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1801 Ivysplash V 1 Comment
1802 Mistystream

Beautiful silver tabby cat with stunning silver blue eyes. Her mother was a medicine cat, and her father was a leader. Her father gave her to RiverClan, after her mother was killed by a badger for having kits. Her sister is named Riversong, and she belongs to ThunderClan.

1803 Sunlily

She sounds like a graceful queen!

1804 Springsun
1805 Sedgewhisker

Please stop rubbing these things in other's faces. It was an ACCIDENT, people. I think it's a great name anyways. And anyways, she has been used only once. So yeah, be nice.

Has been used! TWICE!

This is the cat that went journeying with DovePAW at 'The Fourth Apprentice'.'s been used...twice now

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1806 Eclipsefur

She is a black she cat with sun couloured eyes, she is from shadowclan

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1807 Midnightfeather

Woah, she survived getting hit by a car?!

She was a warrior apprentice but was hit by a car, she was from riverclan but joined her love flamesoul to thunderclan. She is beautiful, she is grey and white and has a purple eye and blue.

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1808 Blizzardleaf

This name sounds so beautiful. It would be perfect for a white she-cat with green eyes! Even though cats may not know what it is, it still is pretty!

1809 KrillSplash
1810 BrightWish V 2 Comments
1811 Smokypelt

A dark grey tom with icy blue eyes.

1812 Tigerstorm

I've always like Tigerstorm because of the fierceness that is involved with the name. Some tom in Warriors should be named that.

1813 Silverpebble

I picture either a silver she cat with white paws or a light gray elder with soft yellow eyes and white tail tip and white muzzle

Silverpebble is a good name because it is soft and sweet, like Silverstream.

1814 Wishheart V 1 Comment
1815 Icewish V 1 Comment
1816 Frosthope
1817 Briarfaith V 1 Comment
1818 Briargone V 1 Comment
1819 Ashlight

Good for a cat with haunted dreams, an amazing destiny, and just a nice name!

Reminds me of my beautiful Ashstar

- princess bagelgobbler

Frick you Ravenwing! I love this name. You are just a mother trucker. - Embershine

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1820 Willowfoot
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