Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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1941 Dumbbutt V 3 Comments
1942 Spiritsong
1943 Silversky V 1 Comment
1944 Stormfrost

This sounds like a... Just a... Awesome name!

V 1 Comment
1945 Mossheart

Mossheart is already a cat she gives tigerstar a life read the ultimate guide

V 1 Comment
1946 Raccoonspirit V 1 Comment
1947 Amberleaf V 1 Comment
1948 Beechfur

This name is used already, twice.

V 2 Comments
1949 Blackfeather

I really like this one! I imagine a jet black tom with a suprisingly fluffy tail. He's agile and can jump quite high, which makes him an excellent hunter. - SpeckleFlight

1950 Creamfur V 1 Comment
1951 Sandypelt
1952 Goldfur
1953 Redfur
1954 CometFlight

She is a fluffy black and brown with white spots and dark green eyes.

1955 AdderFang

She's a dark brown tabby with bright yellow eyes and long curled fangs.

Adderfang is already a cat. He is Redtail's father.

1956 BoneScar

She was a white Fluffy kit named FrostKit. But one day there was a fire in camp. Flames surrounded her and there was no way out. She was there for so long, mewing for help that the ashes soaked into her fur turning it dark grey. A flame also caught her left eye blinding it. When a warrior finally found out she was there and pulled her out a tree fell on the tip of her tail melting away the flesh and fur showing the bone. After that her name got changed to BoneKit. (BoneScar)

She was a fluffy white she cat but was trapped by flaming branches when there was a fire in camp. The ashes turned her fur dark grey and a flame caught Her left eye blinding it. When I warrior dragged her out a tree fell on the tip of her tail showing the bone, so her name got changed to BoneKit (BoneScar)

1957 JaggedFang

A fluffy brown and black she cat with dark green eyes and one long tooth sticking out. Also known to have a bad attitude

1958 BlackMist

Beautiful name, I imagine a jet black she-cat, with dark gray paws and a dark gray tipped tail. She would not be very friendly and VERY sassy. - PaintedWolves

A black she cat with green eyes. This is the warrior name a gave to my cat lol

1959 Puddlenose

I picture a cat like running nose

1960 Shellnose V 1 Comment
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