Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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1861 Hornetfang
1862 Tigersong
1863 Blueflame
1864 Meadowflight
1865 Pigeonwing
1866 Rockflight
1867 Russetfeather
1868 Hopefur

If hope kit hadn't died I think this would be an option for her warrior name

1869 Lavapelt
1870 Hazelpelt
1871 Hiddenwish

Ooh, mysterious. tortoiseshell she cat with white under belly? My back story for her: She became a queen at a time of war between her clan. She had given birth to two kits who had died at birth. The war raged on and her mate fought strong but had fallen. Mate: Tigershadow

1872 Onyxfeather
1873 Nightwhisper

This is the name of one of Tigerstar's rouges. He used to be a loner that went by the name of Mowgli. He tried to kill Fireheart but was dragged away by Brackenpaw. He hid in the Twolegplace for a while, scared from what Tigerclaw might do to him, until the dark brown tabby gave him another chance. He is now either in the Dark Forest or StarClan.
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

1874 Lilacsong

So graceful and elegant, I imagine a white she cat with a light misty gray back and purple eyes

1875 Frostline
1876 Nectarsong

I love the prefix Nectar, but the suffix is not my favorite

1877 Nectarfang
1878 Hiddenstone
1879 Silentfeather

Either a white she-cat blind or mute with two different colored eyes

Mute, because her prefix is silent

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1880 Badgerpelt V 1 Comment
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