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41 Silverstream (Silverstar)

She was so loyal to Graystripe and shouldn't have died giving birth to her kits. GO SILVERSTAR!

A tad too selfish to be leader...her heart was with Graystripe not the Clan - Blossomfrost

Awesome why did you die silverstream

I like how she is.

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42 Badgerfang (Badgerstar) Badgerfang (Badgerstar)

He was a confident litle kit and would fight to his death if he had to. Which is exactly what he did he fought like a warrior. He deserves to be leader because of great bravery! I know its not that big fighting a few warriors but he was a three moon old kit. He did not complain once though. When he was dying he didn't care about anything else but hoping that Flintfang and Brokenstar were proud of him. He had one last thing and wanted to be a warrior before he said goodbye. So he went from Badgerpaw to Badgerfang! BADGERFANG! BADGERFANG! BADGERFANG! Since he never heard that from his clanmates

He didn't deserve to die so young he had a good heart and was brave! That's what I look for in a leader

I can't determine whether a kit should be made leader or not - Blossomfrost

This kit is amazing. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE? Why not brokenkit when he was a kit? - SpyroZap99

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43 LongTail (Long Star)

I like Longtail and all, but he was blind.

There's this cat in my fan fiction named after Longtail named Longstar

No. He was too snoty - Blossomfrost

Love this cat right here
(He going to be my mate)

44 Pigeonpaw (Pigeonstar)

In cause you don't know who pigeon kit is she is deadfoots sister

Awesome leader right
Moony cross

45 Snowfur (Snowstar)

Snowfur so should have been leader she the best!

Snowfur would have been a good choice as deputy or leader. She was a smart, loving, loyal cat. She was a good mother, and she chased away those Shadowclan prey stealers.

No she's best as a queen - Blossomfrost

YES. she was loving and kind, would be a great leader!

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46 Heathertail (Heatherstar)

Who cares if there already was a Heatherstar? #Heathertail4prez!

Ha Ha! That's the name Heathertail did when she and lionblaze met up in the tunnels and made their own clan, Darkclan

Geez, I hate her! at first she was cool but then she betrayed lionblaze! she doesn't deserve to be leader! -Firestorm

She would have been great but she
Just didn't step up to be leader
Feathertail lover4571 🐱

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47 Mosskit (Mossstar) Mosskit (Mossstar)

I know we don't know how mosskit's personality is, and how mosskit would be in the future, but come on, it would be cool,

This is stupid. Just because you feel bad about a cat or the cat is nice, that doesn't mean they could be a good leader! In my opinion, when cats die, that's because their not meant to be alive anymore. To die that early, she could have became like Tigerstar

I know some of Mosskits personality! She is forgiving and a good fighter when she play fighter with her literates in thunderclap she would be a good leader of she lived

Really guys? She might actually be a great cat who died too young to really show her character traits. As with Snowkit. Both of them could have been amazing leaders had they survived. - Talljake

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48 Leafpool (Leafstar) Leafpool (Leafstar) Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

She would make a horrible leader! She's depressed all of the time, she's horrible at the skills that a warrior possesses like fighting, her personality doesn't seem to match being a leader, and I'm sure nobody would ever take her seriously because she was a medicine cat.

She ain't a med cat anymore. Why not?

SHE FELL IN LOVE WITH CROWFEATHER AND THEY HAD KITS! She broke both codes, and lied to all the clans, even her kits. It was her fault Ashfur died and her fault that Cinderpelt died.

I agree with most of you because she betrayed her clan by falling in love with Crowfeather and then they had kits!

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49 Cinderpelt (Cinderstar) Cinderpelt (Cinderstar) A medicine cat from the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter. She heals other cats in her Clan, ThunderClan, and is reincarnated into Cinderheart.

First off, one person posted that it was Tigerstar's fault that Cinderpelt got her injury. But, that isn't proven. Fireheart only guessed that that was what happened. Next, Cinderpelt would be a nice leader, of course.. But she isn't up for the task for a few reasons. She is a MEDICINE CAT, not a warrior! She couldn't become deputy even if she wanted to. Next, if she was leader and was on an invasion.. She would be as loud as a badger, how she limps! Again, she is kind and would be a great leader at heart.. But she isn't physically fit enough to take on the task.

I think that Cinderpelt should have become leader :) She would be a good leader because she always has good ideas and it takes a lot to bring her down and she took her accident on the thunderpath very well, she took it better that a full warrior would have :) She may not be able to fight but there's no harm in learning how to fight and then she might just have a chance. :) LOVE YOU CINDERPELT!

I think she would make a good leader, if she didn't have a broken leg, but I love this character.

She was a Medicane cat...

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50 Scourge Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series . He's the leader of BloodClan . He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin . One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth .

