Top Ten Warrior Cats That Should Become Leaders Soon

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1 Graystar

Totally Graystar all the way

I was so sad when Bramblestar became deputy over Graystripe who is amazing and saved Firestar’s life on multiple occasions and is way better than Bramblestar.

I always hated the fact that Bramblestar replaced Graystripe's position of deputy because frankly he deserved to keep it. I mean really! Graystripe, who saved Firestar's life multiple times and helped him prove Tigerstar killed Redtail, is suddenly demoted because of some message from Starclan! I don't think any other cat deserved to have remained deputy and then become leader more than Graystripe, as he also dealt with a lot of internal struggle watching his kits be raised in another clan and having Silverstream died. Graystripe would have been Graystar, too, only he had that position stolen by Bramblestar! In fact, this plot twist, combined with Squirrelflight's annoying relationship with Bramblestar, is the reason I utterly despise Firestar's successor.

i agree

2 Squirrelstar

Yup. She is the best warrior cat! It will be interesting to see how she behaves as leader! Who's with me?

She is the best

Turnns out, she becomes leader. - Swiftfrost


3 Hollystar

Hollyleaf has been through a lot, and if she survived the Dark Forest and Bramblestar died I would hope Squirrelstar would choose Hollyleaf. The only reason Lionblaze Jayfeather and Dovewing were praised more was because they had powers. Hollyleaf was as good as them without powers!

Hollyleaf! Not squirrelflight, Hollyleaf!


I could imagine Bramblestar choosing her, as he loved her like a daughter, and she was loyal, clever, and devoted to making her clan strong.

4 Dovestar

She is in Shadowclan

She would be the worst leader ever! Bramble already made Flying Squirrel the deputy, so why when he dies Flying Squirrel would make her deputy? I think someone like Bumblestripe, Brackenfur or Ambermoon should be deputy. They're at least humble and don't throw a temper-tantrum because their boyfriend "hates them"!

Definitely deserves to be in the front page. She has contributed a lot. - Sunadayh

She was awesome,

5 Lionstar

I think Lionstar would be a good idea. Yes, he was arrogant as an apprentice and a warrior, but after his relationship with Cinderheart, he changed. Also, In Bramblestar's storm, whenever Bramblestar needs to talk to Squirrelflight, She always asked Lionblaze to sort out the Patrols, Giving him a little experience of what it's like to be Deputy. Plus, The writers seem that to make the book interesting you have to be Firestar or Tigerstar's kin to be leader so..

I think Iionstar will be a good leader, he is a pretty beefy cat

In Darkest Night Lionblaze acted like a leader. I think he would make a good one

Lionblaze was the strongest warrior he may be a better leader than fire star and it surprised me that bramble star didn't choose lion blaze as his deputy

6 Whitestar

Guys no offense he'd never come leader as Bone killed him and he was too old anyways. To be honest I quite like Bone Just saayinn

I command you too

Whitestorm rules and sorry but I'm commanding u to vote for him

If he lived he would have been one of the best leaders he is wise and intelligent and has been through a lot in his lifetime such as his mom and dad died (snowfur and Thistleclaw)

7 Cloudstar

Ok ok if you heard about Cloudtail not believing in star clan and that’s only cats that believe in star clan can get their nine lives (I got it from the warrior page) and I really wanted him to be leader he was one of my favorite cars until Hawkfrost sooo I think he would be a purfect leader if he did believe in starclan and if he is not an elder in the newest book the lost stars

Cloudtail? Sweet baby back ribs, we are doomed.

Oh yeah he will be great

This list is getting ridiculous. Who would put a cat who doesn't believe in StarClan to receive nine lives? Besides that, though, he's okay. Just a large ego sometimes.

8 Cinderstar

Probably Cinderheart because Cinderpelt was a medicine cat and her leg didn't heal correctly.

Probably cinderheart because she's a warrior and cinderpelt is dead

Which one... Cinderpelt or Cinderheart?

If you mean Cinderpelt, no, she was hurt and a med cat.
Cinderheart, maybe. She was a good mother and mate, and a nice warrior. She helped out as a med cat, but was mostly a warrior.

