Top Ten Warrior Cats That Should Be Leaders


The Top Ten

1 Graystripe (Graystar)

Yeah I'm mad because brmble claw replaces graystripe

I was so upset when Firestar chose Brambleclaw to replace Graystripe... Though he would have been an elder by the time Firestar dies.

I love Graystripe! I think he is the best! I have every Warrior book and the first book I read (into the wild) I liked Graystripe from the start. I think without Graystripe, Firestar would have never been able to as much stuff as he did. Graystripe helped and he broke the Warrior Code only because he followed his heart to be with Silverstream. Anyway he would have made a great leader! He is funny, easygoing, and loving. I think he is also one of the bravest and strongest. Look what he went through to get back to his forest home and his beloved clan. Graystripe has earned his place as leader. Yeah Graystripe!

For me whitestorm and gray stripe are tied both the best of the best. Just vote come on people just do it

2 Whitestorm (Whitestar)

Whitestorm was a brave and loyal cat, and would give his life for ThunderClan without question. Why did he have to die? He was fierce and proud, strong and courageous. If he had become leader of ThunderClan, he would make ThunderClan so strong, they could take on the whole of ShadowClan at its strongest in their own camp! Whitestar would have apprentices train hard, and warriors defend the Clan with not only tooth and claw, but loyalty and bravery. Two words people... GO WHITESTORM!

Whitestorm's a strong, brave, loyal senior warrior. He helped Firestar when Firestar was first made deputy (honestly I think Whitestorm should have been deputy then instead) and always offered to lead his clan. He was wise and respected and why was he never Whitestar?

There was almost no cat I ever respected more than Whitestorm. He was a conscientious apprentice, like Brackenpaw (fur), he was a great hunter and fighter, and he had a very good temperament. He was one of the noblest cats ever to exist. I can't compare anybody with anybody else, because I'd feel bad saying Whitestorm is superior to Firestar, Bluestar, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, etc. I'm saying that he was so wise, respected, calm, fair; he would have been a legendary leader. He wasn't jealous at all when many cats were made deputy instead of himself, and he died as he lived, battling to save the clans from the dreadful BloodClan. His last noble words chose Graystripe as ThunderClan's deputy, telling Firestar to trust his heart. He would have led nine lives out in peace, nobility, and respect for everything: the warrior code, other cats, their opinions, and wise judgment. When Whitestorm died, I cried like a kit wailing for its lost mother because I respected and admired him so much. He ...more

He was...
1. Loyal
2. Smart
3. Strong
4. Kind
So if you love Whitestorm and you wish he never died please vote for Whitestorm to be number one.

3 Hollyleaf (Hollystar) Hollyleaf (Hollystar) Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan. She cherished the warrior code as a kit and came back to her clan in a time of need to fight-- even though she was cast out for killing Ashfur.

It was such a shame she had to die. Bramblestar probably would have chosen her instantly to be deputy if she'd lived. She would have been such a good deputy, and in my opinion would have made the whole patrol system for ThunderClan a lot more efficient. And if she became leader she would have put her training plan into action, the one where you focus on hunting, then fighting, then miscellaneous things like patrolling and such. I know Cinderheart said it probably wasn't a good idea but I think it is. She would never have let her Clan down, and although I have nothing against Firestar she wouldn't let so many kittypets and such into the Clan. It's against the warrior code! I don't care if she wasn't one of the Three- she definitely had more power than normal Clan cats! R.I. P :'(

I hate Holyleaf, to be honest. But she would make a good leader. She even wanted to be, but she thought all she-cats were only expected to be queens and have kits. She was loyal to her Clan. Although she ran away, it was mainly because after she had killed Ashfur and she pointed out to like, everyone, that Leafpool is her mother, she was loyal. She thought she would get exiled anyways, so instead of being escorted by cats she'd known forever, and for them to hate her, she escorted herself to save herself from that pain. Then she came back and helped the Clans. Like, fighting in the tunnels, and she showed them the tunnels before, whatever Clan it was, was able to attack. She helped prepare them for that battle.

Since she didn't get a power, she obviously should have become the new leader. After her "death" in the tunnels, Lion and Jay immediately said; "Who's the third cat now? " Or something similar to that. THEY DIDN'T EVEN CARE SHE MIGHT HAVE JUST BEEN CRUSHED BY ROCKS! She deserved to be leader.

