Top Ten Warrior Cats Names That Do Not Exist


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1961 thunderstorm V 2 Comments
1962 waterbreeze
1963 runningwish
1964 blindfox V 1 Comment
1965 turtlepool V 1 Comment
1966 Russetflower

Russet she-cat with yellow eyes. She's a nuresery queen who loves kits, but can also be very stern and defensive. She was born with only three feet and could never run or fight properly.

1967 Fernclaw

Fernclaw is a she-cat who is is in ThunderClan and she almost drowned in the river during a battle when a ShadowClan cat pushed her in but a RiverClan car saved her

1968 Spiritbreeze V 2 Comments
1969 Iceflame

Stylish. It sounds so cool!

Ginger and white tom - Embershine

1970 Peltpelt V 3 Comments
1971 Loudnoise V 2 Comments
1972 Catsoap V 1 Comment
1973 Wettongue V 2 Comments
1974 Curtainrod V 2 Comments
1975 Followmeontwitter

Stupid, so stupid - Embershine

Seriously? Wrong on so many levels.

1. Has four words instead of two

2. Cats don't know what Twitter is

I could continue this list all day.
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

What? - IcetailofWishClan

No one is going to follow you on twitter. ~Ravenwing

1976 Mitnos V 1 Comment
1977 Splasheyelash
1978 Printmeimurs
1979 Skyhawk

That's a ride at canada's wonderland one of the new ones

1980 Doeadeer V 1 Comment
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