Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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1341 Sleetsky

Clan: HailClan Rank: Deputy Gender: she cat Coat: silver tabby with random white splotches
Was abused by her father as kit. Killed by him too

1342 Nightwillow

I think this name would be for a black she-cat with blue eyes.

Awesome I love the name!

So beautiful! I love it!

ENOUGH WITH THE HATE AGAINST FEATHERMIST Mist means a laid back cat, so she is NOT A MARY SUE.

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1343 Brightpoppy

Such a pretty name!

1344 Rippledstream

This name makes me think of a cat from River clan

Lol my friend made up a RiverClan cat... But her name was Ripplestream not rippledstream. But she was also the same person who made up Mossrock... Derp lol

1345 Littledusk
1346 Goldendawn

I really like it I see a orangey-cream she cat with light cream underbelly green or blue eyes

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1348 Skyfeather

If you post it on here, anybody can use it. Don't post it if you don't want anyone else to use it.

I might just use this name... Because I can do whatever I want and you cannot do anything to stop me

I love it, will use in my fan fiction, mate and all

-rolls eyes into oblivion-

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1349 Singingbreeze

Just because she has a pretty name doesn't mean she's automatically a mary-sue. Don't be rude smh.

Oh wow! This cat's story sounds just so... So... What's the word?


Personally, this is my oc cat but I decided to put her up for cat adoptions :3! I like her as a beautiful whiteish gray shecat with light lime green eyes that sings some quiet song. She had a bad past, with deaths included. Her eyes show a sad song in her fate. She is a medicine cat and 37 moons.

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1350 Wildfrost


Meh, not the best name

1351 Streakpetal

Highly original, and most definitely grows on you.

I like it, but I think it might work better if it was Petalstreal instead. But, that's just my opinion

1352 Falconswoop

Original, and the suffix goes very well with the prefix. My OC of this name is a haughty, lean golden she-cat with darker flecks on her flanks.

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1353 Brookblaze

Brookblaze is a name that most wouldn't think of originally. But once found, can't be forgotten. Usually a highly competitive she-cat.

I don't think this name works well because they are opposites. Brook is water, Blaze is fire. It just doesn't work.

NO Brook and Stormfur have kits [Lark, Pine ] not her and Lionblaze!? Clearstar

1354 Echomist

This name is in crooked stars promise she is in river clan hail stars mate!

A beautiful she cat with a graceful black pelt and shinning pale blue eyes.

This name exists already. She's a queen in Crookedstar's Promise

1355 Creek Splash
1356 Night Breeze
1357 Sky Cloud

Beautiful white she cat with black paws chest muzzle tail and ear tips,all toms love her but she's taken. She's the best hunter,swimmer,fighter, and she's the most loyal in the clan.

Skycloud, SKYCOULD! Is that the best name you could think of. It is just like Creeksplash. BORING

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1358 Soft Step
1359 Wolf Whisker
1360 Honey Dop

Lol I agree I think it was supposed to be Honey Drop, and an Ancient Name?

Personally, I love ancient names, and if you want a Clan name just put the words together--Honeydrop. I quite like it and who ever wrote it: Keep on writing these good ancient/Clan names! (This is supposed to be drop though, right)
I imagine a light golden/russet-brown tabby she-cat/tom with pale paws light amber-and-blue eyes
Again, I love this name!

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