Hollyleaf (Hollystar)

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Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan. She cherished the warrior code as a kit and came back to her clan in a time of need to fight-- even though she was cast out for killing Ashfur.


I LOVE Hollyleaf. I was so annoyed when the Erin's brought her back only so that she could fight in the Lost Hope and then die. I honestly was so, so sad when Ravenpaw didn't come out of nowhere to help fight, I also kind of wish Ravenpaw could have died along in some clan battle and die a true clan cat! She should have been made deputy! Many people say things like "she's my favourite character, even though she killed Ashfur and bla, bla, bla" well I think that doing all that is not a mistake, she is just so... strong! She survived through a lot! When she died Lionblaze and Jayfeather were just like, 'oh no! Firestar died! Let's forget about our sister who also died and whom we shared many memories with! ' I was so annoyed with them! She deserves to be leader! Jayfeather and Lionblaze just seemed to... reject her! They were so mean to her and I love Hollyleaf! I kind of wish she came back from the tunnels, faught, became deputy, became leader, and then somehow dies in the tunnels and ...more

She needed to be leader. She cherished the warrior code. Protected it like a kit. If any one messed with it, she came out with teeth and claws. Even if she was not one of the three, she tryec a medicine cat, a queen, and a warrior, but she was a leader. STUPID HAWKFROST! The warrior code was protected by her and that's whats needed in a leader. FAREWELL HOLLYLEAF! I HOPE YOU ENJOY STARCLAN! AND fOr that mange pelt hawkfrost, I HOPED YOU ENJOYED DIEING... AGAIN!

I agree with most of your that it's a pity that Hawkfrost killed her in the battle with the Dark Forest. She didn't deserve that death! She valued StarClan and the Warrior Code more than anyone, and followed it, unlike almost every cat in the canon. She would die to protect her Clan, loved ones, and the Code as well. She was loyal, forgiving, brave, and helpful till the end. She helped cats escape the tunnel and trained them to fight in there as well, not to mention she saved Ivypool from Hawkfrost. Plus, she was obviously going to be considered as deputy if she didn't die in The Last Hope.

Hollyleaf wouldn't be a good leader. She was way too loyal to the warrior code and she killed Ashfur (though he was a horrible cat) just because Ashfur threatened to kill Hollyleaf and her littermates to make Squirrelflight unhappy. Squirrelflight told him they weren't her kits and then Hollyleaf killed Ashfur even if he decided not to kill them cause they weren't Squirrelflight's kits.

She takes the Warrior Code seriously, yet has learned from the mistake of going overboard with it. Plus it would've been cool for her to be a clan leader after being the only one of her siblings not to have a special power.

I think Hollyleaf is an amazing cat. She is one of my faves. She stuck by the warrior code and had the most amazing ideas! People say she is a murdorous beast for killing Ashfur buy I so disagree. We love you Hollystar! R.I. P you amazing cat! You should never had died!

It would have been very interesting if Hollyleaf became leader. She was a very complicated cat, and since I haven't read all the books, I don't know much about her, but she was misunderstood, although she should have never killed Ashfur.

Hollyleaf definitely has leader qualities! She would have made a good leader! I wish the Erins came up with her power in time so she could have been part of the prophecy and not Dovewing ( who I hate lol) I was so sad when Hollyleaf sacrificed herself to save a warrior who hadn't been loyal to her clan and wasn't even close to Hollyleaf (Ivypool) I think that shows a lot about why Holly would have mad a good leader because it was very selfless of her to do that!

She deserves to be leader! She has all the qualities a leader needs.

Hollyleaf deserved to become the leader of ThunderClan. Her death was a tragic incident that only further proved what a great cat she was through her final sacrifice. Sure, she did have a bit of a crisis falling into the tunnels, but so what? She didn't deserve any of the tragic crap that was thrown at her, and she also should've been in the prophecy instead of Dovewhine. Overall, she was one of the greatest cats in the whole series and my personal favorite, and if she hadn't died I'm positive she would've had a fifty-fifty chance of becoming deputy instead of Squirrelflight.

