Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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1721 Solarstar
1722 RiverStream

RiverStream is a silver blue She-Cat with light green eyes and is calm like a stream but if you meet her in battle she can attack you with the force of a river. She is also my character.
~RiverStream, deputy of WaterClan~

1723 SilverBrook

SilverBrook is a silver tabby she-cat with ice blue eyes and is RiverStream's BFF.

1724 Mapleflower

Pretty name. Sounds a bit overly floral, but to each their own. I'm sure their leader will be proud of this warrior.

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1725 Smallmist
1726 Brokenblood

Cool for an evil cat, but did you ever hear of a living being breaking their blood?

(to the person who commented below) Warrior cat names don't have to make sense, like Yellowfang, she doesn't have an accual yellow fang, or like Cloudtail, he doen't have a cloud for a tail

1727 Wolfshadow

Use it if you want people.

1728 Secretwish

A beautiful light brown she-cat with black paws, ears, and tail, and keeps her only wish a secret.

1729 Stormfire

A gray she-cat with bright blood red eyes

This is what Stormfire (My O.C.) Looks like: A grey tom, his front left foot red, his left eye red and his right eye blue, and a black tail

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1730 Nightstream

Fits together perfectly! This one is awesome; good job!

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1732 Kittenspit V 2 Comments
1733 Phantomhaunt

Not for a warrior cat... though, nice creativity!

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1734 Stormwillow

A thin, silver tabby shecat. Formerly a rogue of the same name, born during a storm in the hollow core of a willow tree. My favorite over Silverstorm! - Stormver101

1735 Swiftotter V 1 Comment
1736 Whispersong

A beautiful grey/white female cat preferably with crystal blue dipped pupils and eyes

Dark grey shecat with light grey ears. Has black tipped paws. White underbelley, piercing dark blue eyes. Couragous, Bold, Daring, Brave but quiet. Only speaks when needed. Only one cat can get her to speak {MYSTERY}

1737 Swiftstar

Swift paw swift law then swiftstar

1738 Moonsplash

Really love it calm secretive white she cat with one green eye and one blue eye

1739 Lilydust

Although the suffix, dust, is often thought of as a negative term, this sounds very pretty. The Lily part makes the dust seem more pretty and elegant. Almost like it's the pollen from the lily.

1740 Echostorm

Black she cat with diamond on her forehead yellow or green eyes? Love it!

I love it, bleach she cat with white Simone on forehead and green eyes?

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