Yes hollyleaf would be the best leader she should be number one honestly

4 Brackenfur (Brackenstar)

Why is the fourth on the list, and why is Graystripe number one? Graystripe would make a bad leader because you can't really trust him that well. He isn't straight on his priorities. And Whitestorm? Whitestorm, he would be a senior warrior, and a bit old. If he were still alive (I dunno if he is) then we would probably be an elder, and once an elder, forever an elder. And then Hollyleaf. If Hollyleaf were still alive, then she'd be a medicine cat, and in Clan law, once a medicine cat, forever a medicine cat. But Brackenpaw, Brackenpaw would make a fine leader! He has tested his knowledge of a warrior throughout the series. It is uncommon that he makes silly mistakes. He is a really good fighter, and from what I've seen, he can lead patrols well, so he's up for being leader for me!

Okay, so you have Brackenfur, the noble senior warrior, loyal and clever, saved Firestar's pelt once, always there for Firestar, then you have Brambleclaw, the ambitious inexperienced warrior whose loyalties are torn in two, always contradicting Firestar, and starting a quarrel with Firestar's daughter. Who do you chose as deputy? That's what I thought.

Gosh was I mad when Firestar chose Brambleclaw as deputy.

Dislike all you want. Your opinion is yours, and the same goes for me.

Me: I * slaps* Despise * slaps* you * slaps* SO * punchs* Much * Spits in face! * Brambleclaw
Brambleclaw: Woah! Just chill... Omm

Brackenfur is better than Brambleclaw - spottedleafpool

5 Lionblaze (Lionstar)

Lionblaze should be deputy instead of Squirrelflight. Go Lionstar! And Crowfeather also would be a great leader. Crowstar! Go Lionblaze/Dad. -Sparkfire

Lionblaze might not be the best leader but he is ok, he might chose battle over peace

He would mak an awesome leader. But I still think Firestar is the best!

Yes, he would have made for a good leader but can we think about it a bit more please? He is rash when it comes to decisions concerning those he cares about and, though it's a somewhat sweet thing to think about, it wouldn't do. Seriously, he doesn't think too much before he jumps into battle, or when doing anything actually. Remember that time he was like; Nope, I'm not going to retaliate while this cat attacks me so I can prove to my one true love Cinderheart that I want to be with her. Yes, cute and all but not a great quality. Second, he'd be OP as SHT! Awesome if you want a cliché leader who can't be killed and great if you're in ThunderClan but stupid for the other Clans and BORING to read. ThunderClan would win every battle he fought in, or almost every one at least.

6 Ivypool Ivypool

I had a cat called Ivypool before omen of the Stars was released

I don't even know much about Ivypool, but from what I know, she's a great cat. Yes she's messed up a few times BUT SHE'S FIXED IT! All in all, she's very likeable. Plus I like the name Ivystar. GO IVYSTAR!

Ivypool deserves better than 7#. She's a really developed character and has risked a lot for her clan. Even if she has made bad decisions before, she worked to fix them and helped play a role in saving the clans from the dark forest.

She stopped fighting in the dark forest for her clan, so she's loyal enough, and she is good at fighting as a warrior and has had an apprentice. So..."IVYSTAR"

7 Oakheart (Oakstar)

I'm only voting because I want a super-powered couple of Bluestar AND Oakstar

Yas Queen! Oakstar!

He and Bluestar woulda smooched at Gatherings!

Its Crookedstars brother so...

(also Crookedstar is the best leader)

8 Crowfeather (Crowstar)

Despite how some people might see Crowfeather as a grumpy, difficult cat, I strongly believe he does not deserve that kind of stereotype.

Crowfeather, at his best, is a loyal, brave, considerate cat who would put his life on the line for those he cares about. After the journey, after he went through all the hardship regarding Feathertail's death, he still really contributed to his Clan, like when he took down that huge bird while hunting.

He also is a cat to take charge in controversial situations such as Onestar's leadership, where he stood up and spoke his opinion and supported not just his leader, but Brambleclaw. He also speaks his opinion very much and is not afraid to say what he feels, which could become useful as a leader in a way. He is a logical cat, in situations also.

Crowfeather has also faced a lot of adversity and hardship that gives him experience. His littermates had died, and Feathertail, the one cat who really knew him, just suddenly died, which ...more

I mean, even if I'm a Breezepelt lover, it would be kind of cool to see Crow become leader.I think Breezepelt and Crowfeather are the best father and son match! ☺


I feel like people perceive him as some grumpy cat with no love but think over what he's been through and I think your opinions will change,I literally love Crowfeather. Yes. Just yes.

