Top Ten Warrior Cats That Should Be Leaders

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1 Graystripe (Graystar)

Yes! Graystripe is my favorite character and is definitely underrated. And he is everything a leader should be. He is brave, loyal (Remember Bluestar and Oakheart), kind, and more?

I love Graystripe! I think he is the best! I have every Warrior book and the first book I read (into the wild) I liked Graystripe from the start. I think without Graystripe, Firestar would have never been able to as much stuff as he did. Graystripe helped and he broke the Warrior Code only because he followed his heart to be with Silverstream. Anyway he would have made a great leader! He is funny, easygoing, and loving. I think he is also one of the bravest and strongest. Look what he went through to get back to his forest home and his beloved clan. Graystripe has earned his place as leader. Yeah Graystripe!

A noble friend to Firestar, the first cat from the forest Firestar ever met when he leaped out of his kittypet nest. They had their warrior vigil together, found out the truth about Redtail together, (including Ravenpaw) saved Windclan's tails together, met Silverstream together when Graystripe almost drowned, saw Bluestar's death together, went on missions together, and most of all, fought Bloodclan off, TOGETHER. No, this wasn't all Firestar, it was Graystripe too. Without Graystripe, Firestar could not have done half this stuff, and without Graystripe, Firestar would have probably been killed by Tigerstar. I even MISSED a couple of things they did together, but I'm to tired to list all of them, haha. Graystripe would have made a AMAZING, incredible, leader.

Graystripe, the first clan cat we ever met. He was Firestar's first friend, and Firestar's closest friend. He was deputy long before Brambleclaw was, and yet, somehow we ended up with Bramblestar. When Graystripe "came back from the dead", Brambleclaw remained the deputy, though if you think about it, Graystripe was technically still the deputy, since he never died or gave up his position. On the other hand, though, currently Graystripe is an elder. If he had become leader, for all we know, he may have lost his lives very fast because he was older and weaker. Then if you look at Bramblestar, he is young, strong, and everything that a leader should be. Do you think that Graystripe could really be leader? Maybe he should have been, and he has more than proven his loyalty to ThunderClan, but I feel that things are better with Bramblestar instead.

2 Whitestorm (Whitestar)

Whitestorm was a brave and loyal cat, and would give his life for ThunderClan without question. Why did he have to die? He was fierce and proud, strong and courageous. If he had become leader of ThunderClan, he would make ThunderClan so strong, they could take on the whole of ShadowClan at its strongest in their own camp! Whitestar would have apprentices train hard, and warriors defend the Clan with not only tooth and claw, but loyalty and bravery. Two words people... GO WHITESTORM!

There was almost no cat I ever respected more than Whitestorm. He was a conscientious apprentice, like Brackenpaw (fur), he was a great hunter and fighter, and he had a very good temperament. He was one of the noblest cats ever to exist. I can't compare anybody with anybody else, because I'd feel bad saying Whitestorm is superior to Firestar, Bluestar, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, etc. I'm saying that he was so wise, respected, calm, fair; he would have been a legendary leader. He wasn't jealous at all when many cats were made deputy instead of himself, and he died as he lived, battling to save the clans from the dreadful BloodClan. His last noble words chose Graystripe as ThunderClan's deputy, telling Firestar to trust his heart. He would have led nine lives out in peace, nobility, and respect for everything: the warrior code, other cats, their opinions, and wise judgment. When Whitestorm died, I cried like a kit wailing for its lost mother because I respected and admired him so much. He ...more

He was...
1. Loyal
2. Smart
3. Strong
4. Kind
So if you love Whitestorm and you wish he never died please vote for Whitestorm to be number one.

Whitestorm 100% has to be a deputy and the leader! I vote for him no matter what

3 Brackenfur (Brackenstar)

When Brambleclaw suggested Firestar appoint a deputy because Graystripe's been gone so long, Firestar's first idea was Brackenfur. I think he would make a GREAT leader because he is loyal, kind, smart, strong, and is just the perfect cat as a leader. All hail Brackenstar!

