Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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1801 Ambergorse
1802 onyxstar

Pure black muscular to with glowing green eyes and a white diamond on his forehead, ooh maybe he's the father of Echostorm

1803 hollysong V 1 Comment
1804 Mapleflight
1805 heronsong V 1 Comment
1806 heronfrost V 1 Comment
1807 beatlefrost
1808 opalstripe
1809 coconutpelt V 1 Comment
1810 thunderstorm V 2 Comments
1811 waterbreeze
1812 runningwish
1813 blindfox V 1 Comment
1814 turtlepool V 1 Comment
1815 Russetflower

Russet she-cat with yellow eyes. She's a nuresery queen who loves kits, but can also be very stern and defensive. She was born with only three feet and could never run or fight properly.

1816 Fernclaw

Fernclaw is a she-cat who is is in ThunderClan and she almost drowned in the river during a battle when a ShadowClan cat pushed her in but a RiverClan car saved her

1817 Spiritbreeze V 2 Comments
1818 Iceflame

Stylish. It sounds so cool!

Ginger and white tom - Embershine

1819 Peltpelt V 3 Comments
1820 Loudnoise V 2 Comments
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