Top Ten Warrior Cats That Should Be Leaders


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101 Skykit (Skystar)

In case you don't know, Skykit was Whitewing's sister, but she died when she was one moon old of Green-cough.

It doesn't say that skykit is whitewing sister on The Warrior Cats Wiki

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102 Swiftbreeze (Swiftstar)

Swiftbreeze was amazing without her there would be no Redtail...

Is is true but you missed out that she was also very wise

Also there would be no spottedleaf

Strong, humble wise cat - PjTenz

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103 Amberpaw (Amberstar)

First appears in the book Bramblestars storm. The apprentice of Spiderleg and daughter of Brightheart and Cloudtail. She is a very energetic character and a born leader. Check out the amber paw warrior cats wiki to know more about her.

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104 Foxleap

How is he supposed to get nine lives if he doesn't believe in Starclan?

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105 Brokentail (Brokenstar)

He is a little evil but he helped the mighty tigerstar

He was leader, but he was a terrible one. He made apprentices and warriors too early and pushed them way too hard.

He did become a leader. Of ShadowClan and then the Dark Forest.
- Lightningstar

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106 Ashstar (Ashfur)

Would've been a radical leader.

Unlike, Most leaders, always followed patrols. Only got evil, when heartbroken or made fun of.

:( this guy is insane... Hopefully Starclan cured his insanity... UNLIKE WHAT THEY didn't CURE FOR MAPLESHADE!

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107 Blossomfall (Blossomstar)

She was abused emotionally by Millie, but was always a good warrior of the clan.

108 Swiftpaw (Swiftstar)

I love him favorite character would have made awesome warrior and mate for brightheart. (they are not related! )

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109 Hopkit (Hopstar)

I hate his warrior and apprentice name. - Catsarah123

His leader name sounds cute at least!

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110 Rainfur (Rainstar)
111 Mousefur (Mousestar)

If she was younger, yeah. She was loyal and brave, she might snap sometimes but she is a nice cat.

She was so kind! I'm just glad she lived that long

112 Graystar

I think Gray Wing makes a better deputy.

He was good one of the best leaders even better than windrunner! Who is Windstar...he led them through difficult times and he was really good but he was to hard on himself.
He is graywing from the orginal group that started the clans...there wouldn't be a windclan without him nether a thunderclan or any clan so thank him. Good choice for a great leader!

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113 Runningwind (Runningstar)
114 Honeystripe (Honeystar)
115 Tawnyspots V 1 Comment
116 Unicornheart
117 Dragonflame

Yeah right. Give us proof. Cats don't know what dragons are

He appeared in code of the clans - ShadowClanRocks

This is a real cat, dudes - ShadowClanRocks

Lol suure this cat was real.

don't even waste your time on this lol - Talljake

118 Duskmist
119 Mothclaw
120 Eaglescreech (Eaglestar)
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