Brackenfur is brave, loyal, smart, kind, and an AWESOME CAT! BRACKENSTAR! BRACKENSTAR!

Why is the fourth on the list, and why is Graystripe number one? Graystripe would make a bad leader because you can't really trust him that well. He isn't straight on his priorities. And Whitestorm? Whitestorm, he would be a senior warrior, and a bit old. If he were still alive (I dunno if he is) then we would probably be an elder, and once an elder, forever an elder. And then Hollyleaf. If Hollyleaf were still alive, then she'd be a medicine cat, and in Clan law, once a medicine cat, forever a medicine cat. But Brackenpaw, Brackenpaw would make a fine leader! He has tested his knowledge of a warrior throughout the series. It is uncommon that he makes silly mistakes. He is a really good fighter, and from what I've seen, he can lead patrols well, so he's up for being leader for me!

Okay, so you have Brackenfur, the noble senior warrior, loyal and clever, saved Firestar's pelt once, always there for Firestar, then you have Brambleclaw, the ambitious inexperienced warrior whose loyalties are torn in two, always contradicting Firestar, and starting a quarrel with Firestar's daughter. Who do you chose as deputy? That's what I thought.

Gosh was I mad when Firestar chose Brambleclaw as deputy.

Dislike all you want. Your opinion is yours, and the same goes for me.

4 Hollyleaf (Hollystar) Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan. She cherished the warrior code as a kit and came back to her clan in a time of need to fight-- even though she was cast out for killing Ashfur.

It was such a shame she had to die. Bramblestar probably would have chosen her instantly to be deputy if she'd lived. She would have been such a good deputy, and in my opinion would have made the whole patrol system for ThunderClan a lot more efficient. And if she became leader she would have put her training plan into action, the one where you focus on hunting, then fighting, then miscellaneous things like patrolling and such. I know Cinderheart said it probably wasn't a good idea but I think it is. She would never have let her Clan down, and although I have nothing against Firestar she wouldn't let so many kittypets and such into the Clan. It's against the warrior code! I don't care if she wasn't one of the Three- she definitely had more power than normal Clan cats! R.I. P :'(

Hollyleaf is one of my favourite characters. When she came back she seemed so understanding and so mature. She was better than all of the Three (Four) combined. She understood what Ivypool was going through and helped her, she was more of a sister to Ivypool than Dovewing, that's for sure! She also helped out with border patrols, I agree with some other people that Bramblestar would have probably chosen Hollyleaf to become deputy. He chose Squirrelflight to say 'sorry,' what better way to say sorry than to choose Hollyleaf his fake daughter! It would not only be saying sorry to Squirrelflight, but also to Leafpool and Lionblaze, Jayfeather and Hollyleaf. Hollyleaf was one of my favourite characters and one she deserves her wish to come true, she wanted to be leader! If you have read the Power of the Three then you would know that Hollyleaf wanted to become powerful, not in an ambitious way, but to help her clanmates and to follow the Warrior Code, she tried to be a medicine-cat but ...more

I hate Holyleaf, to be honest. But she would make a good leader. She even wanted to be, but she thought all she-cats were only expected to be queens and have kits. She was loyal to her Clan. Although she ran away, it was mainly because after she had killed Ashfur and she pointed out to like, everyone, that Leafpool is her mother, she was loyal. She thought she would get exiled anyways, so instead of being escorted by cats she'd known forever, and for them to hate her, she escorted herself to save herself from that pain. Then she came back and helped the Clans. Like, fighting in the tunnels, and she showed them the tunnels before, whatever Clan it was, was able to attack. She helped prepare them for that battle.

Hollyleaf was really smart so if she were leader she would know what to do, she always stuck to the warrior code and in order to lead a noble clan the leader must stick to the warrior code, and she just really deserved it. Hollyleaf would have made the perfect leader. You are awesome Hollystar!

