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1581 Iceblink

When you cry, you cry ice

1582 Mistycreek

Love it! white and silver tabby with blue eyes. - Warriorcatsfandom

1583 Smallfire
1584 Creekshadow
1585 Starwatcher V 1 Comment
1586 Moonwatcher

Its wings of fire! Whoever put this here is 100% AWESOME

1587 Mossface

Light brown she-cat with bright green eyes

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1588 Rockface

Leader: We must give Rockpaw a warrior name for his personallity...

:clanmate throws a rock at Rockpaw's face:

leader: Purrfect! Rockface!

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1589 Darkcloud

Light gray cat with a black blob on its back. - Embershine

This is my OC, he's a pure black tom with icy blue eyes and he is a very kind and caring cat

1590 Cloudface

Does he/she have a cloud for a face?


Leader: We must give Cloudpaw a good warrior name.

:clanmate throws a cloud into Cloudpaw's face:

Leader: Purrfect! Cloudface!

1591 Midnightrose

This is a really pretty name. I imagine Midnightrose as a black cat with a single white stripe on her tail and emerald green eyes.

This name is the best I picture a dark red she cat with dark blue eyes she is very mysterious

Cats call midnight Moonhigh, But for an ancient cat I'd love the name Moonhigh Rose!

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1592 Oakflight

Oakkit was born one dark newleaf night. Ambershade was in pain. She groaned. Suddenly, thunder shook the nursery. Rain started pouring. Lightning was flashing all around. The nursery was filling with water. Ambershade had to struggle out of the nursery. Her weak legs barely supported her through the rising water. She was helped out of the cave(the camp) by Sandysong, RockClan's medicine cat, with her apprentice, Dustpaw. Ambershade stopped and moaned. She was in a lot of pain. The kits were coming. She stumbled out of the camp and collapsed on the gray, stone ground. This was Ambershade's first litter. Her mate was unknown. Everybody thought he was a StormClan tom. Ambershade spent a lot of time by the river separating their territories. The rain was not stopping, soaking their fur. This was the hardest storm they've had in many years. The first kit came. It slid out onto the wet stone. It was a dusty gray tom with very fluffy fur. The second kit was certainly taking its time. ...more - Embershine

1593 Frozenspeckle

Pale gray she-cat with white spots..

1594 Dewmist

This is a great name for toms and she-cats for loyal and head-strong warriors!

Very pale grey she-cat with very light blue glassy eyes

1595 Rainshadow

A grey she-cat who's fur turns blue in the light with blue and green eyes

A gray cat with beautiful blue eyes

She was born in a terrible storm. She is a dark brown and light gray she-cat with amber eyes. Her mother is Shadowheart and her father is Barkpelt. She has three siblings, Thunderpaw, Stormpaw, and Lightningpaw. They all died as apprentices. Stormpaw from drowning. Lightningpaw from a fire. Thunderpaw from a battle. - Embershine

1596 Lilysnow

A brown and white she-cat with leaf green eyes

A she-cat with white fur and black paws and tail with icy blue eyes

This is one of my OCs! She's a pale brown she-cat with white patches and blue eyes. Her mate is Mudpelt and she has 3 kits, Smokepaw, Emberpaw and Blood Feather. Blood Feather deserted the clan after formerly being Featherpaw, renaming herself and swearing revenge on the clans... it's a long story. ANYWAYS later on Lilysnow's hind leg was crippled in battle, so she's a permanent queen now. She's going to have another litter soon - Warriorcatsfandom

1597 Shadywhisker

A smoky colored cat with dark green eyes

1598 Redfeather

A reddish tabby cat with bright green eyes

Dark ginger she-cat with green eyes, mother of Dawnchaser and Amberdawn. A strong fighter but a great mother

When I take a simple warrior quiz, every time I get Redfeather! So I finally made her a warrior, an ancient Moonclan warrior and leader. She has a broad structure, long legs, a glossy red-cedar coat with shining Amber eyes. She is the leader of Moonclan after Moonstar, who was known as moon for most of her life.

1599 Specklepelt

A tortoiseshell cat with yellow eyes.

1600 Gorsepoppy
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