9 Stonestar

Stonefur's death made me cry, draw a picture of his death and sorta hate Firestar! He died for those weaker than himself. (That was yellow fangs life to Firestar) he would have been a great leader

? Stonewhat? Stonefur? Hmm, better leader than Leopardstar ever was I suppose.

WAY BETTER! Leopardstar I think of as snobby, weak, and she doesn't even care about any cat! - Spottedtail

Stonefur... I don't know why but that sounds more amazing than Mistystar. Just to say this, though, sadly, most noble warriors become real defensive on everything when they become leader. I'm not sure why but Mistystar has definitely degraded.

10 Duststar

Fake news

Dustpelt would be a great leader in my opinion

He's okay.

But he’s dead.

The Contenders

11 Russetstar

I really loved Russet fur, even though she was a rogue called Red, I loved her temper and skills. She is an amazing cat, I really wanted to see her become leader, she would be so much better than any other leader in ShadowClan.

Yes! This is what I want in the warriors series. Powerful, decent leaders for shadowclan! I support RussetFur- Star all the way!

Russetfur was one of my favorite warriors and then she DIED?! I was so super excited for her to become leader! How dare the Erin Hunters?! I loved Russetfur!

She did not deserve to die!

12 IvyStar

I am ivy star in the game


I think ivypool would be the best because she is so pretty and show off in dovewings face for chosing dumb tigerheart.

I personally think Ivypool would make the best leader because she's dealt with so much. I really like how the Erins made her jealous of her sister because literally, Dovewing had it all, attention from Firestar, a place in the Three, special powers AND a special destiny and special part. I also like how she had to choose between evil or her sister, because I think that frankly, she didn't want either of them, but when the jealousy started to wear off, I think she started appreciating Dovewing more and she realised that Dovewing couldn't control or change her destiny. I also like Ivypool because I think her mistakes would make her stronger, like going into the Dark Forest would make her more understanding and more calm.

13 Scourgestar

Err, I don't think so. The Clans would be doomed.

Scourge should never become leader because he tried to kill firestar

You do realize he'd murder anyone who has the slightest bit of defiance toward him?

FireStar is his half-brother, and Scourge was encouraged by his siblings, Ruby and Socks, to be mean. They also were very mean and harsh to him, so it's all Ruby and Socks fault.

14 Bumblestar

I love Bumblestripe. The prefix Bumble is underused.

Sorry about that, but Bumblestripe is a kind, strong, nice cat. He loves very much and he is almost always calm in horrible situations! GO BUMBLESTAR

He would make an awesome leader, but I feel that he would always resent ShadowClan because Tigerstar (Tigerheart) stole the she-cat he loved

He is a awesome, loyal, sweet, and kind tom who is a fighter.

15 Sandstar

She is much better than Bramblestar and at first when Graystripe got taken she did all the deputy kind of things and she is a loyal, kind, skilled and is leader material.

Sandstorm would of been a way better deputy then Bramblestar but I have to admit Graystripe would be better

Huh. For some reason, I've never imagined the cat with the most amazing respect for those above her actually become the one who gets respect. I suppose she'd make a great leader, though, now that you think about it.

Sandstorm is awesome! Why wouldn't she be leader?!?!?!

16 Brackenstar

Brackenfur is the best! Screw Brambleclaw and honestly, Squirrelflight too. Squirtelflight should DEFINITELY make Brackenfur deputy once she becomes leader

He is my favorite warrior and he deserved leadership

Brackenfur would totally deserve to be ThunderClan Leader. First, Firestar was actually thinking of making him Deputy. Firestar also knows him well because he was sort of his mentor. Second, his mate, Sorreltail died so he has gone through loss, and I think this would make him a good leader. StarClan Welcome's you, Brackenstar!

I love Brackenfur so much! Brackenstar would be almost better than Firestar! He was loyal all his life (he hasn't died yet) and he is kind, calm, patient, fun, organized, and strong. I think he would make a wonderful leader. - Swiftdawn

17 Featherstar

She was so brave! I can't believe she risked her life for a tribe she didn't even know yet!

She would be such a courageous leader!

Feathertail is amazing, why can't we up this thing to the top ten?

Yeah she died but so what? She would have made a great leader.

