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1701 Weedclaw
1702 Luckyheart
1703 Goldstar

, I love it it's like a golden Tom, red stripes, dark blue eyes and a shadowy attitude

Ooh la la so pretty

A golden colored tom that is now in STAR Clan

Oh that's funny. My dream name is Goldenpaw/Goldenpelt/Goldenstar. I'm a golden she-cat with really deep blue eyes and white paws - Goldenpelt

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1704 Lavastar

I don't think cats know what "Lava" is, but still cool!

If cats knew what lava was, they would all be dead

Seriously? I doubt cats know what lava is.

I am so happy cats don't know what lava is, Starclan would get a lot bigger!

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1705 Thornpelt

Wow! If I was a leader, I'd make that a real name!

I made up a cat named Thornfur long ago. This cat would be a tom for sure. With spiky fur with color like a patch of shade or a brown leaf. His eyes would be amber or a dark mysterious blue

My clan is Thornclan... (don't ask how I got the name..) and for some reason.. I like 'Thorn' as the first part in a clan name. Thorns remind of how you get pricked in the thumb by a thorn and it makes you bleed... So the thorn is always strong no matter how small!

Reminds me of Thornclaw. - Frostecho

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1706 Eaglefoot

I imagine a long-fitted white Tom with brown feet and yellowish-Amber eyes

I imagine a dark brown, strong tom with piercing yellow eyes. A strict mentor who gives the best badger rides (when he's in the mood). Possibly the deputy?

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1707 Lightningstar

I imagine this as a golden she-cat with striking green eyes, who would be a bit of a flirt, having bearded the kits of several toms (her previous name could be Lightningstrike). She became leader after seducing the previous leader (a Tom) into making her deputy.

A swift devil eyed cat with black and white pelt

To whoever asked it, Lightning is allowed.


*leader of Lightningclan
*green eyes
*part of a prophecy
*helped found the four NEW clans, LightningClan, IceClan, WaterClan... but defeated the clan FireClan... because all the cats were evil.
*Is friends with Icestar and Waterstar, the MAIN founders of IceClan and WaterClan
*her kits (sprucekit, fernkit, ashlit, snowkit, dawnkit, amberkit {holy GEEZ} ) have special powers
* her mate is Nightfur, the deputy
(hope u enjoyes it... my comment was also the comment..."OMGOSH I made this name up in my "warriors adventure game"... 0.o" (lol! )

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1708 Stripestar

This is horrible! It's completely uncreative and boring! Literally just a cat with stripes. Wow.

I picture a white cat with gray stripes and blue eyes and is a she-cat

This is INCREDIBLY boring! come on people!

(Sarcastic clap) WOW...just WOW...

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1709 Cloverheart

One of the names I made up on my own that was put on this list by somebody else. It's amazing how many people are thinking of the same names you are! - Roseclaw

Sounds nice... Clover's I like it but I might not use it.

Most sweetest med cat ever with clover shaped spots and tortie markings with pastel blue eyes

I used this name as me in my role play 🙂 -Feather mist

1710 Sorrelleaf

Sounds like a combo of Sorreltail and Spottedleaf lol. - AirfrostOfJayClan

I had this us my story as well before I saw this. She was Icepaw/shade/star's mentor and she dies in a battle between ShadowClan and RiverClan.

I used this in my story before I saw it here. Sorrelleaf is a tortiseshell-and-white she-cat with green eyes. She becomes Icestar's deputy when Snowblaze, the previous deputy dies. Then Icestar loses her ninth life and Sorrelleaf becomes Sorrelstar

You can totally use it!

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1711 Wrenflight

I thought that it was called Tallstar's Revenge. I can remember a Wrenflight, I think, but it's a nice name anyways and it was more of a background character so I don't think it matters.

There was already a Wrenflight, I think... In Tallstar's Destiny

Haha tall stars destiny it's tall stars revenge

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1712 Foxfang

This name sounds really cool. I picture a bright red tom, with sharp fangs and green eyes. - mouse heart

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1713 Hazelnut

A slender ginger she-cat with amber eyes.

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1714 Starfall

They may not use the prefix star, but it still is pretty

It's a excellent name though ( forgot to add that)

Starfall is the name of a website for little kids... :0

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1715 Mistpool

Why aren't there any comments? This is so pretty. I think it would be a light gray she-cat with light blueish eyes

1716 Fireleaf
1717 Flamestorm V 1 Comment
1718 Sweetstar V 1 Comment
1719 Dungpelt

I actually like the story, I think I might use something like this

He was born Darkkit and Darkpaw but then one day he went to go make some dung and then he got pushed in all the dung and the he went to go clean of in the river and then got pushed in to foxdung and it would never come out so he was named Dungpelt a few moons later the leader died and then the new leader renamed him to Darkdust

1720 Dungplet

Dungplet is a brown pelted, strong, and the smelliest cat in ShadowClan

He is a brown pelted, strong, and the smelliest cat in ShadowClan,. But his mate is Blackclaw the Deputy and his kits, Sweetkit, Cherrykit, and Lilykit. Which grow up to be Sweetheart the Medicine Cat, Cherrywoods, and Lilyfoot.

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