Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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1941 Honeydew

I picture a fluffy gray and white kitty pet (male) light yellowish green eyes

V 3 Comments
1942 Foxflame

Ooh, I think he'd get along with Cherryfire!

1943 Ravenclaw

This could have been a good warrior name for Ravenpaw. - birdechosplash

This reminds me of Harry Potter

V 1 Comment
1944 deerheart

Black cat with white legs ears and a white circles around her eye and a dash on her chest speckled with white tiny dots on her back

1945 waterspirit V 2 Comments
1946 mossgorse V 1 Comment
1947 foxfang
1948 longheart V 1 Comment
1949 nectarflower V 1 Comment
1950 Halftail

Already the name of a ThunderClan elder, and please capitalize the names!

The name is correct. In the books, it would be Halftail and not HalfTail. - Warriorcatsfandom

This is Sparrowpelts elder ThunderClan name. I have proof in Bluestars Prophecy and the first book

1951 lavaheart V 2 Comments
1952 Ambergorse
1953 onyxstar

Pure black muscular to with glowing green eyes and a white diamond on his forehead, ooh maybe he's the father of Echostorm

1954 hollysong V 1 Comment
1955 Mapleflight
1956 heronsong V 1 Comment
1957 heronfrost V 1 Comment
1958 beatlefrost
1959 opalstripe
1960 coconutpelt V 1 Comment
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