Graystripe (Graystar)


I absolutely love Graystripe! He was like one of the best characters in the series! I am really angry that Bramblestar got to become leader not Graystripe because 'Graystripe didn't know the new territory all that well.' Well come on Firestar, seriously, this is your best friend, BEST friend. I also think that Whitestorm should have been made leader because is was just such a good cat from the very start of the books (and so was Graystripe! ) and the very least you could do, Firestar, was make his death wish come true! Graystripe become leader! But, alas, no, I mean what were the Erins thinking! Graystripe listened to his heart and went with Silverstream (and Millie) because he loved them! He would listen to his heart and love his clan if he was leader! I vote Graystripe!

I think Graystripe should be leader because of his sweet personality and bravery. He has the guts to do anything and saved Fireheart when Leopardstar said to kill Fireheart or make Graystripe leave, he totally had Fireheart's back.

Ha, the only reason you even know who he is is because he's Firestar's friend. He does almost nothing on his own except getting kidnapped and finding a girlfriend as he escapes, oh yeah and before that he had an illegal girlfriend, then another girlfriend competed with that one after, and yeah. I don't think he'd make a good leader, he is a very minor character (Say what you want, the only thing you know about him is that he is the friend of the main character in the first arc of books), he'd be partial to RiverClan and BrambleStar is a MUCH better successor. -A Person

Okay I think Whitestorm should be here he is way better than Graystipe I mean way better he is not even on this list he is much better than any of these cats he should be 1 on a list called super amazing cats Whitestorm forever

I too think that Graystripe should have been leader, however in The Last Hope, you saw how old Graystripe was getting, and even tripping over brambles! If Graystripe was younger he would have been the right choice for leader but in the end Bramblestar made a fine leader.

In my opinion (only my opinion no need to get mad) grey stripe did deserve to be leader but. Brambleclaw was the better choice due to grey stripe being a bit obvious and that he's abit too old to be leader when firestar dies due to grey stripe being over 96 moons old and was mentioned to being old enough to be in the elders den at that point. Bramble claw on the other hand is a younger cat that could keep up with the rest of the clan and complete his duties as leader

I think that Graystripe should have been a leader. I haven't really made it far into the warriors series yet, I have only read up to the book Moonlight in the second series. Graystripe is one of the most noble, honorable and bravest cats in the forest :) He helped his best friend Fireheart/star with Tigerclaw and he was a great deputy to Firestar :) GO GRAYSTRIPE!

Graystripe deserved better. He always had a pretty good shot at becoming a leader, and it was by mistake that he was taken from that. He more than proves himself over the course of every book, and absolutely deserved a chance to be a leader, or at the very least be deputy again (because we all know THAT situation was absolute crap)

Somehow I just can't imagine him being leader. He doesn't have all the same leader qualities that are needed... He isn't curious and courageous and isn't leader material. Now all you lovers out there don't be like oh you suck and stuff because guess what? I'm actually-gasp- sharing my opinion! Now stop being haters and if you don't like MY OPINION, GET OVER IT!

Greystripe is the best and has been great friends with Fireheart from when he was rusty till he became leader and died. Even though he has a mate from a different clan HE IS STILL LOYAL! He fallowed his heart. I think that it doesn't mater what clan or where you came from but that if you follow your heart, only then are you living. Just think of Starflower and Clear Sky. Just because Starflower was One-eyes daughter that doesn't mean that Clear Sky can't like her. I think Greystripe deserves being a star more than Fireheart did.

Why did you have to get taken? Why? Why does Brambleclaw (who I take a fair disliking to) get to be in the place you should be in? What is Erin hunter's problem? Firestar knows that Brambleclaw could turn evil at any time (even if he killed Hawkfrost and resists his father) and destroy Thunderclan. GRAYSTRIPE SHOULD BE LEADER! - SpyroZap99

Graystripe would have made a fine leader. He shared Firestar's big heart and generosity. Graystripe is one of my favourite characters because of his open mind and his great sense of humour. He has all the qualities of a leader and would be a good one. The only thing against this is that he is too old, and does not stand much chance of being leader (in fact, not at all, for he is an elder! ) -Sunheart360

Noble, brave, and loyal, absolutely the perfect leader! Graystripe was a amazing character in the Warriors series, he should have totally been made leader! Graystripe should've been made leader, not Firestar. - Asuna_Yuuki

Could have been if not for monsters - l9me

Yeah! Should so be leader! Firestar should have made him deputy again when he got back. Stupid Brambleclaw.

Greystripe is so loyal and he'd do anything for firestar and his clan! He's my favorite deputy ever - mpile6171

Graystripe was a silly brave loyal powerful warrior (deputy). He did broke the rule many times though. But still I liked him the best since the first book I read. He is so AWESOME

I too think than Graystripe should have been the Clan leader of ThunderClan, but I also think he should not. In the Last Hope, you saw how old Graystripe was getting, and even tripping over brambles! In the end Bramblestar was the best choice and if Graystripe was younger than he was right to be leader. This is only my opinion, so don't judge me!

Brambleclaw should have never been leader! I really wanted there to be a Graystar. Even though that's not realistic, I think he earned it.

Graystripe totally deserves to be a leader. Getting taken away by humans (Two-legs) and finding his way back again? That is just awesome!

Graystar! By the way, am I the only one who hates Bramblestar? He chose squirrelflight as his deputy! It should've been Graystripe! Team Graystar!


I think graystripe should be leader if you think about it! He helps fireheart/star and he is brave, smart and a loyal friend! Go graystripe! Go! Vote for him!

This guy is the best leader (behind Firestar, duh) that I think is on the list. I don't really get Bramblestar. The story was so lame...

Graystripe was such an awesome cat! But despite being firestar's best friend, but I think Bramblestar was much more suited for leader.