Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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1701 Runningbrook V 2 Comments
1702 Otterspirit

I just imagine a cute little light brown apprentice with a white tail tip jumping and pawing a butterfly. Yellow eyes?

1703 Onepath
1704 Splitface V 1 Comment
1705 Rowanbreeze
1706 Autumnsong

This name is sweet and soft. I see her as a light brown she-cat with patches of white and orange. She was born in Windclan and had a huge fight with Riverclan and almost died then mated with thornlight and had two kits Lilymaple, and fernheart and after became leader.

1707 Flamingwind
1708 Lunarmist

Creamy gray she-cat with light blue eyes

1709 Serpentsong
1710 Nectargaze
1711 Thornheart
1712 Ashflight V 2 Comments
1713 Crowheart

Why would your parents name you after something that killed your sister?

Dark grey she-cat with white stripes

Crowheart is a name I made up. (I'm not changing it, so please don't use it.) He is a blue gray tomcat with black eyes (like, both of his eyeballs are black, due to getting struck in the face on the Thunderpath). His name was Stormkit as a kit; a crow killed his sister so his parents renamed him Crowkit. He's a medicine cat. (I based his description off of 2-D from Gorillaz at my sister's request)

V 2 Comments
1714 Darkflame

One of the cats I made up for a story. A dark ginger tom, slightly evil. - Roseclaw

1715 Dawnwillow
1716 Tigerfang V 1 Comment
1717 Moonwish

I like this name. To me, she seems like a small white she cat with jet black spots, paws, a black ear and tail tip. Her eyes are dark blue. She is a sweet natured and gentle cat. In my view, a medicine cat.

1718 Goldenmist
1719 Flamefeather

A ginger she-cat who has a light, joyful personality. Flame for her pelt, and feather for personality.

1720 Silverlight
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