Crowfeather has had a really hard life, that's why people call him grumpy! I strongly believe that if you looked deep down in him, you'd find a cat who could do millions of good for all the Clans!

9 Stonefur (Stonestar)

Every time I see Stonefur's name I want to cry so much he sacrificed so much and his death was so honorable and painful (another reason why I want to kill Blackstar). He protected was protecting his apprentice!

Stonefur should have been leader.

Stonefur is awesome! He shouldn't have died! It was an unfair fight and Tigerstar just killed him because he was 'half clan' but the real reason was because Tigerstar needed an excuse to kill thw only brave, strong, and courageous cats. - XxRosefirexX

Sometimes I wish his sister would have died instead of him. don't get me wrong I like Mistystar but come on Stonstar would be AWESOME

10 Ashfoot (Ashstar)

She is kind and my favorite she-cat in the series. I hate all other Windclan cats. If Ashfoot replaced Onestar countless lives would have been saved.

She would be WAY WAY WAY WAY better than onestar. - l9me


I completely agree! She was always one of my favorite minor roles (not a minor cat: just a minor role) when I was reading the books. She's Crowfeather's mother, isn't she? I love Crowfeather, and I feel so bad for him. :( I also like the idea of Brakenfur being ThunderClan leader.


The Contenders

11 Redtail (Redstar)

Why did Tigerstar have to kill him?

He should have become leader... Stuff you Tigerclaw!

Redtail is the most noble warrior cat ever. BEST AT FIGHTING

He should have been on the number 1 on this list. - Jihaek1109

12 Cloudtail (Cloudstar)

Cloudtail was loyal. He cared for brightheart that poor cat. Do you really think that it matters if he did not care about the warrior code of not. He will always be a strong cat that really could be a leader.

Yes, praise the Cloudtail

Cloudtail would've not only be great to the plot, but he was loyal and cared about his clan. After he got stolen by twolegs, he listened to everything Fireheart/Firestar said. Also, I would've loved to see Princess's reaction to this. He was also great when Fireheart/Firestar, Sandstorm and he encountered the riverclan warriors in forest of secrets. During the fire, he recommended that he buried one of the elders that died in the fire. I think that he should've also become a warrior earlier than he did. I also love this because of the line in Fire And Ice "Maybe someday he'll become the leader and earn 9 lives" Princess said this when she brought cloudtail out when he was just a kit. Maybe Erin Hunter will make another series and Cloudtail will become leader! I hope she does.

He would be great as leader and he could have his mate, brightheart, as deputy.

13 Dovewing (Dovestar)

Dovewing never loved Bumblestripe and didn't even try to show it! And Dovewing wasn't being overwhelmed if she just LEFT HER CLAN! It's like she didn't even care for Thunderclan! She didn't love Bumblestripe, loved Tigerheart, and chose to do forbidden love! Why don't just join Shadowclan, if you don't about your sister or your leader! Dovewing hasn't done anything special to get a powers! She should've died instead of Hollyleaf! Any cat could less annoying then her, EVEN BERRYNOSE! Dovewing is the most annoying cat ever. She doesn't deserve to be leader!

Dovewing is very intelligent, she so deserves it!

Dovewing is a good warrior, people! Just imagine: she's not even a warrior and Lionblaze and Jayfeather just smash prophetic destiny onto her. She has too many things to juggle in her life: Tigerheart, Bumblestripe, the prophecy, her sister's relationship (Ivypool should have been WAY more sympathetic) and she couldn't do that, she was just an apprentice! So, person who wishes for Dovewing to die, she was NOT a drama queen who just cared about "love and whining! " She was just overwhelmed. Ivypool's also great, but rather unsympathetic when it came to her overwhelmed sister. She was immensely helpful to the prophecy. Personally, I consider there to be five cats in the prophecy. Lionblaze, Jayfeather, Dovewing, Hollyleaf, and Ivypool. (go away Firestar, you already have a prophecy.) Remove any one of them and the Dark Forest would have won. My point is, Ivypool should have been more sympathetic, but was amazing anyway, and Dovewing was vital to the prophecy and wasn't a whiny ...more - SnowyOwl


14 Mapleshade (Maplestar) Mapleshade (Maplestar) Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail and mistakenly described as ginger-and-white. She has her own novella and is a villain in the series after she is exiled from ThunderClan, after which she watched her kits die and was abandoned more.

