Whitestorm (Whitestar)


What I have to say about this character was already spoken, so I'm just gonna say he was great and had all the traits that a warrior should have, loyal, strong, and brave. It would be no question as to if he would have given his life for his clan because he did. At the battle with Bloodclan. It is clear that he is trusted in the clan, so him being leader would cause no problems. He is simply a greater alternative than the other candidates, he definitely (but it could be argued) had more trust in the warrior code and Starclan than Fireheart, that is very helpful since in hard times the clan can be seen questioning Starclan, having as faithful as a leader as Whitestorm would be helpful.

"If wishes were prey, we'd eat like lions come leaf-bare. But we'd die of boredom! You know that's not what the life of the Clans is like. The warrior code guides us through the dark times, the cold and the hunger. And the good times seem all the sweeter for it. Have faith, Bluestar. We'll ...more

He's loyal, noble, respected, brave, intelligent, sympathetic and determined to the very end. He never showed any sing of jealousy when Fireheart (Firestar) was made deputy, if any thing, he showed his complete support to Bluestar's choice, and assisted him whenever needed. He would have made an excellent leader through loyalty, trust, and determination.

He's an amazing cat. Whitestorm is loyal, smart, strong, kind, wise, and amazing. He would organize the patrols well and helped Fireheart (when Firestar was a deputy) organize patrols. Whitestorm was killed by Bone and Bone deserved to get killed by APPRENTICES! His apprentice Brackenfur became a wonderful warrior and I believe it is because Whitestorm's qualities were for sure passsed on. Also, Whitestorm did not inherit his father's personality. Thistleclaw is evil and Whitestorm's father, so yeah. GO Whitestar!

If wishes were prey, we'd eat like lions come leaf bare. But we'd die of boredom! You know that's not what the life of the Clans is like. The warrior code guides us through the dark times, the cold and the hunger. And the good times seem all the sweeter for it. Have faith, Bluestar. We'll survive.
Whitestorm to Bluestar in Bluestar's Prophecy, page 513

He should definitely be leader! He's related to Bluestar, the best leader ever known! He also is brave smart, faithful, noble, all the good qualities a cat could ever have. I cried when he was killed by Bloodclan! There are few cats who survived as long as he did without getting killed. VOTE FOR WHITESTAR!

Whitestorm was loyal, brave, responsible, caring, thoughtful, sympathetic, noble, and is honoured in StarClan for his natural leadership qualities. As a brave, courageous deputy he served the Clan almost like a leader, keeping them in order and making sure all was well. No doubt he asked the opinions of other cats on what patrols they enjoyed, and tried his hardest to please the Clan. No-one but Whitestorm would've been trustworthy enough in that hard time (excluding Greystripe he probably would've been deputy but Whitestorm possessed more experience.) to be deputy, and you would've been an amazing leader, Whitestar.

Whitestorm would have been a great leader for ThunderClan. He was always strictly loyal to the code and was a very helpful cat to ThunderClan. I feel he died a little too young... The Darkest Hour says he should have retired to the elders' den by the time he died, but I THINK NOT! Brackenfur is almost TWICE his age and yet he's still a fine warrior. Whitestorm died at 66 moons and Brackenfur is 120. I have nothing against Brackenfur, though. I just think Whitestorm deserved more of a chance. He would have been a better choice for deputy than Fireheart. Whitestorm was very much more suited for the role of deputy, and did a much better job than Fireheart did when training apprentices. Whitestorm deserves to have led ThunderClan.

It really is a tie between Graystripe and Whitestorm but Whitestorm came out on top! He is pretty much the most loyal cat I have ever seen! He is patient, wise and strong! He would have made a great leader! WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE?

Whitestorm is in my list of top ten most epic warriors I cried so much when he died and I think he would be a great leader because he is strong, loyal, wise and helpful I also like him because he is Sorreltails father and Firestars first deputy.

I wish he never died. I hate Bone! He really should have stayed deputy for ThunderClan during the battle against the Dark Forest! Whitestar should've been leader! I'm obsessed with Whitestorm through and through!

No offense to Firestar lovers, but I always thought that Whitestorm should have been made deputy, after Tigerclaw had been driven out, instead of him. Yes, Firestar was a GREAT leader, but he was young, and not everyone in the Clan accepted him yet. I think that Bluestar should have chosen Whitestorm and then when she died, Whitestorm should have chosen Fireheart as his deputy.
Whitestorm was brave, loyal, kind, strong, not to mention respected by warriors from every Clan. I was SO sad when he died, but I was happy that he was a deputy. Though he deserved more, he earned everything he got.
He wouldn't have led the Clan into mindless battle like Thistleclaw or Tigerclaw, and but wouldn't cower in the face of danger. He was brave, and intelligent, but he wasn't rash and thought about the good of the Clan. But the thing that made me like him even more was that he was modest, and wasn't mad when Lionheart, Tigerclaw, and then Fireheart were deputies instead of him.

Whitestorm was a truly OUTSTANDING cat. From the time he was in the nursery with Snowfur, to the time he was at the battle with BloodClan, he was loyal, respected, strong, wise, and courageous. He was like Tigerstar, but 0.00000000000% evil. I think Whitestorm truly deserved to succeed Firestar! GO WHITESTAR! - ggSH4D0W_BL4Z3gg

Whitestorm was always nice to his clan mates mostly with Bluestar, Fireheart (Firestar), Graystripe, and others. Why did bone have to kill him... 8(

He would've been a good leader but that means either Firestar would die sooner than he did or Bramblestar couldn't become leader but that would make him really old

Whitestorm was loyal and brave. HE isn't NUMBER 1? He should have become leader! Firestar made an good choice. I will rip bone's lungs out and feed it to the crows! Good thing that Lionclan had Apprentices to take that stupid Bloodclan deputy! - Eweistl

I wish Whitestorm didn't die. He would have become a fantastic leader. He's courageous, wise and loyal which is everything needed to become a leader.

I agree wit the people that voted to choose Whitestorm. He had the makings of a good leader but was slaughtered in the Darkest Hour.

Pretty much everything everyone else said (well the good things anyways)

Whitestorm should have totally not died! I thank all the apprentices who revenged whitestorm's death by killing bone!

He should be leader because he is wise and has lived for a long time and has helped bluestar and firestar in the past.

I have always loved Whitestorm. whenever my friend tells me about what happens in a book, I always say, '
"What about Whitestorm? What happened to him? " my friend would always tell me something about him. Whitestorm really deserves to be a leader.

I love Graystripe but this one is just true. Whitestorm was so brave, loyal, mature, and overall fun and calm. - Zakattack2

I LOVE Whitestorm! Snowfur Died, leaving him motherless. Then his father, THEN HIM! I HATE YOU, SCOURGE!

I hate Bone...therefore, I love Whitestorm! Whitestorm would've led ThunderClan to moons of glory and peace within the forest. Whitestorm was loyal, wise and a great source of info and advice for Firestar. Honestly, Bone's death was damn hilarious!

The best ever! So smart. Helped Fireheart organiize everything when he was deputy! Whitestar it should be. Bone is evil and deserved to die because Bone killed Whitestorm! And Whitestorm mentored Sandstorm who is also my second favorite cat!

I loved Whitestorm. Perfect position to be a noble, strong leader. - SpyroZap99