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1501 Frostspirit

This is so beautiful! I imagine a silvery-white she-cat with ice blue eyes

1502 Shadedream
1503 Fragrantmist

I got this in school when I was thinking of warrior names and my teacher was spraying Febreeze around the room.

1504 Bramblefire

Bramble should be a chocolate and cinnamon tabby with one white paw.
Ember should be a red and white dappled cat with a white splotch on his forehead. Is that okay? I hope you know what all of the colors look like but I suppose you can always look them up. :3 Also I LOVE THE NAME AND THEME... Wait did Shadowstar come up with this? Or is that just a comment?

He was part o FireClan, but left for the rogue clan when his leader got into a fight with him. he changed his name to Bramble, and his brother, Embercloud, went with him and changed his name to Ember. I haven't decided on his description. Any suggestions?


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1505 Cliffclaw

I'm going to try to come up with a good description, because this name is awesome, so here goes nothing. A dark grey tabby with icy blue eyes and a headstrong personality.

Dark brown Tom green eyes and white toe area... You know what I mean, short tail long fur

He is a member of RockClan that shows up in a few scenes. Can anyone come up with a description for him?


1506 Juniperleaf

This is my Oc. She's a gray-blue she-cat, bright blue eyes. Has strong opinions

I know it's juniper berries, but I still love this name. Any description suggestions?

1507 Brambleshade V 1 Comment
1508 Maplesplash

Wuv it! Bright ginger she cat with one blue eye and one green eye, super hyper and eager to learn. OR a mellow brown she cat with ginger-brown stripes and warm yellow eyes. -Shadowmist

8/10 I like it

1509 PolarBreeze V 1 Comment
1510 Locustheart V 2 Comments
1511 Minnowsplash

I used this name to I love it she's a calico with green eyes

This is the first thing that poped into my head

My friend and I both like it sooo 9/10

1512 Furyfang

I was bored, okay?

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1513 Ashfern

My friend and I both like this name so we give it 8/10

Dark gray she-cat with light grey splotches

I just relized this sounds like Ashfur. Then I realized Ashfur has a sister named Ferncloud! Frogdung!

1514 Suncreek
1515 Mist of Glistening Dew

Gray-silver she-cat with blue-green eyes. She is a guard in the tribe of falling leaves (made up tribe) and she also has white splotches. Her favorite food is parrot as the hunters in the tribe find parrot most since they live in the jungle, she has a mate called leaves of orange fall, and she does not have kits yet. She loves to play and sometimes she goes to the lake of falling leaves (located across the front of the camp) to think and be alone. She can sometimes be aggressive but not usually.

Beautiful name for a cat in a tribe! Mist of Glistening Dew!

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1516 Bluefeather

Wow! I know it is a pretty plain name, but this is the first warrior cat name I have ever made up. I loved Bluestar in the books, so I made up a cat that honored her. Anyway, she is a russian blue she-cat with blue eyes. When I made the name up I was very young (It's amazing I still remember it) and I had a vivid imagination, therefore she also had wings and could fly. - Roseclaw

Beautiful! I love it I agree with the person below! I imagine a Russian blue with silvery Tabby markings! And bright green eyes!

I kinda thought this was nice...

1517 Shadowflame

I like the description but I would add russet-ginger flame like pattern-Shadowmist

Jet black she-cat with piercing green eyes. Looks kind of like Hollyleaf. I just like how the two names kind of cancel each other out. ShadowClan cat.
- Lightningstar

1518 Darkstorm

Mysterious gray black tom with blue eyes, eventually becomes a rouge - Shadowmist

ShadowClan cat. Probably black-furred. I just like this name: I don't know why.
- Lightningstar

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1519 Jayfoot

Gray tabby tom; Windclan warrior; almost deputy. Loves a gentle she-cat from Thunderclan named Silentblaze. Has one all black foot. Two living kits; and three dead kits. (one whole litter stilborn)

1520 Lightningclaw

Awesome! A time that is a golden/sandy color and is very fast and is super fast has super fast claws in paw to paw combat! Also he has bright blue eyes!

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