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21 Mapleshade (Maplestar) Mapleshade (Maplestar)

Best leader ever! She would help the forbidden code thing be fixed for her clan unless ( smiles happily ) she doesn't go with appledusk at all! Then she'd literally have a perfect life... But thistleclaw would still be evil. Darn! I feel bad about somehow EVERYONE in Thunderclan and Riverclan forgot a about her! Doesn't that seem weird to any of you peeps? - Catsarah123

She would be the best leader ever and have both courage and strength in battle and kindness and compassion

If she put aside her anger she has potential to be a great leader - Moonblaze

Also considering she's one of the only female villians
Brokenstar, Tigerstar, Batear, Slash, One-Eye, etc
All male
Well except Bee from DotC but she wasn't as bad as Mapleshade. All Bee did was scratch Violet ( Violet Dawn )

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22 Tawnypelt (Tawnystar)

I know! I was totally thinking this. Tawnypelt has proved she is loyal to ShadowClan over and over, and she still wonders if people will doubt her. She's a hard worker, a strong fighter, a great mother, sister, and mate, and she's pretty nice too. She's cool, and can keep her head in dangerous situations, which I think would make her a great diplomat, being unlikely to attack other cats, and instead talk it out. And she forgave Rowanclaw even though he was rude to her before. Go Tawnystar!

I LOVE the idea of Tawnystar.

I love her how she is!

YES! She should be WAY higher on this list. I mean, Mudfur? Jayfeather? their MEDICINE CATS! Tawnypelt is extremely loyal, brave, bold, clever, fair, calm, fierce sometimes, a bit stubborn, and PLAIN awesome. She was a great sister to Brambleclaw/star, a wonderful mate to Rowanclaw/star, and a pretty good mother to Tigerheart, Dawnpelt, and Flametail. I love you Tawny, but HATE your kits. Anyways, she would do anything for her Clan and had to prove over and over that she was only loyal to ShadowClan. She was respectful of other cats and most of the time would talk things out before rushing into battle. She has youth (kinda) and leadership qualities, so she should DEFINITELY be leader. I was so upset when Rowanstar picked Crowfrost as deputy, Tawnypelt would make a far better one AND she's your mate. TAWNYSTAR! TAWNYSTAR!

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23 Reedfeather (Reedstar)

No. He broke the warrior code.

The windfall cat

No. Reedfeather from Crookedstar's Promise? From that, a mother should be with her kits! And he would have war! Fallowtail must've been so sad!

Are you talking about Reedwhisker of RiverClan or Reedfeather from WindClan?

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24 Brightheart (Brightstar)

Brightheart is just what a Clan needs. Also, her face shows people that you don't need to be pretty to have a beautiful heart. And she's not like Leafpool, who is just depressed. She has a good life and stays positive despite her disabilities.

If she was never attacked by dogs and scared for life she would be a great Leader even if Swiftpaw would be great.. Why is Tigerstar so mean..

She should be at the top of the list. Brave, loyal, and knows how to deal with loss.

I would think that she is not a good leader, she treated Jaypaw all different just because he's different?! No way I choosing her!

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25 Sandstorm (Sandstar)

She is Firestar's mate and is kind (most of the time) and would make a great leader. She is also kind and wise and fair. She is good at speaking in front of a large group of cats and if I were Starclan I would probably think she was a great choice for a deputy (if she were one.) I would defiantly grant her nine lives!

She is the fastest cat in her clan! She is also fabulous hunter!

Love sandstorm so much and she should totally be a leader.

She'd be a great leader. Even Firestar would ask her about decisions - HollyleafOfThunderClan

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26 Sharpclaw (Sharpstar)

Definitely not the kindest or nicest leader, but definitely a great and strict leader, which is just what SkyClan needs to prosper. Leafstar has already commented numerous times how good a deputy Sharpclaw has been, and he'll make an even better leader.

He will someday become leader. I know it.

Sharpclaw would be an awesome leader! He is a great warrior and he is strong, brave, loyal, intelligent, fierce, and would protect the Clan with his life. He also does what he thinks is right. I think after more moons he will understand the warrior code and could be a skillful awesome leader.
- Lightningstar

I don't really like how he treats Hawkwing, but it was sad when he died from Darktail and his rogues.

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27 Ravenpaw (Ravenstar)

I was reluctant to leave ravenpaw behind he was brave wise kind loyal and had so much to give thunderclan even though he lived in the barn his heart was with thunderclan and helped them he will never forget firestar

Poor ravenpaw. He could have had a chance. :(

I LOVE Ravenpaw and Ravenstar sounds so cute! Ravenstar would probably be the best leader. No offense too you, Firestar!

Nah. He's far too shy to be leader, and doesn't belong in a clan anyway. - Talljake

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28 Foxheart (Foxstar)

Hey come on guys, she was even rude to yellowfang when she was deputy! I mean she was like bullying yellowfang as a deputy okay? That is not mature stuff that a deputy would do, and honestly, even yellowfang is more of leader (or deputy) material than her!

First off, someone here posted that they think Foxheart would've made a great leader JUST because of her name. She was named for her fur, not her personality. Next, she insulted and teased Yellowfang as a kit. Bullying is not leader material if you ask me.

