Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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1881 Mistface

Brown tabby she cat with a white face

1882 Otterfrost

Dark brown she cat with a black tail

1883 Star That Gleams In the Night Sky

I made this name so I will put the description: blue she cat from the tribe of rushing water with glossy blue eyes and a long fluffy tail

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1884 Dapplemist

She is a dappled golden she-cat with bright blue eyes

1885 Echostone

Beautiful light gray she-cat

1886 Blossomfloatinginpond

Ginger and white she cat with blue eyes. She is part of the tribe of the rushing water

Blossom that Floats in a pond. That would be a better name for her now.

1887 Amberspots

I put this name here so I will make the description.tortiseshell she car with Amber eyes

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1888 MapleSap
1889 Mothdance

I just thought it was a really pretty name, it's so cute but strong and beautiful. I think a dark brown/red she-cat with really sharp figures and emerald green eyes would have this name. She's beautiful and thoughtful, but very independent

I picture of a cream coat she cat with green eyes

My little spiderdance is coming to get you! - princess bagelgobbler

1890 Flarefur
1891 Honeyclaw
1892 Cloverfrost
1893 Brightcloud
1894 Nightfrost

I'm sorry I posted it twice. It kept on not showing up lol
~ Gingerpaw

This is an awesome name why did you post your comment twice?
~ Waterpaw of FeatherClan

I made this up:) hope you all like it and you are free to use all of my names.
~ Gingerpaw of CinderClan

I love this name; it reminds me of Nightmist, Sandfeather's mate.
This might have been a better name fork his but the suffixes are basically the same. :)

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1895 Sparkfur
1896 Dogfang
1897 Fernwhisker

Doe psnt this name already exist if not I see a cream colored she cat with lighter paws and ears and green eyes

1898 Rosedapple

Love it, I imagine a white she cat russet dapple with dark amber eyes

1899 Lilysong
1900 Softsong

At least I know someone has scrolled as far as me - Roseclaw

Cream coat queen with green blue eyes

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