5 Lionblaze (Lionstar)

Lionblaze would lead his clan into battle he is way to arrogant and brave has NO leader qualities which is not a bad thing. He's better off staying a warrior for the sake of his clan. Sorry lionblaze lovers

Yes, he would have made for a good leader but can we think about it a bit more please? He is rash when it comes to decisions concerning those he cares about and, though it's a somewhat sweet thing to think about, it wouldn't do. Seriously, he doesn't think too much before he jumps into battle, or when doing anything actually. Remember that time he was like; Nope, I'm not going to retaliate while this cat attacks me so I can prove to my one true love Cinderheart that I want to be with her. Yes, cute and all but not a great quality. Second, he'd be OP as SHT! Awesome if you want a cliché leader who can't be killed and great if you're in ThunderClan but stupid for the other Clans and BORING to read. ThunderClan would win every battle he fought in, or almost every one at least.

the only reason I voted for LionBlaze is because I like the name LionStar other then that he would lead his clan in battle and woud make Thunderclan the new bloodclan.

For those that say Lionblaze is too "overpowered to be leader, he really isn't. He is NOT, invincible. Before he knew of the prophecy, he was injured, and he can choose to take injuries. My guess is that he is probably less resistant to other forces of nature, because nothing comes and goes without balance.

Enough of that rant, he's brave, loyal, fearless thoughtful, kind, caring, and other such traits. He really developed during the OOTS arc, taking more of a leadership role in things. His strength in battle means he will always fight alongside his clan.

6 Oakheart (Oakstar)

I'm only voting because I want a super-powered couple of Bluestar AND Oakstar

Oakheart would've been a great leader. He was a great mate to Bluestar and they should've been together. Also, he was really kind and supportive to Crookedstar, who was hated by their mother.

Oakheart would've been an amazing leader for Riverclan.

Oakheart would have mad a good leader, Bluestar choose a good mate and Oakheart had the makings of a warrior and a good personality. He would have made a good leader.

7 Stonefur (Stonestar)

Stonefur is awesome! He shouldn't have died! It was an unfair fight and Tigerstar just killed him because he was 'half clan' but the real reason was because Tigerstar needed an excuse to kill thw only brave, strong, and courageous cats. - XxRosefirexX

Stonefur would have been a perfect leader he was wise, courageous, and never deserved to die. 'You should have been leader Stonestar!

He shouldn’t have died. He is a very noble, wise, and loyal cat. GO STONESTAR

Every time I see Stonefur's name I want to cry so much he sacrificed so much and his death was so honorable and painful (another reason why I want to kill Blackstar). He protected was protecting his apprentice!

8 Dovewing (Dovestar)

Dovewing never loved Bumblestripe and didn't even try to show it! And Dovewing wasn't being overwhelmed if she just LEFT HER CLAN! It's like she didn't even care for Thunderclan! She didn't love Bumblestripe, loved Tigerheart, and chose to do forbidden love! Why don't just join Shadowclan, if you don't about your sister or your leader! Dovewing hasn't done anything special to get a powers! She should've died instead of Hollyleaf! Any cat could less annoying then her, EVEN BERRYNOSE! Dovewing is the most annoying cat ever. She doesn't deserve to be leader!

Dovewing should NOT be leader. first, she whines about her powers all of the time. second, she just dumps bumblestripe for some shadowclan cat and then runs off with tigerstar II without any warning and when her clan needed her most. then, she comes back and says, "Oh let's join Shadowclan!"
SHE DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE LEADER! dovewing LEFT thunderclan to go and make her mate tigerstar/heart worried SICK and go follow her to a stinky, messy twolegplace where they met some loners/rouges... THEN she and tiger both went BACK to thnderclan, and dovewing was hoping for just a warm WHAT DOVEWING YOU WANT EVERYTHING TO GO YOUR WAYYYY EHHHHHHH
then, she goes to shadowclan...and stays. that's not loyalty. the only loyalty was to her mate who lived in shadowclan, the rest of thunderclan just doesn't matter I guess :/

I think she would make a great leader! I don’t why every one hates her...
I was knew that everyone hated Dovewing before I read OOTS and I thought I would despise her. But when I read about her, I honestly couldn’t find anything wrong with her at all. Ivypool was the annoying one actually. But she grew on me so now I like both sisters. Dovewing a bit more though-
Everyone hates her because she “replaced Hollyleaf” well guess what. I hate Hollyleaf. She was a coward and a jerk. Also she was way to obsessed with the warrior code. This is my opinion please don’t hate. Also she did not play Bumblestripe. I’m not going to bother to explain it all, but if you want to here my opinion I made a post about it, so you can look on my profile. Anyway, I thought she was adorable, and in Dovewing’s Silence she was nothing but nice. I love her and I think she would make a fair and just leader. Please this is just my opinion, no need to lash out. But my vote goes to Dovestar!

