Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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1601 Morningbreeze

This is an awesome name! Dappled golden tabby she-cat, blue-green eyes?

I think hazel eyes would go better with the description

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1602 Midnightsong

So. Epically. Pretty. What if Midnight turned into a cat? This would be her name, or Midnightgaze, right?
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

1603 Rivertail

I really like this name, I imagine Him as a blue and gray tom, with darker strips and gentle light blue eyes. He and Cherryheart, a dark brown she-cat with a black muzzle, mate and have two kits, raintail, a light brown tabby tom with a blue and gray tail, and brownfur, a golden brown tabby tom ~Windblossom

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1604 Leafsplash

I actually find this really cute.

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1606 Goldensky

This name sounds awesome! Kinda reminds me of a sunrise or sunset!

1607 Shimmerpelt

Doesn't this already exist

Silver tabby with scar on eye from brother that attacked hwr blue eyes. Thunderclap medicine cat

This is already a name! IT IS USED TWICE IN THE BOOKS! - Spottedtail

*yawns*. Has been used in *yawns* Crookedstars Promise. *yawns*. ���"😑

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1608 Redheart
1609 Flightpelt

This name is awesome, it reminds me of my oc Fastflight, he's a ginger tabby tom with green eyes

1610 Wishpool

I put Frostfeather, Redheart, Flightpelt, Raindapple and Wishpool!

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1611 Terraclaw
1612 Owlfrost

A silvery-white she-cat with pale blue eyes. She's quite shy, but brash and rude when she's angry. This is what I imagined when I came up with this name

1613 Drizzleskip

An ashen grey she - cat with dark blue eyes and a white paw.

1614 Stormwater

My favorite. Dark grey with blue eyes.

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1615 Shellswirl

Not a big fan myself but it's an okay name, the name reminds me of shellheart.

1616 Runningriver

So pretty! Gray tom with dark blue eyes. White paws and white tail.

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1617 Spottedberry

I think of a small hazzle colored she cat flecked with white and leaf green eyes

1618 Bellydancer

BOOM ZOOM DAnce with ya belly dance with your belly

Stupid. -.- ~Ravenwing

When I see this name it cracks me up 😂

1619 Gooseylucy

I fell out of my chair

Are we doing chicken little or something?


1620 Mossyoak

An OC of mine :3 But you can use it, her description is A Tortoiseshell And White She Cat with Minty Green Or Blue Eyes

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