Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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1921 Ringtail

Dark gray tom with only tabby rings on tail

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1922 Vine Flower

Pale gray she-cat with green eyes

1923 Salmontail

Pale ginger she cat with tan underbelly

I think she should be light russet.

1924 Cherryleaf V 1 Comment
1925 Mistshade
1926 Rainsky
1927 Shadowspirt
1928 Horseleap

I love horses so much but this is just... Insane - princess bagelgobbler

1929 Cinderfern
1930 Berryfrost
1931 Dewflower
1932 Ambermoon V 1 Comment
1933 Spottedcloud
1934 Amberfrost
1935 Skybreeze

She is my character that I am in Thunderclan. She is pure white with gray paws, gray tail tip, and gray ear tips. She has beautiful gray eyes. She is the best hunter in Thunderclan, and she loves every cat in her clan. Currently, Skybreeze is the deputy of Thunderclan. Fierce in battle, she fights for her clan harder then any other cat. She is curious and well loved by her clanmates. Her mother is Goldenflower and her father is Tigerstar. Her brother is Brambleclaw and her sister is Tawnypelt.
-Cloudchase - CloudchaseOfThunderclan

1936 Lunapelt

My idea is it would be a light gray and white graceful swift she cat

Instead of Luna I would (personally) use lunar

1937 Buttfur

Dark brown top who smells like poop and always pees and poops in from of Bramblestar's moss bed

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1938 Whiskerwhisker
1939 Motheye V 1 Comment
1940 Dumbbutt V 3 Comments
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