Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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1581 Sparkleheart
1582 Almoundfur
1583 Fernfrost

Sorry I'm taking it it is beautiful

I love this name I need it for my oc

I'm so using this it's awesoe

I love it

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1584 Pinefrost V 1 Comment
1585 Pinenettle
1586 Nettlesong

A spiky furred creamy white she-cat with one pale ginger splash. - Embershine

1587 Cricketsong
1588 Cloverspots
1589 Twisted Clouds
1590 Aspenleaves
1591 Firethorn

I came up with this name and shared it as well as skyfall

Why would you think firestar sucks! He is awesome

Fire fire fire fire Firestar Wannabe

A Ginger tom with amber eyes

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1592 Black Shadow

Black Shadow... How obvious. I like it! Black Shadow At Dusk. That's her full name. She is from the Tribe Of Many Storms.

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1593 Goldenfur
1594 Lilacheart
1595 Ebonystorm

Yes, I know. Cats don't know what ebony is... I just thought this would make a cool name. I thought she'd be really dark blue with a lighter belly.

1596 Deerdapple

I put this name on here. She is an OC of mine, and I don't care if you use her, because if I cared, I wouldn't put her on here. So, her description is that she is a light, very light tan with white spots on her back, like a fawn. She can blend in like a fawn, too. She is really sweet to some cats and a complete terror to her enemies. Her apprentice is Stagpaw.

A really cool and original name! I love it!

What a cute name!

Cat from Mapleshade's Vengeance and Pinestar's Choice - Frogjaw1996

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1597 Phantomfang

Don't tell me that cats wouldn't know what phantoms are. Because in my story a kittypet learned it from their owner before the owners moved and dumped the cat so she joined a clan and taught them all about phantoms and a nearby queen named one of her kits that when he was born. Phantomfang is a white tom with very light grey leg socks and tail and ear tips. He has neon green almost kind of milky green eyes.

The author of this name back again: to the person that suggested Phantompelt: That's pretty funny, at first when I thought of his name, I had his description, and I thought, 'Phantompelt! That would be good! ' But hen I realized that -claw, -fur, and -pelt were commonly used suffixes and decided on Phantomfang. But yes, Phantompelt would be awesome too!

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1598 Starwing

She never becomes a leader and even if she did it wouldn't matter! And she's an ivory-furred she-cat with yellow eyes.

If you had her become leader you could have her be like "why the heck is my name StarStar now? " And kinda like playfully mock herself or something.

Starwing sounds like Starling

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1599 Buffalofur

My oc clan is all set in Kansas so deal with it. They also have a kittypet knowledgeable about animals from everywhere in their midst.

1600 Raccoonfur

Grey, white undercoat, black mask around her ocean blue eyes, black paws, black tail rings.

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