For those who think she's evil, if she was still in the CLan when she became leader she would actually turn out an amazing leader, with compassion and the lives' skills. Maplestar would change the history of Crookedstar as well so he didn't have to go through so much pain. This would change SO MUCH!

Mapleshade would be the best leader ever! So would Tawnypelt, Hollyleaf and Feathertail!


Personally; Mapleshade would have made an incredible leader, but she was kicked out of Thunderclan by Oakstar for... having half clan kits? Really? How was she to know that her mate killed the leader's son? She shouldn't have been blamed.

Maplestar sounds absolutely glorious, and she would have been one of the greatest Thunderclan leaders in my opinion.


15 Feathertail (Featherstar)

Although Feathertail is like my FAVORITE cat I don't think the job would suit her. I think she would worry to much because she is very gentle and wants every cat to be happy so if someone was unhappy she would freak. Over all, I love Feathertail with all my heart but I think her place is to be a warrior :3


She was so epic! She is: kind brave smart and over all EPIC! GO FEATHERSTAR!

This would've been interesting. She was a kind and understanding cat. I love Feathertail too, despite hating Crow X Feather. She would've lead her clan well. It makes me sad that she died. Although, she died for a prophecy from cats she didn't even know existed. She would sacrifice herself not just for her own clan, but for whatever clan needed her. Also, Featherstar sounds pretty cool.

16 Cinderheart (Cinderstar)

She is awesome

She is always supportive and sweet. She was balanced and fair, and would never lead her Clan into needless battles. When she broke her leg, she was determined to heal.

Other potential leaders

I do not want Lionblaze, Dovewing, or Squirrelflight to be leader.

Lionblaze has too much of a temper, and he is overconfident. With nine lives and invincibility, he would probably be very unfair.

Dovewing because she is such a drama queen, and didn’t even realize when Tigerheart was using her. She is far too gullible.

Squirrelflight because she has a sharp tongue, and might accidentally start a fight with another Clan.

She is just plain Awesome

Perfect. She is noble strong and can use herbs in a greencough crisis - l9me

17 Jayfeather (Jaystar) Jayfeather (Jaystar) Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds and walk into other cats dreams. He is blind.

Hey, he's blind - spottedleafpool

Sure, he's a pretty epic cat and highly famed, but first off: HE IS A MEDICINE CAT. He refuses to become a warrior again, let alone become deputy! Plus, he's as blind as a bat! He would be absolutely useless in an invasion, and an easy target for even the youngest warrior. Not to be rude, but he is CRANKY, not wise, cranky. So, no. He would make a terrible leader.

I think he is a great strategist and could be great at planning sneak attacks as long as he had starclan to guide him (which he does)!

He is blind. I'd really like to see how this one would play out lmao. - BlueberryCatfish

18 Mudfur (Mudstar)

Mudfur is a medicine cat - Aquastar_of_DewClan

Mudfur used to be a Warrior

Seriously what can you see in him? He's a med cat people! - Blossomfrost

You're thinking about Mudclaw there

19 Tawnypelt (Tawnystar) Tawnypelt (Tawnystar)

Why is Tawnystar this low? We need more female leaders, and plus Tawnypelt is an amazing, strong character.

Surprised that she is this low

Oooh, would be interesting. - Dovewing303


20 Russetfur (Russetstar)

Russetfur should have lived! She would have mae and awesome leader of Shadowclan! If only stupid Lionblaze hadn't killed her! She had lots of leader qualities. And no, I don't hate Lionblaze, he is one of my favorite characters, but, why did he have to kill Russetfur?!?

Russetfur would have been the best leader ever! Yes, she once lived outside of the Clans, but so did Firestar! Russetfur should have been leader. If she didn't die then ShadowClan would probably not go become SkyClan cats. One thing, though. In the book it said she was trying to KILL Firestar. Does ShadowClan need a leader that tries to kill? Except for that she would have been a AWESOME leader.

Russetfur deserves to be leader because she stayed deputy for so long so she would have known what to do if she were leader and died fighting for her clan. Well, sometimes she was cranky but still, she was wise and would have made a great leader for ShadowClan.

Russetfur should have been, she may have been insolent but she would have led her Clan with dignity and pride. If she hadn't been so hungry for territory she could have been a great leader. But thanks to Lionblaze, that will never be a reality. Curse you Lionblaze!

21 Birchfall (Birchstar)

Me Whitewing YAY MATE!

Kind and noble. Great mentor. GO BIRCHFALL!

Kind and noble. Great mentor.

