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1321 Frostpelt

Frostbite's apprentice name before turned into a rouge

This is my cat. She is white with gray and with gray stripes. She is the queen of frostclan!

I have a cat who's name is identical! She is pure white/ me and my siblings' mother. Her mate is unknown, she lives in RiverClan, and she was killed by WindClan during war when I was a young kit.
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

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1322 Frozengaze

White she cat blue eyes very kind and gentle but when angered with give you a icie, penetrating glare. Enough to make an enemy pause for a heartbeat in fear. Giving her time to give him her opinion about him...
~ Gingerpaw of CinderClan

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1323 Longfoot
1324 Palefall

A pale ginger, like sandstorm, with glowing seafoam eyes. A she-cat.

1325 Falconflight

Brown she cat with Amber eyes. Cool name!

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1326 Heatherfoot

It's a white cat with a gray head and gray legs - bigwin1

1327 Rainshine

I like this name

Gray she-cat with silver dapples and stormy grey eyes

1328 Cheetah Star

Is a beautiful spotted golden cat

Sounds like a swift sandy she-cat with black spots and a long skinny tail

The comment below me is the same pelt as leopardstar

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1329 Tawnycloud

She's a pale fawn-colored shecat with white spots on her back. She also has white speckles trailing down her long limbed legs. Her underbelly is white,her eyes are brown. She is bubbly,sweet,& enthusiastic,similar to Icecloud. She's in Sunclan

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1330 Strikeheart

I just love this name so much! Feisty ginger she-cat with a paler stripe on her head

This name is really pretty, maybe she should be a little sneaky but always loyal

A grey she-cat with a russet colered splotch on her chest-Silversky

1331 Jaytalon

Light blue - grey tom with silver paws

1332 Mudfang

Brown tom who is missing his front teeth

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1333 Rockpath
1334 Sunstripe

I really love this name, I imagine her as a pale ginger she-cat with golden strips ~Windblossom

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1335 Cleavepool
1336 Rosethorn

Oh my god, can I use this name?! Its beautiful! Rosethorn, like a gentle and caring she-cat, yet fierce and protective at the same time! THIS NAME SHOULD BE IN THE BOOKS! - lilydoestopten

I can't believe no one has put this on here. The Erin Hunters should have been smart enough to think ofd Rosethorn. I mean they used Rosepetal and roses have thorns on them right? Yes. Is it a good name? Yes. Should they use it? Yes.

Read it as "Roset Horn"

A ginger and white she-cat with green eyes (kind of like Brightheart without the scar on her face)
She is a thunderclan queen. She has three kits: Snowkit, (Snowbreeze) a white she-cat with green eyes/ Foxkit, (Foxwhisker) a ginger tom with a white chest and brown eyes named after her mate; Foxstar who died in battle/ Leafkit, (Leafpelt) a soft pale brown she-cat with dark green eyes who looks like rosethorn's mother; Amberleaf. She is kind, confident, sometimes sassy, very protective of her kits, and obviously very attractive. - Rainsilver

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1337 Lionspirit

My cat has the same name but its Lion's Spirit

It's not, Lion's Spirits Legacy, it's Lionspirit's Legacy

I have that same name.Lion's Spirit is in my story,Lion's Spirits Legacy

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1338 Dawnpool

I really like it, it sounds like a cream she-cat with peircing blue eyes and is a medicine cat

1339 Lilygrass

She sounds like a Medicine Cat. I love this name. It sounds graceful, elegant and kind.

Pure white she-cat with grass green eyes

She's Mistystream' s apprentice. When Misty dies she'll be med cat

1340 Earthbird

Just saying it makes me think of watching a robin flitting through the trees...

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