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21 Beetlewhisker

Beetlewhisker was so nice and kind! Its a shame he died. Why brokenstar why!
He would have been the perfect RiverClan cat and he was so gentle and loyal and was tricked into training in the dark forest. He was kinda stupid when he tried to leave right in front of brokenstar. Beetewhisker rules!

Loyal kind and brave. I'm my opinion he should be #2. He should have never died in the dark forest and he should have become Mistystar's deputy and maybe leader

STUPID BROKENSTAR! You killed him because he was a loyal warrior to his clan and not stupid YOU. And he didn't even go to StarClan, his body just laid there in the stupid dark forest and his spirit went nowhere. I hate you brokenstar

Woo-hoo Beetlewhisker! You stood up against the Dark Forest!

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22 Rushtail

My favourite three riverclan warriors are Crookedstar, Silverstream and Rushtail cause she made the most awesome battle tactic ever as an apprentice

I think rushtail should be top ten because she was an amzing cat and an awesome apprentice

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23 Mapleshade Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail and mistakenly described as ginger-and-white. She has her own novella and is a villain in the series after she is exiled from ThunderClan, after which she watched her kits die and was abandoned more.

I know she was evil and born in ThunderClan, but she did live in RiverClan at some point and it's not her fault she's evil. Her mate left her for some reason, and I think that tom was Crookedstar's grandfather.

She is not Riverclan she never even stayed there for a day silly - Catsarah123

Mapleshade was never an official Riverclan cat, but she is still amazing. I mean, she loved a cat from another clan (Like that's never happened before! Stupid Thunderclan! ) And then had kits. She was driven from Thunderclan, (A bit harsh there! ) And her kits died when she tried to go to Riverclan. You know the rest of her story. She didn't deserve the Dark Forest, she lost everything, and her family is waiting for her in Starclan, yet she'll never see them again. It's too sad.

24 Ottersplash

Ottersplash should be number one she the best and prettiest!

25 Shellheart

Great father and awesome deputy!

Most bossly cat in crooked star"s promise
He accepted crooked stars accident and he stood up for him to
~solar sky
Deputy of ThunderClan

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26 Sunfish

Oh, such a good mother, so warmhearted and kind! I think she should be 11th!

She has a pretty name and foster mother to silverstream

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27 Heavystep

He is immortal! Live forever, Heavystep!
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

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28 Reedshine

Ummm she is a she-cat so but still she should have become leader after Splashheart

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29 Echomist

Echomist is a really great queen, and not just to her own kits, because she helped Crookedkit as well. I feel like there is more to her - like she is a deep character, and I wish that there was more written about her. Go Echomist! This last part is random, but I also love her name. It is very elegant and mysterious. Echomist, Echomist.

Your thinking of Echosong but I still love Echomist. She was a nice and sweet queen to both her kits and Crookedkit, who all grew up to be awesome warriors. She is so much better than Rainflower!

Don't forget about SkyClan! Echo mist is such a great aid to Leafstar and a good medicine cat in general!

30 Scorge

I love him! He was so awesome but not in RiverClan

He was bullied as a kit it changed him like the part where Tigerpaw nearly killed him he got his revenge and was killed by firestar ~Ruby the kittypet

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31 Fallowtail

Good mother although she shouldn't have fallen for Reedfeather. I mean he took their kits from her. And if Greypool and Willowbreeze lived in WindClan, Crookedstar wouldn't have a mate, Silverstream wouldn't have been born and who would have looked after Mistyfoot and Stonefur?

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33 Riverstar
34 Cedarpelt

He trained Crookedstar into the warrior and the leader he is to day he did not trust crookedkit to be a loyal warrior but he trained him very well. I think he deserves more recognition.

35 Shimmerpelt

What a wonderful cat. -sparrowpool- (pretty river clan warrior)

36 Rippletail

He died on the beaver quest. It was very sad and I felt awful for poor Petalfur.

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37 Skyheart

I think she should be added she's so sweet, kind and nice. Skyheart has a lovely dappled coat to. But still I liked her very much in Crookedstar's Promise.

38 Petalfur

Her brothers all died and her mother died but she just kept going had Mallownoses kits everything! She's awesonr she should be number one. She suffered so much grief but she just kept on going.

39 Millie

Ugly awful Millie and if she was in river clan she would make it the worst clan and to me it's the best!

She is an awesome RiverClan cat

WHAT?! Millie was never in RiverClan! And if she was, even in the least bit, she would make RiverClan sick! I love RiverClan, I hate Millie! Silverstream x Graystripe rules the world!
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

I agree. Gray x Silver rules! I hate Millie and she wasnt in the awesome RiverClan!

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40 Loudbelly
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