Top Ten Warrior Cats That Should Be Leaders


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121 Oliveleaf
122 Jingo (Jingostar)
123 Hawkfrost (Hawkstar) Hawkfrost (Hawkstar)

Hawkfrost is evil he ain't a good cat ;(

If tigerstar was not evil hawkfrost wouldn't be

You call murdering innocent cats and just being plain evil wonderful? What kind of a person are you?! - RiverClanRocks

Tigerstar must have completely taken away his conscience but, I believe, if Tadpole was alive and Tigerstar backed off he would be a decent cat, ambitious, but decent

He was only being loyal to his father! He was scared of being rejected after losing his mother already

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124 Thistleclaw (Thistlestar)

Maybe if Bluefur left him and Snowfur alone, he would of thought she was okay and stayed good. He would of been a strong and brave leader. I wish he wasn't evil, he had so much potential.

No offense but he would have wanted to kill everyone besides he persuaded Tigerstar to be evil whom then persuaded Tiny/Scoure to be evil! So it was all Thaistleclaw it states in Bluestar's prophecy that he would destroy everyone if he became leader. ~Blizzardstar

Thistlekit was a cute kit. All he ever wanted as a kit was to became a apprentice and become a great warrior. He later devoloped feelings for Snowpaw (fur). When Snowfur died, he was so sad. If you read Crookedstar's promise, Crookedstar saw Thistleclaw training with Shredtail. My guess why Thistleclaw is acually there is:
He wanted everyone to be treated as fair as Snowfur so they all die
Or he wanted to be trained to be a better warrior so no other cats he liked ended up like Snowfur

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125 Squrellflight (Squirellstar)

It's spelled Squirrelflight. When she first appeared, I immediately thought "this cat would be a horrible leader". But she has really matured and grown. I think she would make a fierce, strong and brave leader.

I think she deserves to be a leader. Loyal brave strong and fierce. But she was sadly put to shame by Hollyleaf at a gathering. She only did any rong out of loyalty to her clan and sister. She still loved her sisters kits as if they were her own. CURSE YOU HOLLYLEAF!

I would of got graystripe because he is so nice and loyal, BUT! Squirrelflight is honest, silly, has a sense of humor... I love her! If I were her, I would mate graystripe! Anyway, she would make an awesome leader! Go squirrelflight/paw!

I hate squirrelflight I hate her - tigerstar908

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