Birchfall was amazing. If I have to say something, he was a noble and courageous warrior. Putting his clan first was his idea and his only.

22 Thistleclaw (Thistlestar)

Not really leader material, but he's not some EVIL VILLAIN WHO ENJOYED THE PAIN AND SUFFERING OF OTHERS. He loved Snowfur and was devastated when she died. He did not "persuade Tigerstar to be evil", he was just trying to teach him how to be a tough warrior. Tigerstar was destined to be evil from the very beginning, as Bluestar's Prophecy (and Goosefeather) state. Perhaps if he had a different mentor, he would have been a bit weaker, but NOTHING could stop Tigerstar's rise to power. In the end, Thistleclaw was just an ambitious, battle-hungry (not bloodthirsty) cat who was willing to manipulate (Spottedleaf's Heart) and train among the Dark Forest to become leader instead of Bluestar. He feared that Bluestar would destroy ThunderClan, just like she feared that he would do. He's too battle-hungry and a bit too ambitious for being a leader, and he could go crazy for a few brief seconds. Still, Thistleclaw's not as terrible as he is portrayed.

Maybe if Bluefur left him and Snowfur alone, he would of thought she was okay and stayed good. He would of been a strong and brave leader. I wish he wasn't evil, he had so much potential.

No offense but he would have wanted to kill everyone besides he persuaded Tigerstar to be evil whom then persuaded Tiny/Scoure to be evil! So it was all Thaistleclaw it states in Bluestar's prophecy that he would destroy everyone if he became leader. ~Blizzardstar

He would be loyal

23 Lionheart (Lionstar)

Lionstar sounds good

Yas love you, so strong, so wise, loves everyone, cautious at the start, but who can say when you let a kittypet into the clan? I think Firestar should have stayed in his beautiful kittypet life. Firestar is so annoying. LIONSTAR! LIONSTAR! LIONSTAR!

I loved Lionheart from the second I cracked open Into the Wild!

I love lionheart! So brave, noble, handsome. I have a crush on him. He would have made an excellent leader.

24 Brightheart (Brightstar)


Brightheart is just what a Clan needs. Also, her face shows people that you don't need to be pretty to have a beautiful heart. And she's not like Leafpool, who is just depressed. She has a good life and stays positive despite her disabilities.

If she was never attacked by dogs and scared for life she would be a great Leader even if Swiftpaw would be great.. Why is Tigerstar so mean..

She should be at the top of the list. Brave, loyal, and knows how to deal with loss.

25 Reedfeather (Reedstar)

No no no he was selfish and cruel, tearing kits away from their mother for the sake of more warriors - Blossomfrost

No. He broke the warrior code.

The windfall cat

No. Reedfeather from Crookedstar's Promise? From that, a mother should be with her kits! And he would have war! Fallowtail must've been so sad!

26 Ravenpaw (Ravenstar) Ravenpaw (Ravenstar)

I love ravenstar


Honestly, no. I love ravenpaw so much, but he left because he didn't even want to be a warrior. Let alone a LEADER. - CloudyDaze

I was reluctant to leave ravenpaw behind he was brave wise kind loyal and had so much to give thunderclan even though he lived in the barn his heart was with thunderclan and helped them he will never forget firestar

Poor ravenpaw. He could have had a chance. :(

27 LongTail (Long Star) LongTail  (Long Star)

First he needs a walking stick

I hate this mans

I like Longtail and all, but he was blind.

There's this cat in my fan fiction named after Longtail named Longstar

28 Foxheart (Foxstar)

NO. Fox heart has the right name. Foxheart is a fox heart! U get it right?

Yes, she is a jerk to Yellowfang. Well, not even that, she really just liked to see Yellowfang jealous. But Ikind of wished she would have become leader, other than being kind of smug towards Yellowfang, there is really no reason to hate her. She never broke the code, and she died defending her clan, she would have been a magnificent leader if you ask me. - BlueberryCatfish

Hey come on guys, she was even rude to yellowfang when she was deputy! I mean she was like bullying yellowfang as a deputy okay? That is not mature stuff that a deputy would do, and honestly, even yellowfang is more of leader (or deputy) material than her!

First off, someone here posted that they think Foxheart would've made a great leader JUST because of her name. She was named for her fur, not her personality. Next, she insulted and teased Yellowfang as a kit. Bullying is not leader material if you ask me.

29 Sandstorm (Sandstar)

Brave, strong, wise, fast, and awesome! - CloudyDaze

Sandstorm would be a great leader for Thunderclan Sandstorm is one of my favourite characters!

