Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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1361 Running Flame
1362 WarmHeart

You mean Lostface? Brightheart's first warrior name was Lostface, not Halfface

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1363 Coconutfoot

Lol I'm not even mad oh holy Coconutfoot

1364 Wolfhowl

Gray tom with yellow eyes

I love this name.

1365 Mouseflight

Brown she cat with white tail tip and blue eyes

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1366 Swiftnose

White tom with black patches and yellow eyes

1367 Silverclaw

White tom with silver paws and eyes

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1368 Pinktail

A pink tail is impossible. Though, this name reminds me of cotton candy! :D

Silver tabby she cat with blue eyes and pink tail

A white she at with a pale red ginger tail

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1369 Quickfoot

White she-cat with yellow eyes, black and gray patches and tabby tail

1370 Fogfur

A grayish white tom w/ silver eyes and him and Birdheart (medicine cat) are secretly mates. - KatnissTheImmoDeer

1371 Darkthunder

I used this in a warriors story and I just love it so so much

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1373 Finchfeather
1374 Heathersplash

Heathersplash is a small sandy she cat with a scar on her nose and bright yellow eyes. - SweetsongRiverClan143

1375 Rainbowlight

Rainbowlight is a very light gray and white tabby she-cat, she is very friendly and becomes Rainbowstar.

1376 Sparkleheart
1377 Almoundfur
1378 Fernfrost

Sorry I'm taking it it is beautiful

I love this name I need it for my oc

I'm so using this it's awesoe

I love it

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1379 Pinefrost V 1 Comment
1380 Pinenettle
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