Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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1661 Smokypelt

A dark grey tom with icy blue eyes.

1662 Tigerstorm

I've always like Tigerstorm because of the fierceness that is involved with the name. Some tom in Warriors should be named that.

1663 Silverpebble

I picture either a silver she cat with white paws or a light gray elder with soft yellow eyes and white tail tip and white muzzle

Silverpebble is a good name because it is soft and sweet, like Silverstream.

1664 Wishheart V 1 Comment
1665 Icewish V 1 Comment
1666 Frosthope
1667 Briarfaith V 1 Comment
1668 Briargone V 1 Comment
1669 Ashlight

Good for a cat with haunted dreams, an amazing destiny, and just a nice name!

Reminds me of my beautiful Ashstar

- princess bagelgobbler

Frick you Ravenwing! I love this name. You are just a mother trucker. - Embershine

V 1 Comment
1670 Willowfoot
1671 Streampelt

Honestly, Ashlight is better

One of my OCs! blue-gray with different shades of blue and gray. - Spottedtail

Again, frick you Ravenwing you brick. - Embershine

It would be a blue-gray she-cat. She wuld have darker lines on her fur like streams. With bright blue eyes. WaterClan. Warrior. Inlove with DarkClan cat... ~Ravenwing AGAIN

V 2 Comments
1672 Briarmist
1673 EbonyFlower

A grey blue she-cat with bright Aqua eyes.
I voted for Lark Song I think.

V 1 Comment
1674 Iceshiver
1675 Lightstone

Like rays of light, hitting a pebble in a creek

V 1 Comment
1676 SkyDust
1677 Shadowfrost

This could be a name of any black/white cat of any clan or gender

1678 Hillsedge

A light gray Medicine Cat with a silver muzzle from old age.

1679 Waterbreeze
1680 Runningwish

My character! Graceful tortoiseshell she-cat. She fell in love with Jumppaw of WindClan, causing more trouble than ever, as the two Clans were at war while she she her littermates were kits. The war raged on, until one faithful thing happened, diminishing the anger between the Clans.
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

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