Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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1301 Ambersky

I named my cat this! How'd you guess? LOL

I read a fan-fiction on this!

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1302 Hollyflower

Beautiful, it is used in the books though, Hollyflower was a ShadowClan cat who lives in StarClan. No reason why you shouldn't use it though!

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1303 Wingkiss

How the heck do feral cats know what a kiss is?

My warrior cat name.

What is a kiss?


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1304 Chillynight V 2 Comments
1305 Leopardglimmer V 1 Comment
1306 Tigersnow
1307 Winterwisher
1308 Sparklebriar
1309 Silverleaf

I picture her as a Large She-cat with a silver, black spotted pelt with black paws, a white belly, And she has piercing, beautiful Leaf Green eyes. Her personality would probably be very loyal. She could probably be a Medicine Cat.

This name sounds really good. I imagine him as a silver tom with leaf green eyes. I think his personality would be very cold and distant as well.

Why is this in last place? The last place name should be Fartface, Starstarstar, Starstar, or Stinkycatmint.

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1310 Graywillow V 1 Comment
1311 Tigershine
1312 Featherspark
1313 Snowbreeze
1314 Shadowthorn
1315 Cloudmist
1316 Sootwolf
1317 Heatherflame
1318 Cloudwing
1319 Roseriver

It's a cat I had in my rp although she was a cream kitty pet called River Rose but that's a double consonant.

1320 Sparrowflight

Small brown she cat with white speckles on her back

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