Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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1601 Dragonfang

He is a pure black tom with forest green eyes. He is the deputy of DragonClan. He is also Shadowstar and Ravenwing's brother and Shadowpelt and Jetfur's uncle.


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1602 Wolffang
1603 Shadowstep V 2 Comments
1604 Badgerwhisker
1605 Patchface
1606 Wolfface

I think they mean it has a similar face as a wolf...

So it has a face like a wolf?

1607 Willowwhisper

My best friend uses this name in one of her books. She's a very pretty cat who gets banned from her clan for not hurting a pregnant she-cat

1608 Nightmask

Um... Do the warrior cats know what masks are...?

This cat already exists. - 905384095438053

Code of the Clans Cat - Frogjaw1996

1609 Redwolf
1610 Snakestripes
1611 Smallflame
1612 Flamingwhisker

I don't like Flamingwhisker, but if you flip it around it sounds much better. Whiskerflame.

1613 Iceblink

When you cry, you cry ice

1614 Mistycreek

Love it! white and silver tabby with blue eyes. - Warriorcatsfandom

1615 Smallfire
1616 Creekshadow
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1618 Moonwatcher

Its wings of fire! Whoever put this here is 100% AWESOME

1619 Mossface

Light brown she-cat with bright green eyes

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1620 Rockface

Leader: We must give Rockpaw a warrior name for his personallity...

:clanmate throws a rock at Rockpaw's face:

leader: Purrfect! Rockface!

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