She had to be alive, she is my second fave Warrior Cat and she is so damn cool, Hawkfrost ARE YOU NUTS? Poor Hollyleaf should have a chance, she is amazing and a really special cat, and if I was a cat... I would be Hollyleaf (second fave) or Mapleshade (My top fave)

Hollyleaf rules. '(

She would've been such a good leader. After her incident with the whole Ashfur mess-up, she understood that not everything is the warrior code. She was extremely loyal and even though they were not loyal to her. Best leader in my opinion. - ThatFangirl

Holly was my fave charrie until sunrise. Then I got mad at her. REALLY mad. So I spent the first four books of OotS letting my anger boil... Until she showed up in the forgotten warrior. And somehow I just let go of it all righ then. Holly didn't deserve any of the terrible things that happened to her, the only good thing that ever happened to her was Fallen Leaves, so she relly deserved to be leader. Also she'd be a good leader. Vote holly!

Hollyleaf should never ever be leader and I'm glad she didn't become a leader because she would have lead Thunderclan or whatever clan she leads to disaster. Shes arrogant and the only thing she deserves is death. She always thought about herself and no one else. For example when Lionblaze and Jeyfeather found out about the prophecy she flipped and wouldn't calm down for her life. If she became leader I would just stop reading warriors altogether. Now all you stuck up lovers out there with no opinion whatsoever use me as an example: I'm expressing my own opinion even though all you idiots see nothing but greatness in Hollyleaf. And if you don't like it then I have a suggestion that will help us all: GET OUT OF HERE

He logic and way of thinking (most) things through (i mean seriously, killing Ashfur so he wouldn't tell the secret then telling it yourself? ) would make her a good leader. And please don't hate Hollyleaf. We all make mistakes.

Hollyleaf was ambitious but not as much as tigerstar and wanted best for her clan. If she was to become leader she would try to stop cats from breaking the warrior code as much and not let anymore kitty pets join.

I really love Hollyleaf's dedication. She uses her power to protect the warrior code from Sol's paws, it let her have the reason of being a leader.

Hollyleaf definitely deserved to be leader, and she would have been a great one! She loved the warrior code, who cares if she broke it for her clan, by killing Ashfur? Or, if she was half clan. She would put her smart training plan into action, and wouldn't let cats get away with breaking the code. She always sticks to the code, she told the truth to all the clans, which was the right thing to do. she protected the code, and her brothers, and her clan, a leader needs that. R.I.P

She was so amazing I loved her she really deserved to be leader. her death was so unfair. hollystar would be the best! :3

Hollyleaf it the BEST! She was my favourite character in 'The Power of Three' AND 'Omen of the Stars'. I cried when she died the first time, let alone the next! SAD>>>

Hollyleaf was such an amazing cat. For all those people that said she was evil... GO DIE IN A FIERY PIT OF HELL ( jk jk suicide is a very serious matter). She clearly was not evil, she had to kill Ashfur in order to keep her secret. And by the way she felt awful after she put him out of his misery.

Also she deserves a metal just for killing Ashfur. I hate ashfur and always will. (*coughs* ScourgexAshfur for ever*coughs*) lets just think about what he did.

So he fell in love with squirrelflight, that's great. Squirrelflight never liked him though and had her eyes on Brambleclaw this whole time. They become mates. She dumps him (shocker). He goes crazy. He decides killing her kitts is the logical answer. *slow claps* so ya Hollyleaf deserves to be leader and always has. RIP HOLLYLEAF

Yay! Hollyleaf for the win! A highly efficient, organized leader that follows the warrior code? Who could say no to that?

She would have been deputy if it wasn't for stupid Hawkfrost.

I love that she stuck to the warrior code no matter what. This would make her an interesting leader, because some decisions need to break the warrior code. (Just look at Firestar) Her Clanmates might question the morality of her decisions, which would be very entertaining to read.

Love Hollyleaf! Such a good cat. Love your personality, too. It's so real and genuine!