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61 Swiftpaw

He broke the warrior code so he could be a warrior sooner. That's how he died. AND IT IS NO LEADERS FAULT! STOP ACCUSING!

Maybe, but if he was older.

It's neither bluestar's nor firestar's fault. indirectly it was bluestar's fault, but really it was his choice to go kill himself pretty much - Talljake


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62 Turtle Tail (Turtlestar) V 1 Comment
63 Willowstrike (Willowstar)

If she doesn't exist how is she a terrible leader? How would you know that dumbo?

Shes a terrible leader

Who is she?

64 Graypool (Graystar)

Greypool accepted ThunderClan cats in her territory however she was completely loyal to RiverClan so I think she would make a fabulous leader strong and brave but also with a warm heart!

65 Talon (Talonteller)

He is so epic. He laid the trail of blood to save the tribe of rushing water. He deserves to be known as an epic healer - 07463420462159

Talonteller is a weird name and I think he would have just been called Talon!

It would be Stone teller, though...

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66 Bumblestripe (Bumblestar)

He is so sweet and kind an other stuff (like nice). he DESERVED to be leader. (Also, he is epic).

The kind, sweet thing!
He should definitely be leader!

Smart and confident, calm and reserved. Always trying to help warriors, never thinking for himself. I can just see him standing on the high rock, gleaming down at his deputy Dovewing, gazing at his father Graystripe and looking at his mother's grave (sorry Millie I don't see u living long). Never really wanting to battle, seeking to talk things out instead. Go Bumblestar.

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67 Icecloud

She is so awesome she has been through so much, she is a great fighter a quick learner and very optimistic which would be a great skill for a leader I think she deserves it so go icestar!

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68 Briarlight

She is kind and caring. She never gave up hope when her legs were damaged.

I think she has the personality, because she never gives up and she works hard, but she is crippled. She only knows herbs and how to exercise.

She is crippled, and practically a medicine cat. How could be become leader in the first place?

Terrible leader.

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69 Applefur (Applestar)

Yeah but she only would have done it because Brokenstar would kill her if she didn't!

Applefur could have killed a windclan cat if it was not for ivypool so I don't think would be a good leader

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70 Brambleclaw (Bramblestar)

Brambleclaw is a leader after Firestar died in the last book. He is epic though.

First of all he became leader but Ashfur should have became deputy then leader instead of him!

-Brambleclaw hater 101

This is already cannon. - SpyroZap99

Um he does become leader - tigerstar908

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71 Ferncloud (Fernstar)

She would be a sweet, loyal leader, but she isn't the fierce warrior who would protect her clan at all cost kind of cat.

She would have been a kind leader, but I don't feel like she would be fierce enough when needed.

I love the name Fernstar.


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72 Rosetail (Rosestar)

Rosetail has been through so much (Blustars prophecy)
She lost so much including her life! She never even got to live long R.I. P Rosetail

73 Thornclaw (Thornstar)

He was a good mentor and warrior, and he is loyal to his clan.

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74 Shortwhisker/Hutch (Shortstar)

Um, NO. He is barely leader material. He's scared of the slightest sight of blood, and would be very useless in a war. I like him, but he could never be a leader.

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75 Kitstar (Kitcat)

Yes the best cat who should be leader!

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76 Olivenose (Olivestar) V 1 Comment
77 Harespring (Harestar)
78 Gorsemist (Gorsestar)
79 Littlecloud (Littlestar)

Definitely Littlecloud! He's such an awesome little cat and he is better than Thistlestar so ha.

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80 Flintfang

He would've been a great leader of Shadowclan he wouldn't have trained all those kits to early or kill those kits whose's death he blamed Yellowfang.

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