If Scourge succeeded, then that would be the end of the books. The clans gone, dead. You guys should get this through your skull.

Well he's already a leader but I love him! Stupid Firestar! I'm glad some people hate him as much as I do...

It might sound crazy, but Scourge is my 5th favorite warrior.

He IS the leader of BloodClan... if that counts - Talljake

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51 Flametail (Flamestar)

He wanted to break up the clans and be away from them.

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52 Silverflame (Silverstar)

Guys, no one cares about your characters being a leader, this cat doesn't exist. Pathetic.

Guys, no one cares about your fake facts and bad grammar, your warriors knowledge doesn't exist. Pathetic. - Talljake

No, she was Yellowfang's grandma in ShadowClan.

I like the name but I think that this cat is an OC instead of a canon cat. - RiverClanRocks

She would have been great but,she never stepped up to be leader.She would have Ben great
Feathertail lover4571 🐱

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53 Breezepelt (Breezestar)

Why on earth is that idiot on this list! I mean he would be a terrible leader the first thing he would do is attack Thunderclan! And he probably wouldn't earn his nine life's he attacked a medicene cat for crying out loud! BOO FOR BREEZEPELT! BOO FOR BREEZEPELT! BO!

@Below, you're grammar is horrible, everyone has their own opinion on this character. He was trying to do the right thing. How would you react if you're parents abused you?

I feel bad for him he grew up with crow feather hating him and his mother how who would you feel if you dad hates you and your mom did nothing but cry in the nursery!

No. Just no. - CinderpeltandCinderheart

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54 Yellowfang (Yellowstar)

Yellowfang may be a medicine cat, but she would be the best leader. A sense of humor, and courage. Her story is sad, a cat who feels pain, exiled by her OWN SON, called a traitor, all before she earned their trust. She deserved it the moment they met her. Yellowfang would be the best leader, other than Bluestar. She died way too soon. And the way she died was harsh. Smoke. And she risked her OWN LIFE for the future leader of ThunderClan, Bramblekit (Bramblestar). She deserves to be AT LEAST 1,2, or 3.

If she was still a warrior in Shadowclan, she would be a hell of a better leader then Brokenstar.

She would have been a great leader. She died to save a kit and elder. Yellowfang had a hard life, having to give up her one surviving kit and watching him grow up into a murderer, feeling every cat's pain. She really deserved it and would be the best leader of ShadowClan in history.

Uh great cat but wasn't she a Medicane cat?

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55 Whitetail (Whitestar)

I love Whitewing/Whitestar! She is SO SWEET.

I think Whitetail would be a great leader of WindClan. She showed great wisdom and courage on the journey to the beaver lodge, and seems like a good warrior. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Why is this below Millie, and right above Tigerstar (who is leader, anyway)? She showed great leadership and courage on the journey to the beaver lodge, and I think she would make an excellent leader. I wish Tallstar made her deputy instead of Onefart, then Whitetail (star) could make Ashfoot deputy. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Uhhh... this is abot whiteTAIL not whiteWING -Firestorm

56 Thornclaw (Thornstar)

He was a good mentor and warrior, and he is loyal to his clan.

Thornclaw is my favorite warrior!

Tigerstar Lover 101

Mr. Patrol Guy for leader! - Aspenfang




57 Deadfoot

I liked dead foot, but the thought of the name "dead star" is just... Eh - bluestar10

Lol that name would either mean, a super nova, a white dwarf star or a black hole! - Catsarah123

If Deadfoot became leader his name would mean a black hole... Deadstar... Never mind.

He would be a good leader though

Lol it would mean a white dwarf star actually look it up! Stars that die become white dwarf stars! But yea sometimes it would mean a super nova or a black whole so point one for you! ( I was watching a show about space recently now I want to learn about physics ) - Catsarah123

Deadstar ha

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58 Cherrytail (Cherrystar)

Cherrytail has the heart and should and ambition of a leader! She deserves to be a leader. But then again, I love Leafstar.

59 Sol (Solstar)

No. He is a Tigerstar in the making. He tried to hide Leafstar's kits JUST to achieve false respect. Face the facts, if he became a Clan leader, he would be doing just as Tigerstar had.

He isn't fit to be a leader. He'd probably try to destroy the clans and let all of his cats do the dirty work while he just lays there lazily doing nothing but stuffing himself with prey

Stupid Leafstar couldn't mentor him correctly. Otherwise, why not make him Clan leader?

No. Just no.

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60 Millie Millie

She doesn't keep rude comments to herself. Trying imagine being Brightheart, and Millie walking up to you, calling you ugly? Disgusting? Terrible? How would you feel?

Millie? NO! She only cared for one of her three kits, and stressed over her all the time. She would separate all the cats.

She helped Graystripe back to TC

Uh no. And she had kits.

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