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1921 Ivyclaw

A fierce ShadowClan she-cat that has a dappled silver white and brown pelt. Her words can cut like claws, but she is very loyal to those close to her.

1922 Risingsun

Hooray to all the people that went this far - Roseclaw

1923 Ivythorn
1924 Snowspot
1925 Clayfoot
1926 Dawnflight V 1 Comment
1927 Fawnsplash

This is my OC, she's a dark brown she cat with a white tail tip and dark green eyes.

V 1 Comment
1928 Flametuft

I like the flame part but not so much the tuft part

Most of these are śhę cat names, but I personally think it could be a Tom...

1929 Peachpetal

Cream coated she cat white tail tip, white eats and green hazel eyes. Oh and white underbelly

1930 Maskedpelt
1931 Stalkshadow

A black, grey and white tom with blue eyes

1932 Dimlight V 1 Comment
1933 Mudstream

A she-cat grey and dark grey with brown patches maybe. I don't know :P

1934 Brightmoon
1935 Silentjaw

Why would a jaw be silent? Like... you don't speak or something?

1936 Mudfrost V 1 Comment
1937 Lavenderheart
1938 Crowstrike
1939 Crowscar
1940 Hiddensight
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