NO. Come on guys, she was an immature JERK to Yellowfang. - Mewbosses


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29 Reedwhisker (Reedstar)

He is deputy and grandchild of Bluestar. I think he stands a chance.

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30 Mudclaw (Mudstar)

NO! I don't like Onestar but he tried to kill him! What sort of leader is that? Hed be a horrible leader!

Um... Totally not! Ok, ok fans of mudclaw! Where's deadfoot when we need him! He would be perfect for thunderclan alli's! He would listen to tallstar! - Creamheart

Actually I'm glad mudclaw didn't become leader.
I mean if you've read Tallstar's revenge you'll see why

He was honestly cheated out of leadership at the last second. With Tallstar being sick, he would have been essentially leading Windclan through one of the most devestating events the clans have gone through. He did all the work, he did nothing wrong, but at the last moment it went to Onestar. It's no doubt that that was unfair, and I don't blame him for making Windclan's civil war over it.

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31 Rowanclaw (Rowanstar)

Umm have you read bramblestar's storm he IS leader

Mah name is will I'm a loner and I like rowanstar sounds spiffy

Isn't he already a leader?

He is leader...-.-

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32 Hareflight V 3 Comments
33 Stormfur (Stormstar)

He is nice (most of the time) and he would make a good leader

He tries to help others.


Awww, You got me stuck in one spot. 19me, :3.

*blushes and whips hair embarassed.*

OK here is the reasons, (after Stoneteller,) that STORMFUR :D should be the leader of TRIBE OF THE RUSHING WATER! :D.

1. Stormfur was very loyal, when he had it in him, for Riverclan, he had tried so! hard!, to ignore his love, for Brook, in, MOONRISE.

2. Stormfur was a pretty. Sweet. Cat. to everyone, and tried to be nice to Crowfeather, EVEN if his sis, Feathertail started hanging out with Crowfeather more than him, (ENCLUDEING some of the tribe, and clan, cats, that hated him.)

3. Stormfur, was strong, in the inside AND outside,

4. Stormstar would sounds cool, (LOL.)

By Hopestar,

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34 Dappelstar V 1 Comment
35 Spottedleaf (Spottedstar)

She was sweet and nobel. She could hunt and fight quite well even though she was a medicine cat. I have always loved spottedleaf and I was very sad when she was murdered by clawface. Please vote for spottedleaf!

I totally love Spottedleaf so sweet and kind and beautiful and okay I should probably just get to the point she was firestar's first love! ! You rock spottedleaf

Is anyone forgetting that she was a medicine cat? She had no chance of becoming leader but I still LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE her! YOUR #1 SPOTTEDLEAF!

I think she's best of a med. Cat. She would be to soft...

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36 Dustpelt (Duststar)

He was loyal to his Clan for sure, and he was a good warrior. He still listened to orders, even if he struck back sometimes. He deserves it.

Dustpelt is awesome I totally think he shoul've been leader

He was loyal and brave, even if him and Firestar had disagreements, he still followed his word. He's had a lot of pain, losing his mate, all, but two of his kits (Spiderleg and Birchfall, Icecloud and Foxleap died after the battle with Dark Forest :( ) I think he deserves this rank!


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37 Midnight (Midnightstar)

The badger that I love should be leader, and Midnight is smart and is no threat to the clans. Midnight is one of my favorite animals in the warrior cat books. Midnight will be a great leader, but of what clan? A badger for a leader would be awesome to control a clan of cats! Who would think of that? Me. Please vote Midnight to be the next leader of the clans.


Sweet! A badger for a leader. LOVE IT!

This would be like voting for an elephant for the next president...

weird. - tigerstar908

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38 Ashfur (Ashstar)

It is not Squirrelflight's fault! Ashfur brought his death upon himself. He did not let go of the past. Stop calling Squirrelflight names. I've been rejected and yeah, it sucks but did it change me? No! Ashfur needs to let go, there's plenty of fish in the sea.

Can everyone NOT mention squirrelflight breaking his heart and look at how kind brave loyal smart wise tactful determined devoted and how good a mentor he was he was a great warrior not would have go ashstar

Ashfur was a respected warrior. If only the cat he loved had returned the same affection. Though he was heartbroken, that didn't stop him from being a loyal warrior of ThunderClan. Though he wasn't on of Firestar's favorites, he still supported his Clan to the very end, though there were times he didn't agree with Brambleclaw, and challenged him sometimes and showed his mistrust because of Brambleclaw's father being Tigerstar, the murderous cat who had killed his mother Bridleface, he still treated him as his Clanmate equally and fairly. If only the cat he loved returned that same love and affection, perhaps he could lived a noble life and perhaps become deputy after Brambleclaw or even leader.

stop - Talljake

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39 Snowstar

Who the heck are you talking about - tigerstar908

Lol, if this was Snowkit, who knows? Snowkit, the deaf one, could have been an amazing cat if he had lived. They might also mean Snowfur, though... - Talljake

She would have been great Feathertail lover4571 🐱

There are a lot of cats with the prefix of 'Snow', which cat are you talking about? Snowfur? Snowkit?

40 Sedgewhisker (Sedgestar)

Have you read the ultimate guide? Sedgestar already exist

Are you talking about Sagewhisker?

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