I love her -willowstep

She is Firestar's mate and is kind (most of the time) and would make a great leader. She is also kind and wise and fair. She is good at speaking in front of a large group of cats and if I were Starclan I would probably think she was a great choice for a deputy (if she were one.) I would defiantly grant her nine lives!

30 Mudclaw (Mudstar)

NO! I don't like Onestar but he tried to kill him! What sort of leader is that? Hed be a horrible leader!

Um... Totally not! Ok, ok fans of mudclaw! Where's deadfoot when we need him! He would be perfect for thunderclan alli's! He would listen to tallstar! - Creamheart

Uh...come on! He was totally evil, period! - Blossomfrost

Actually I'm glad mudclaw didn't become leader.
I mean if you've read Tallstar's revenge you'll see why

31 Rowanclaw (Rowanstar)

He was leader, but he gave up his position.

Umm have you read bramblestar's storm he IS leader

Mah name is will I'm a loner and I like rowanstar sounds spiffy

Isn't he already a leader?

32 Thornclaw (Thornstar)

Deputy: Should we double the patrols?
Thornstar: NO, WE NEED MORE PATROLS THAN THAT! 1! 11! 1! - RoseWeasley


I love Thornclaw! He just got his first pair of kits and they're so cute! Stempaw, Eaglepaw, Shellpaw and Plumpaw:3 Hope nothing happens to them...

He was a good mentor and warrior, and he is loyal to his clan.

33 Dappelstar

Why?! Making her leader because of her pelt? - Blossomfrost

I honestly think I'd be a better leader, all hail Robinstar (formerly Robinshadow) of MoonClan with Dawnwater as her loyal deputy. I'm not evil or anything it's just I'm part of my own prophecy which is: The Robin will fly and cast her shadow on all evil and banish it away. I will have wisdom more than any cat and I will fly. Screw Dapplestar.

Yes Dapplestar would be one sexy cat.

34 Sharpclaw (Sharpstar)

He should be higher on the list! Also, where is Squirrelflight? Sharpclaw would be a Leader way better than Leafstar. IDIOTIC DARKTAIL! Definitely leader material.

Yeah, I think he would have been the type of leader a newer clan like SkyClan needed, (I know SkyClan isn't new, but they were trying to find their footing in the lake territory.) He wouldn't have let his clan be pushes around by ShadowClan. - BlueberryCatfish

Definitely not the kindest or nicest leader, but definitely a great and strict leader, which is just what SkyClan needs to prosper. Leafstar has already commented numerous times how good a deputy Sharpclaw has been, and he'll make an even better leader.

He will someday become leader. I know it.

35 Dustpelt (Duststar)

He would make the best leader! I don't think he followed Tigerstar all of the way. Even though he was kind of a jerk to Firestar, he was torn when Redtail died! Redtail would have made one of the best leaders along with Dustpelt (Duststar) at his side. Best two leaders in the Warriors world EVER! - Coppertail of Morningclan

Dustpelt in awesome he should lead

He can't hold his tongue. A good warrior, but everyone would be pitched against ThunderClan if he let loose one of his remarks at a Gathering - Blossomfrost

He was loyal to his Clan for sure, and he was a good warrior. He still listened to orders, even if he struck back sometimes. He deserves it.

36 Stormfur (Stormstar)

You mean teller of the pointed stoRMS?

He is nice (most of the time) and he would make a good leader

Respect to all those supporters out there, but being nice doesn't make someone a leader - Blossomfrost

He tries to help others.

37 Midnight (Midnightstar)

Who says badgers can't rule? She helped all four clans after all - Jihaek1109

That would be SO cool. But I think she would be better as a mediator or Medicine? Cat? - BlueberryCatfish

I always suggest to my friends when we're RPing we should have a fox as a leader, but I like the idea of a badger as a leader much more, espeisialy Midnight

The badger that I love should be leader, and Midnight is smart and is no threat to the clans. Midnight is one of my favorite animals in the warrior cat books. Midnight will be a great leader, but of what clan? A badger for a leader would be awesome to control a clan of cats! Who would think of that? Me. Please vote Midnight to be the next leader of the clans.