9 Ivypool

Ivypool should DEFINITELY be leader. she deserves it! she risked her life every night just to be in the dark forest!

I had a cat called Ivypool before omen of the Stars was released

She is great leader material period.


Ivypool is so the best cat ever she risked her life every night for her clan and supported her sister even through her jealousy and never told about her and tigerheart (the best couple ever)

Disagree with the tigerheart thing, Hawkfrost is better but the rest I totally agree with!

10 Crowfeather (Crowstar)

Despite how some people might see Crowfeather as a grumpy, difficult cat, I strongly believe he does not deserve that kind of stereotype.

Crowfeather, at his best, is a loyal, brave, considerate cat who would put his life on the line for those he cares about. After the journey, after he went through all the hardship regarding Feathertail's death, he still really contributed to his Clan, like when he took down that huge bird while hunting.

He also is a cat to take charge in controversial situations such as Onestar's leadership, where he stood up and spoke his opinion and supported not just his leader, but Brambleclaw. He also speaks his opinion very much and is not afraid to say what he feels, which could become useful as a leader in a way. He is a logical cat, in situations also.

Crowfeather has also faced a lot of adversity and hardship that gives him experience. His littermates had died, and Feathertail, the one cat who really knew him, just suddenly died, which ...more

Hopefully the next windclan leader, he's deputy now so that's good

Crowfeather is definitely the best choice for the next WindClan deputy. He's been through so much, and suffered more than most other cats. He's smart, brave, loyal and has had to sacrifice a lot for his Clan. He also went on the journey to the sun-drown-place and he's trained like three apprentices! He may not have the kindest outward personality, but he has a truly good heart. As deputy, it would be kind of like what Leafstar said about Sharpclaw - he's stubborn and would be a "challenging presence" at his leader's side, unafraid to speak his mind when he disagrees. As leader, he would be wise and thoughtful, though obviously stubborn, which can be a good trait! - Ghostface

I mean, even if I'm a Breezepelt lover, it would be kind of cool to see Crow become leader.I think Breezepelt and Crowfeather are the best father and son match! ☺

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11 Redtail (Redstar)

He should be number one because I like the name I HATE TIGERCLAW

I have to say he needs a chance, but now he is in star clan! CURSE YOU TIGERSTAR!

I don't even think tigerstar should go to starclan because otherwise redtail would be another of my favorite key characters. By the way my favorite cats are Graystripe and Bluestar.

He should never had died he was a loyal deputy and would have made an outstanding leader if that jerk Tigerstar would have killed him. I kind of wish Ravenpaw would have said something to Bluestar about this topic...

12 Ashfoot (Ashstar)

She would be WAY WAY WAY WAY better than onestar. - l9me

I completely agree! She was always one of my favorite minor roles (not a minor cat: just a minor role) when I was reading the books. She's Crowfeather's mother, isn't she? I love Crowfeather, and I feel so bad for him. :( I also like the idea of Brakenfur being ThunderClan leader.

She is so nice and kind. Ashfoot is also so pretty. She would make a wonderful leader!

Umm we are talking about wind clan ashFOOT, not thunder clan ashFUR. But I am kinda with you, squirrel flight did ruin everything. Still, I wouldn't trust him as leader.

13 Cloudtail (Cloudstar)

Well he doesn't believe in StarClan and he would definitely run his sharp tongue and get the Clan in trouble.

Cloudtail was loyal. He cared for brightheart that poor cat. Do you really think that it matters if he did not care about the warrior code of not. He will always be a strong cat that really could be a leader.

