Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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1961 Dimlight V 1 Comment
1962 Mudstream

A she-cat grey and dark grey with brown patches maybe. I don't know :P

1963 Brightmoon
1964 Silentjaw

Why would a jaw be silent? Like... you don't speak or something?

1965 Mudfrost V 1 Comment
1966 Lavenderheart
1967 Crowstrike
1968 Crowscar
1969 Hiddensight
1970 Jaygaze
1971 Dawnfoot
1972 Wolfgaze
1973 Honeydew

I picture a fluffy gray and white kitty pet (male) light yellowish green eyes

V 3 Comments
1974 Foxflame

Ooh, I think he'd get along with Cherryfire!

1975 Ravenclaw

This could have been a good warrior name for Ravenpaw. - birdechosplash

This reminds me of Harry Potter

V 1 Comment
1976 deerheart

Black cat with white legs ears and a white circles around her eye and a dash on her chest speckled with white tiny dots on her back

1977 waterspirit V 2 Comments
1978 mossgorse V 1 Comment
1979 foxfang
1980 longheart V 1 Comment
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