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1601 Perfectbeauty

Perfect is a horrid prefix, and beauty is a horrid suffix. I mean, this cat sounds bratty and vain.

This sounds like something that a twoleg who just drank a lot if that special " Juice" then got a cat and named it that... I mean really

Agree with the person below me. Vain, stupid, bratty, and UNperfect! Why would you name your kit "Perfectkit"?!?!

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1602 Heatherstorm

This is the name I came up with for one of my kits. Please don't use it. She's shy and pleasant, but is a fierce warrior. I think it really fits her, plus it just sounds cool. As well, she has violet eyes, so it's even better. And think about it: Heatherstorm. How awesome is that?

Heather storm heather storm heather storm heatherstorm heather storm

Why is this only 781? It's such a cool name!

I won't use it but it is very pretty

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1603 Starecho

Maybe she's from a different clan who are named something else. Open your minds people

I love this name! I imagine her/him as a silver tabby with a white tipped tail.

Starecho is in my fanfiction. She is a loner who was sent from Starclan to find the one the prophecy is about.

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1604 Briarwish
1605 Moonscar

This is an amazing name! I think it should be a large silver tabby she-cat that was found as a kit, with a large scar on her face from a fox

Does his/her scar glow in the moonlight or what?

~Phoenixstar of MoonClan

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1606 Jaggedscar
1607 Finchbreeze

A pretty black she-cat with stormy green eyes. She is a medicine cat of skyclan and has a crush on Fireblaze of Shadowclan.

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1609 Hazelcloud

She is a light brown she-cat from DrownClan, and since ClawClan has formed she has become a good friend of Jetfur's. she has bright green eyes, too.


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1610 Hybridclaw

Your a Hybrid cat/linx, and you have the sharpest claws in your clan (My clan's name is Frost Tee Clan). I came up with this on the bus home today, and I'm pretty impressed with myself. Vote me up if you agree!

Pheonixstar you are such a hypocrite, you say the name Moonscar is stupid but you like Hybridclaw!?!

I'm impressed, and for some reason I get all of MY best ideas at school too.

~Phoenixstarof MoonClan

1611 Swifteye

You are the fastest runner in your clan, and you can see any type of prey within a 20 yard radius, even if it is behind you. I just came up with this, and I love it! Vote on this if you agree!

1612 Hybridmist
1613 Stillpool

Light slick she cat with beautiful green blue eyes and a one white hind and front paw med cat. -Shadowmist

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1614 Hollywind
1615 Ravenwish
1616 Ravenflight

This is one of my Oc' S. A glossy black she-cat with one white paw, one white ear, and Amber eyes. Her mother is LavaStar. Brother:thunderstrike Sister:Opalcloud

1617 Frostspirit

This is so beautiful! I imagine a silvery-white she-cat with ice blue eyes

1618 Shadedream
1619 Fragrantmist

I got this in school when I was thinking of warrior names and my teacher was spraying Febreeze around the room.

1620 Bramblefire

Bramble should be a chocolate and cinnamon tabby with one white paw.
Ember should be a red and white dappled cat with a white splotch on his forehead. Is that okay? I hope you know what all of the colors look like but I suppose you can always look them up. :3 Also I LOVE THE NAME AND THEME... Wait did Shadowstar come up with this? Or is that just a comment?

He was part o FireClan, but left for the rogue clan when his leader got into a fight with him. he changed his name to Bramble, and his brother, Embercloud, went with him and changed his name to Ember. I haven't decided on his description. Any suggestions?


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