Cloudtail would've not only be great to the plot, but he was loyal and cared about his clan. After he got stolen by twolegs, he listened to everything Fireheart/Firestar said. Also, I would've loved to see Princess's reaction to this. He was also great when Fireheart/Firestar, Sandstorm and he encountered the riverclan warriors in forest of secrets. During the fire, he recommended that he buried one of the elders that died in the fire. I think that he should've also become a warrior earlier than he did. I also love this because of the line in Fire And Ice "Maybe someday he'll become the leader and earn 9 lives" Princess said this when she brought cloudtail out when he was just a kit. Maybe Erin Hunter will make another series and Cloudtail will become leader! I hope she does.

He would be great as leader and he could have his mate, brightheart, as deputy.

14 Feathertail (Featherstar)

Feathertail was such a great character would have been a wonderful leader.

She was so epic! She is: kind brave smart and over all EPIC! GO FEATHERSTAR!

This would've been interesting. She was a kind and understanding cat. I love Feathertail too, despite hating Crow X Feather. She would've lead her clan well. It makes me sad that she died. Although, she died for a prophecy from cats she didn't even know existed. She would sacrifice herself not just for her own clan, but for whatever clan needed her. Also, Featherstar sounds pretty cool.

Most amazing cat out of the Warriors series, not only is she pretty, she is smart and is willing to take risks for the well being of her clan! Featherstar all the way! - 26764

15 Mapleshade (Maplestar) Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail and mistakenly described as ginger-and-white.

I love Mapleshade and anyone who dare disagree Is a mouse brain

For those who think she's evil, if she was still in the CLan when she became leader she would actually turn out an amazing leader, with compassion and the lives' skills. Maplestar would change the history of Crookedstar as well so he didn't have to go through so much pain. This would change SO MUCH!

Best leader ever! She would help the forbidden code thing be fixed for her clan unless ( smiles happily ) she doesn't go with appledusk at all! Then she'd literally have a perfect life... But thistleclaw would still be evil. Darn! I feel bad about somehow EVERYONE in Thunderclan and Riverclan forgot a about her! Doesn't that seem weird to any of you peeps?

Mapleshade would be the best leader ever! So would Tawnypelt, Hollyleaf and Feathertail!

16 Cinderheart (Cinderstar)

She is just plain Awesome

Perfect. She is noble strong and can use herbs in a greencough crisis - l9me

No! Is she was leader... Poor lionblaze... She would'nt has his little tiny kits!

She deserves it after all that has happened to her. She'd be a GREAT leader, come on, don't deny it.

17 Jayfeather (Jaystar) Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds and walk into other cats dreams. He is blind.

Sure, he's a pretty epic cat and highly famed, but first off: HE IS A MEDICINE CAT. He refuses to become a warrior again, let alone become deputy! Plus, he's as blind as a bat! He would be absolutely useless in an invasion, and an easy target for even the youngest warrior. Not to be rude, but he is CRANKY, not wise, cranky. So, no. He would make a terrible leader.

Yes, yes, he's a very good cat with a big heart, However! He's a medicine cat, and cannot be a leader. Also he can't fight like a leader should be able to as a leader, what happens if a fight breaks out in the camp? Also he'd always need a cat with him to make sure he doesn't trip over something. He's a good cat and all, but definitely not leader material

Jayfeather is a MEDICINE CAT! He is BLIND and CAN NOT FIGHT. If he can't lead hunting patrols or lead his clan into battle he can't be a leader. Besides he is an AMAZING cat just how he is and can earn the respect of his clan mates by healing them and supporting them. - Moonblaze

Here r some reasons y Jayfeather should not be leader. (In backwards language.) S'eh a enicidem tac

18 Mudfur (Mudstar)

You're thinking about Mudclaw there

No no no mudfur should in't of been deputy in the first place

Seriously what can you see in him? He's a med cat people! - Blossomfrost

Mudfur is a medicine cat - Aquastar_of_DewClan

19 Tawnypelt (Tawnystar) Tawnypelt is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series Warrior Cats. She is a pale, mottled tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes. She is devoted, sassy, blunt and tough. She belongs in Shadowclan, and has recently stepped down of her position as Deputy to be a Warrior once again. more.