38 Snowstar

Snowfur, girls. They're talking about Snowfur. - TheRedstoneWiz

Who the heck are you talking about - tigerstar908

Just who is Snowstar? Snowkit? Snowfur? Snowbird? - Blossomfrost

Lol, if this was Snowkit, who knows? Snowkit, the deaf one, could have been an amazing cat if he had lived. They might also mean Snowfur, though... - Talljake

39 Scourge Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series . He's the leader of BloodClan . He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin . One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth .

The Clans would literally die. - SnowyOwl

Scourge WAS leader of Bloodclan..

I honestly don't know why but every time I think of scourge I always think of scourgestar its weird...

If Scourge succeeded, then that would be the end of the books. The clans gone, dead. You guys should get this through your skull.

40 Spottedleaf (Spottedstar)

I would like to pick her, Silverstream, or ashfoot - Berrystream

She was sweet and nobel. She could hunt and fight quite well even though she was a medicine cat. I have always loved spottedleaf and I was very sad when she was murdered by clawface. Please vote for spottedleaf!

I totally love Spottedleaf so sweet and kind and beautiful and okay I should probably just get to the point she was firestar's first love! ! You rock spottedleaf

Is anyone forgetting that she was a medicine cat? She had no chance of becoming leader but I still LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE her! YOUR #1 SPOTTEDLEAF!

41 Badgerfang (Badgerstar) Badgerfang (Badgerstar) Badgerfang is a Warrior Cats character that appears in Yellowfang's secret. He was a fluffy black kit with a white stripe running down his face.

Badgerfang is so awesome! The minute he was born I felt such a connection to him. I wish he had a super addition. And that he didn't die! I miss you Badgerfang! I will keep your spirit alive!

He was a confident litle kit and would fight to his death if he had to. Which is exactly what he did he fought like a warrior. He deserves to be leader because of great bravery! I know its not that big fighting a few warriors but he was a three moon old kit. He did not complain once though. When he was dying he didn't care about anything else but hoping that Flintfang and Brokenstar were proud of him. He had one last thing and wanted to be a warrior before he said goodbye. So he went from Badgerpaw to Badgerfang! BADGERFANG! BADGERFANG! BADGERFANG! Since he never heard that from his clanmates

Yeah everyone who loves badger fang chant his name! BADGERFANG BADGERFANG BADGERFANG!

I can't determine whether a kit should be made leader or not - Blossomfrost

42 Ashfur (Ashstar)

The following is a dream I wished that happened. That the death of Ashfur hadn't happened. But, the rest of the story would have been different, so maybe his death was good? Sort of? I personally didn't like him, but didn't want him to die! Oh and, I love Squirrelflight, don't hate me.
* Ashfur sits in Thrushpelt's rejected but still support them class*
Thrushpelt: "Please take notes."
Ashfur: "She should suffer for breaking my heart!
Thrushpelt: "How do you think I felt? I loved Bluestar, then, she mated with Oakheart."
Ashfur: "What did you do for revenge? " *eyes gleam*
Thrushpelt: "Revenge? " *looks confused* "If you really love them, you should help them and support them, not look for revenge just because there was another cat that they loved who loved them back. I wish Bluestar and I had worked out, but she's happy. That was what I wanted, for her to be happy, if I couldn't, she needed to find the cat that did. She did."
Ashfur: "But REVENGE! ...more - Lightfang

It would be cool, not everyone likes him but I do I feel like it would be something to make him more popular

Ashfur would probs be like Yellowfang son Brokentail. Brokenstar. He tries to kill Hollyleaf, Firestar, I don't know who else, since Squirrelflight rejects hi:over Brambleclaw. U want revenge. U treat her like a kit. And you want revenge?!?!

If being friendzoned is all it takes to turn Ashfur: murderous, obsessive and traitorous, then he definitely shouldn't be Leader. He's too selfish and petty. Before he become villainous, Ashfur was never particularly good warrior, he was only avenge, if not less. He didn't do anything that everyone else did. He used guilt-ridding tactics on his close friend, by disrespecting using his mother's death. Also, allowed his personal issues to try and influence Clan politics, by accusing Leafpool of lying about Brambleclaw's deputyship, not because he generally concerned for his Clan's well being, but simply get back at a single clanmate. Not even caring if Brambleclaw was the best choose of deputy, as long as he had a connection to Squirrelflight, Ashfur would have a problem with it. - Mellowix

43 Moonkitti (Moonstar)

If she was leader:
Characters stop getting their names hated on
Warriors wiki would be better
Breezepelt wouldn't get anymore computer
The Gatherings would turn to comedy shows - RoseWeasley

Yes yes yes!

what - SilverstarofIceclan

Yas lol!

