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1501 Sparrowflight

Small brown she cat with white speckles on her back

1502 Shadowstar

What this is shadow clans! First leader stop using real cat names on this list!

The current leader of my clan Spirit Clan is named Shadowstar. His warrior name was Shadowknight before he became leader.

I'm sorry. In my description, I meant to type oc. Not rp. I do not do rp.


1503 Stormshadow

Shadowstar's mate. He is black with silver eyes. Oh, and I'm the one that posted this an Shadowstar.

1504 Fawnstar

I like her warrior name the color pelt does not fit her - fawnfur

A ginger she-cat, leader of DrownClan, she has cobalt blue eyes and white flecks on her flanks. Her warrior name was Fawnbreeze.

A ginger she-cat, leader of DrownClan, neighboring Clan of DragonClan. Her warrior name is Fawndapple and her son is Waterjay. Her mate is unknown but most likely her deputy, Darkwater.

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1505 Condorfeather

I love this! I wish condor was used more as a prefix/suffix

Shale grey, lithe DrownClan (neighboring Clan of DragonClan) tom. He ends up as Badgerclaw's mate after Bearblaze rejects her.

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1506 Silverdust
1507 Orcastripe

A black-and-white she-cat whose Clan lives very close to the sea and the leader and deputy can speak to the ocean creatures.

1508 Tigerspot

He is a stocky cream tom with black stripes and white spots over them.

1509 Eaglemask

A brown-and-white lithe tom with green eyes, can bring down eagles by himself by a quick claw to the eyes.

What I made this name. How you know

It's almost like he has a mask-like mark on his face that divides colors iut

1510 Wingfall

A white tom with light blue, almost periwinkle eyes.

1511 Sharpgaze

I like this description but the clan name could use some work

A dark, dark cream mackerel tabby she-cat with piercing blue eyes like Hawkfrost's. She is FurClan deputy.

FURClan? FUR!? What in hell's name is that? I mean, what are the other Clans? WhiskerClan? TailClan? The Name sucks as well. Sharpkit? I would have named her Dove- for her appearance and -Gaze for her glare.

1512 Mossrock

I picture a gray medicine cat with pale green eyes and a white tipped tail

1513 Berrytail

Well Berrynose wasn't much better

That is SO RUDE because Berrypaw gets his tail cut off if his warrior name was Berrytail it would be so mean ~Windblossom

1514 Honeybloom
1515 Flowerheart V 4 Comments
1516 Blossomfrost

THIS NAME IS THE BEST! It sounds a little weird I guess but I still love it! -Moonstar

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1517 Petalstar

Why am I on this list? Someone will steal my name. -Petalstar

This is the name of one of the leaders in my fanfiction! She is the leader of FurClan and is light dusty tan with sky blue eyes. She's also Fawnstar's sister and Hawk's daughter.

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1518 Havenwing

Very pretty! I picture a Siamese snowshoe she-cat with icy blue eyes.

1519 Pickleheart

I wonder if you meant prickle... But I like pickle LOL

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1520 Paperstar

And How do they know what paper is?

On every page at least 1 name is dumb.

Lol I once told my half deaf friend to listen she thought I called her Paperpaw

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