Tawnypelt proved herself too many times to ShadowClan. All hail Tawnystar!

Why is Tawnystar this low? We need more female leaders, and plus Tawnypelt is an amazing, strong character.

I know! I was totally thinking this. Tawnypelt has proved she is loyal to ShadowClan over and over, and she still wonders if people will doubt her. She's a hard worker, a strong fighter, a great mother, sister, and mate, and she's pretty nice too. She's cool, and can keep her head in dangerous situations, which I think would make her a great diplomat, being unlikely to attack other cats, and instead talk it out. And she forgave Rowanclaw even though he was rude to her before. Go Tawnystar!

I hate her she was too chicken to face a Clan who was still smarting from wounds her treacherous father inflicted and ran away instead of braving it out like Bramblestar

Well, how would you feel if everyone constantly compared you to a serial killer because of the smallest things? I agree that joining Tigerstar wasn't a good idea, but still.

20 Russetfur (Russetstar)

Russetfur should have become leader. From the first moment I met her as Red, I knew I would like her. Yes, deputy was the best position for her, but leader would be too!
Russetstar! Russetstar!

Russetfur deserved more than enough times her place as leader.

Russetfur should've definitely became leader, I love Russetfur a lot fsr and she was so loyal and ambitious, she deserves SO much to be leader, Lionblaze shouldn't have killed her for Starclan's sale!

Russetfur should have lived! She would have mae and awesome leader of Shadowclan! If only stupid Lionblaze hadn't killed her! She had lots of leader qualities. And no, I don't hate Lionblaze, he is one of my favorite characters, but, why did he have to kill Russetfur?!?

21 Lionheart (Lionstar)

I loved Lionheart from the second I cracked open Into the Wild!

I love lionheart! So brave, noble, handsome. I have a crush on him. He would have made an excellent leader.

I don't need to say why. I think we all know how great he is. I wish was leader. He would be almost as great as Bluestar.

I don't even know why they don't make him one before he dies

22 Birchfall (Birchstar)

Birchfall was amazing. If I have to say something, he was a noble and courageous warrior. Putting his clan first was his idea and his only.

Brought joy into Ferncloud and Dustpelt's lives after Larchkit and Hollykit died. Great mate to Whitewing and sired two great warriors, Ivypool and Dovewing. Strong, wise and kind, would make a great leader.

I agree with birchfall being leader but then I want graystripe to be leader too! I can't decide can you guys help me?

To be fair, Birchfall trained in the Dark Forest before, plus he never showed leader characteristics.

23 Brightheart (Brightstar)

She's a great cat honestly. She deserves the leadership after all she's been through

Yay Brightstar! I love you! Even your face! Poppystar of wetClan

Brightheart is just what a Clan needs. Also, her face shows people that you don't need to be pretty to have a beautiful heart. And she's not like Leafpool, who is just depressed. She has a good life and stays positive despite her disabilities.

If she was never attacked by dogs and scared for life she would be a great Leader even if Swiftpaw would be great.. Why is Tigerstar so mean..

24 Reedfeather (Reedstar)

No no no he was selfish and cruel, tearing kits away from their mother for the sake of more warriors - Blossomfrost

No. He broke the warrior code.

The windfall cat

No. Reedfeather from Crookedstar's Promise? From that, a mother should be with her kits! And he would have war! Fallowtail must've been so sad!

25 Sandstorm (Sandstar)

Sandstorm would be a great leader for Thunderclan Sandstorm is one of my favourite characters!

She is Firestar's mate and is kind (most of the time) and would make a great leader. She is also kind and wise and fair. She is good at speaking in front of a large group of cats and if I were Starclan I would probably think she was a great choice for a deputy (if she were one.) I would defiantly grant her nine lives!

She is the fastest cat in her clan! She is also fabulous hunter!

Love sandstorm so much and she should totally be a leader.

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