 Risingflame

Reminds me of Fireheart

1277 Cinderstrike
1278 Frostdove

I do prefer Dovefrost but I think that Frostdove would be a white she cat with grey dapples

Basically any noun can be a suffix, along with actions and body parts, sometimes onomatopoei. So, this name works, if only lightly. I would prefer Dovefrost.

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1279 Forestsong

Tortoiseshell she-cat who has bright green eyes. Very calm, kind and smart. Wishes to have kits some day. Enjoy

This is the same name as my OC's mentor. His name is Violetclaw. In my version, she is a brown she-cat with black spots and very light blue eyes.

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1280 Cavepelt
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