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1321 Shadefrost

PERFECT! Wow that name... is amazing :P

I have this one... sooo cute!

May I use it?

I'm using this. It's like the best name every. I claim it! Paws off! :)
~ Shadekit

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1322 Cloverstream

A pretty name. I feel like this cat could be a strong warrior, or a loving mother.

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1323 Briardawn

I really like this name I can picture a light brow tabby she cat with lighter brown flecks-Shadowmist

1324 Snowberry

She was in Code of the Clans/Secrets of the Clans/I have no idea. She had a mate in a different Clan. When the two Clans were in battle, she was getting attacked by an enemy warrior, and her mate dived in to save her. In doing so he attacked his own Clanmate and got killed. This brought up the code "A warrior's loyalty must be to his or her Clan. You can have friends in other Clans, but you must be loyal to your Clan alone, for you may meet them in battle." Or something like that. Wait...maybe it was Cloudberry. Oops. Sorry.
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

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1325 Zephyroswinds V 3 Comments
1326 Spitfire

She spit in the fire. That's how she got her name

MY LITTLE PONYY (Seriously there's Sunsetshimmer and Applebloom on this website)

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1327 Snakeheart V 3 Comments
1328 Blossomfire
1329 Juniperblossom

Light brown tabby she-cat with purplish-Rex eyes. She is very strong and loyal

Cool I can see a queen naming her kit Juniperkit because Juniper berries are use for strength so either this kit was very weak or very storng and the queen bwlieved in her/him

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1330 Caramelstar

Despite that cats do not know what caramel is, I love it!

Caramel is a color as well as a candy... So possible

The cats don't know what caramel is, so very unlikely. Maybe they could be a former kittypet, Carameleye or something.

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1331 Goldensong V 2 Comments
1332 Angelheart

This name is really offensive to me, I am a huge Warrior Fan and this name is just plain rude. Warrior Cats is for KIDS.

It's a pretty name, unfortunately cats don't know what angles are.

I think it is heavenly. And please don't criticize someone else's work. Whoever made this liked the sound of it, so that's what matters. If you don't have something ok to say about this but trash, maybe you shouldn't comment on this.

This name is actually beautiful. However...
1) Warriors don't know what angels are.

I do love "heart" though - lilydoestopten

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1333 Honeybreeze

It sounds so nice

WHy isn't anyone voting for this name? It sounds so nice- Perhaps a queen, cream colored tabby she-cat with a ginger tinge and blue-grey eyes. Her mate would be Stormshade and her kits might be Fawnkit and Hawkkit..I don't know :D - WatchItBurn

1334 Eaglefeather

I'm pretty sure this is the name of one of Jagged Peak's kit. (Eagle Feather) - IcetailofWishClan

1335 Stealthclaw

This is a cool name. It makes me think of a silver and white tom

I've heard this before...but it's an epic name

Good name for a ShadowClan tom. I imagine a dark grey deputy with long claws.

1336 Russetstep

Love it. Enough said.

1337 Eagleclaw V 1 Comment
1338 Amberheart

Black, long legged she cat with glowing Amber eyes. She has a big heart and always puts others first

This used to be the name of an OC of mine

Amberheart is my OCs name ):OO

Slender dark ginger she-cat with light smudges on muzzle and ears, bright amber eyes

1339 Runningbreeze

I can se this cat as a orange tabby Tom with beautiful green eyes. Can his mate be my character Clovermist?

1340 Leopardheart

I really love this name I made up.
Beautiful orange-gold she cat with spotted markings, green eyes, pink nose, and a muscular, athletic build.

She's my OC! And she's so awesome!

I might use this as Leopardpaw's warrior name.. Her sister is Featherpaw and her brother is Nightpaw

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