Stonefur protected Silverstream's kits and died like a warrior. It must have been very hurtful for Mistystar his sister, but he had to do it just like a warrior.

Stonefur is the best cat ever. He took on both Darkstripe and Blackstar (Blackfoot) to protect Graystripe and Silverstream's kits and even though they overpowered him in the end he died a noble, Warriors death protecting the two apprentices. Without Stonefur there would never have been Feathertail or Stormfur. How can you not love this cat? ❤️ He should be in #1

His death was really sad. He died because he didn't kill his apprentice. That's just cruel, Tigerstar! - Oliveleaf

Was not a fair fight! Shucks to you, Darkstripe, the worst fighter in history

He is meant to be in number 6 but people changed his name accidently!
Stonefur is
He is the best cat ever!

I really like him he deserves to be in the top 5

All and all just an awesome loyal cat if he was still alive his nam e should have been stone star arguably could be stronger than bramblestar and that's saying something

Stonefur was so brave to fight against the dumb Shadowclan cats to save the two apprentices.

I love Stonefur Starclan Should be proud of him. TIGERSTAR! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!

I love how Stonefur died protecting Featherkit and Stormkit! He should be ranked higher I think because of his courage for his and the kits rights!

I love silverstream. I love mistystar. I love crookedstar. I love oakheart. And I love rippletail too. But I absolutely LOVE Stonefur. By the fact that he died for stormpaw and featherpaw by taking on blackfoot and darkstripe and standing up to tigerstar. He was so strong when mosskit died, made it through a snowstorm and adapted to riverclan really well. And that was when he was a kit. He defended mistystar throughout his entire life. (that's where I think stormfur and feathertail took after their mentors. ) he was a loyal riverclan deputy and is without a doubt the best riverclan warrior ever!

THE BRAVEST CAT.i can't believe silverstream is here a brat spoilt and excuses! stonefur is way better and sweet nobody should care about flippin silverstream