Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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1521 Littlekit V 1 Comment
1522 Largekit V 1 Comment
1523 Swiftstrike
1524 Bumbleheart
1525 Sandyspots
1526 Moonshine

I hate to go there, but... Moonshine is a kind of alcohol...

A purple like colour she-cat with gleaming blue eyes

A white she cat with vivid blue eyes is a medicine cat

Ehh... moonshine... nah...just doesn't work

V 4 Comments
1527 Iceclaw

A white she-cat with flaming amber eyes

V 1 Comment
1528 Moonhowl

It is for a cat who guru up with wolfs and got lost and found a clan

This name sounds really awesome.

V 1 Comment
1529 Sunspots V 1 Comment
1530 Leafstream

Beautiful I imagine her as a Pale Brown She-cat with Brown dapples all over her

1531 Cinderstar

Reddish-grey she-cat with orange eyes

1532 Silentstar
1533 Thunderhawk
1534 Badgersplash
1535 GrizzlyFang

(It's a male by the way)

1536 Starfur

Starfur is a good name. But don't make him a leader.

What whould he do if he were leader? Starstar would like to speak?

V 3 Comments
1537 Fawnheart

This name is good for a tom / she-cat

Like I give a crap

I love this name, I'm using this in a fanfic, he's a golden brown tom with amber eyes and his mate is Lilyflower. They live in WillowClan.

In my book she is a sweet brown tabby medicine cat with green eyes.

Mother: Rainfang
Father: Sandclaw
Sister(s): Leafstorm
Brother(s): None
Mate: None
Kits: None
Mentor: Badgersplash
Apprentice: Embershine
Position: Medicine Cat
Clan: StormClan - Embershine

1538 Lilyflower

White she cat with pale yellow tabby markings and light blue eyes

I think this name is beautiful, she is a pale brown she-cat with darker dapples from WillowClan and her mate is Fawnheart.

1539 Inksage

They know what ink is! Well... At least River Clan

Cats don't know what ink is.
Unless they now have quills and write.
Or they have seen squids.

1540 Rosemarieleaf V 2 Comments
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