Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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1521 Sunfur

Beautiful yellow she cat with amazing green becomes leader- Shadowmist

Light-hearted ginger and white tom with amber eyes.
- Lightningstar

1522 Wavepelt

Blue silver she cat or tom with chilling blue eyes

I think this would make a good warrior name for one of Lakeheart's two daughters. (Their names are, ironically, Wavepaw and Cypresspaw.) - IcetailofWishClan

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1523 Badgerbite
1524 Aspenflower

My first name posted, I hope you like it!

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1525 Icedapple

A beautiful white she-cat with light blue eyes

Can I hug whoever thought of this?!

1526 Spottedflower

Well Chloe, I think you should post more names if they are like this. I personally don't really like Spottedleaf and prefer SpottedFlower greatly

This is Chloe, and I'm proud of my work creating this name. I created it last year and added it months ago, and I come back and it's sort of high on the list!

A very good name! I think it is like a gentle, but strong warrior.

I'm Chloe, and I created this name!

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1527 Rosebreeze

This is amazing! And it reminds me of the smell of roses blowing through the wind when she is born. I think it would be a calico she-cat with beautiful deep brown eyes

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1528 Firefang
1529 Snowfall
1530 Mistyshadow

Black she-cat with silvery-gray stripes, dark blue eyes, a queen In Shadowclan.

1531 Brokenmist

This is sadly in the 1000's because it went past the 900s.

Sorry to burst your bubble but this is the 1000's

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1532 Rockpool

I actually went on a random warrior cat name generator once and got this one lol

1533 Turkeytail

Not a good name.. The alliteration is forced, and cats have no idea what a Turkey is!
Might as well name it ptarmiganpelt.

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1534 Rosefield

Yay, I like names with "field"! Nobody uses them.

1535 Poppyflower V 1 Comment
1536 Leafswirl

You stole my cat! She's already in MY book! She's a brown tabby she-cat with black markings and golden eyes! She's MY cat!

To whoever commented before me, chill out please

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1537 Hazemist
1538 Whisperfoot

Love it black cat yellow eyes white paws?

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1539 Cavetooth
1540 Twigstrike

Small golden brown tom with amber eyes for the win

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