44 Sedgewhisker (Sedgestar)

What's so good about her? - Blossomfrost

Have you read the ultimate guide? Sedgestar already exist

Are you talking about Sagewhisker?

45 Pigeonpaw (Pigeonstar)

In cause you don't know who pigeon kit is she is deadfoots sister

From SkyClan

Awesome leader right
Moony cross

46 Silverstream (Silverstar)

Hmm, better a queen than a leader, but she's awesome! - Aquastar_of_DewClan

A tad too selfish to be leader...her heart was with Graystripe not the Clan - Blossomfrost

Her greatest fault was loving! Just like her father Crookedstar and her uncle Oakheart! - Hawkfrost

She was so loyal to Graystripe and shouldn't have died giving birth to her kits. GO SILVERSTAR!

Awesome why did you die silverstream

47 Cinderpelt (Cinderstar) Cinderpelt (Cinderstar) A medicine cat from the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter. She heals other cats in her Clan, ThunderClan, and is reincarnated into Cinderheart. She started out as a Warrior apprentice, but was forced to train to be a Medicine Cat instead after getting her leg inijured by a car.

First off, one person posted that it was Tigerstar's fault that Cinderpelt got her injury. But, that isn't proven. Fireheart only guessed that that was what happened. Next, Cinderpelt would be a nice leader, of course.. But she isn't up for the task for a few reasons. She is a MEDICINE CAT, not a warrior! She couldn't become deputy even if she wanted to. Next, if she was leader and was on an invasion.. She would be as loud as a badger, how she limps! Again, she is kind and would be a great leader at heart.. But she isn't physically fit enough to take on the task.

I think that Cinderpelt should have become leader :) She would be a good leader because she always has good ideas and it takes a lot to bring her down and she took her accident on the thunderpath very well, she took it better that a full warrior would have :) She may not be able to fight but there's no harm in learning how to fight and then she might just have a chance. :) LOVE YOU CINDERPELT!

I think she would make a good leader, if she didn't have a broken leg, but I love this character.

Cinderpelt is amazing, no reasons needed.

48 Yellowfang (Yellowstar) Yellowfang (Yellowstar)

Oh my goodness! Yellow fang, in my opinion is, like, the coolest cat EVER! Her death was so sad and she watched her son grow to be a muderer and was forced to kill him to save her adopted clan. She had a life full of pain and sadness, plus, she laid down her life for old Pachpelt. How does he repay her? By dying moments after he was dragged out of the fire. Yellow fang, I want you to know that you'll always be number one for me

Leader qualities Yellowfang has:

1. Bravery
2. Loyalty
3. Kindness
4. Firmness
5. Honerability
6. Selflessness
7. Honesty
8. Determination
9. Independance
10. She's amazing!

Yellowfang may be a medicine cat, but she would be the best leader. A sense of humor, and courage. Her story is sad, a cat who feels pain, exiled by her OWN SON, called a traitor, all before she earned their trust. She deserved it the moment they met her. Yellowfang would be the best leader, other than Bluestar. She died way too soon. And the way she died was harsh. Smoke. And she risked her OWN LIFE for the future leader of ThunderClan, Bramblekit (Bramblestar). She deserves to be AT LEAST 1,2, or 3.

If she was still a warrior in Shadowclan, she would be a hell of a better leader then Brokenstar.

49 Swiftpaw Swiftpaw

I love Swiftpaw. He would make a perfect warrior, heck, he would be a perfect everything! He always made people and cats alike smile, and his death made my heart break. We will remember you, my little angel. always.

He broke the warrior code so he could be a warrior sooner. That's how he died. AND IT IS NO LEADERS FAULT! STOP ACCUSING!

Maybe, but if he was older.

It's neither bluestar's nor firestar's fault. indirectly it was bluestar's fault, but really it was his choice to go kill himself pretty much - Talljake

50 Millie Millie Millie is a character in the Warriors series. She's a small, short-furred light gray tabby with blue eyes and a torn ear. Also current mate of Graystripe and mother of Bumblestripe, Blossomfall and Briarlight.

What would her name be? Milliestar sounds stupid so would she just be Millie?

Her name would be Silverstar! - RoseWeasley

She doesn't keep rude comments to herself. Trying imagine being Brightheart, and Millie walking up to you, calling you ugly? Disgusting? Terrible? How would you feel?

Millie? NO! She only cared for one of her three kits, and stressed over her all the time. She would separate all the cats.

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