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1861 Nectargaze
1862 Thornheart
1863 Ashflight V 2 Comments
1864 Crowheart

Why would your parents name you after something that killed your sister?

Dark grey she-cat with white stripes

Crowheart is a name I made up. (I'm not changing it, so please don't use it.) He is a blue gray tomcat with black eyes (like, both of his eyeballs are black, due to getting struck in the face on the Thunderpath). His name was Stormkit as a kit; a crow killed his sister so his parents renamed him Crowkit. He's a medicine cat. (I based his description off of 2-D from Gorillaz at my sister's request)

V 2 Comments
1865 Darkflame

One of the cats I made up for a story. A dark ginger tom, slightly evil. - Roseclaw

1866 Dawnwillow
1867 Tigerfang V 1 Comment
1868 Moonwish

I like this name. To me, she seems like a small white she cat with jet black spots, paws, a black ear and tail tip. Her eyes are dark blue. She is a sweet natured and gentle cat. In my view, a medicine cat.

1869 Goldenmist
1870 Flamefeather

A ginger she-cat who has a light, joyful personality. Flame for her pelt, and feather for personality.

1871 Silverlight
1872 Vanillarose

White she cat with rose colored paws; pretty blue eyes

I'm not sure cats would know what vanilla is.

They might know what vanilla is, since it is a plant. I could be wrong though.

1873 Flynose

A black tom with a white chest, tailtip and paws. Clumsy but good-hearted and loyal. Hopes to have kits one day.

When he was born a fly flew onto his nose first second. ~RAvenwing

1874 Pondfrog

A Roverclan tabby she with light blueish-grey fur, black stripes and yellow eyes. She has a curious personality and an excitable nature. Her suffix comes from the way she runs, which looks a bit like a frog hopping.

1875 Skyfrost

Such a strong, pretty name. Beautiful and fierce at the same time. A silvery blue she-cat with white spots, cyan colored eyes, and a long feathery tail. Skyfrost would by my warrior cat name.

1876 Waninglight

A creamy she-cat with crystal blue eyes and medium lengthed fur. There is faint stripes here and there, and a small "M" shape on her head. She is a loyal member of Thunderclan, and is deputy for seven moons before she dies in a battle with Shadowclan.

1877 Lunargaze

This is my medicine cat's name. I chose this name for her because her eyes look like the full moon.

I really like this name is it okay if I use it in my warrior book? And the name is fawnfur

1878 Petalstep

My one apprentice petalpaw will gain this name because "flowers bloom and flourish under her paws" she has a unique talent with herbs despite being a warrior apprentice. She is a pale ginger long furred she-cat with white socks and crystal blue eyes.

Nice description, nice name. ��� - ~Darkberry

1879 Cinnamonfur

I thought I made this up! This name is mine!

A white she-cat,with orange redish paws,muzzle and,under,flamed eyes
Personallity =kind,sassy and she loves to help others.
Ranking =warrior

V 1 Comment
1880 Whisperingbreeze
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