She died with honor. She would deserve to be leader... DUH!

18 Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet named Rusty.

I love HIMM I wish he never died

Well obviously. He was already a leader and is eternally the most amazing cat who ever lived.

Duh he is the best leader of all time

Who doesn't like Firestar?!?!

19 Mudstar

I think mudclaw would have made a great leader, with his eagerness he would have been a perfect leader who would have made windclan a very powerful clan

One star is way better than Mudclaw! Booo Mudclaw!

20 Tawnystar

Tawnypelt is so strong, collected and calm. She does what she feels is best! Out with Tigerstar! Up with anarchy!

Tawnypelt deserves to be leader and Tigerstar(heart) isn't a good choice because he isn't that bright and is very emotional. I'm worried he will be like his dad

Tawnypelt is awesome as a warrior, she'd be EPIC as a leader!

She's a decent warrior. Just wondering, how would she act if she faced Bramblestar in battle? Or how would she react if cats accused ThunderClan for something if Bramblestar was leader? I know she'd do her best to make the right choices, but that'd tear her apart.

21 Sharpstar

Who's that!

This is sharpclaw from skyclan

Sure.. maybe. I guess he would make a decent leader.

22 Jaystar

He'd be more accepting toward cats with disabilities and treat them fairly, as he, himself, is blind. He'd also be funny to read about as leader.

I love Jayfeather! Even though he is blind he is still awesome! GO JAYSTAR!

LOLOLOL why Jayfeather I'm sorry but that would be hilarious to read about.

Jay feather is a med cat,so he can't become leader.Just saying.

23 Tigerstar (Tigerheart)

Congratulations, this one's canon now

LOL. Nice one. Wait, you weren't kidding?! This is a childish noob! Why the heck is he on here?

He truly does love, and it would be awesome if the kitty becomes leader and is struggling with his love 4 Dove

Well, Tigerheart's noble and strong and whatever. Reckon he's better than Rowanstar.

24 Stormstar (Stormfur)

It is top ten! thank you very much.

Geez... Why is this not at the Top 5? Stormfur was one of the best warriors in the forest. From the first few seconds he was introduced I could tell he was better than Brambleclaw, or rather, Bramblestar.

25 Crowstar

Crowfeather would make a great leader, and the erins hinted that he would become a leader soon. But they didn't necessarily say he's become leader of WindClan...

Come on! U can do it! - Spottedtail

26 Silverstar

Absolutely except for the fact that she betrayed her clan just for her love of Graystripe.


Silverstream! if you only stayed longer you wouldve been an exellent leader. you were caring inside and out. you were lovable and that's why graystripe loved you. you cared for the clan and you saved other cats from other clans. what a hero you are. youd be perfect in making decisions

27 Tawnypelt Tawnypelt is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series Warrior Cats. She is a pale, mottled tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes. She is devoted, sassy, blunt and tough. She belongs in Shadowclan, and has recently stepped down of her position as Deputy to be a Warrior once again. more.

She is kind, but can be feisty. That is two things that helps the clan trust her. The only problem is that she would make exceptions for thunderclan because of Bramblestar

Tawnypelt is easily one of my fave cats. I think she should be Tawnystar for at least a little bit because her brother was leader.

she cool

28 Spiderstar

Spiderleg is an amazing cat who would die in a heartbeat for his clan. I know he neglected his children, but his parents neglected him, and that will affect how a child acts in the future. Spiderleg may seem rude and hot headed, but he is an amazing cat and I will defend this title.

I think though Spiderleg may have been a decent warrior, he could start un unnessacary battles with that rude mouth.

29 Berrystar

He grew up fast and he would make an okay leader.

No! We are DOOMED! - Spottedtail

He actually might've if he wanted to continue the chain. Pinestar mentored Sunfall, Sunstar mentored Bluefur, Bluestar mentored Fireheart, Firestar mentored Brambleclaw, and Bramblestar mentored Berrynose. Unless Bramblestar got another apprentice...? Otherwise a broken chain or... or... BERRYSTAR?!


30 Reedstar
31 Lightningtail

He really should have been leader. Like really bad

If Lightning Tail hadn't been killed by dogs (Thunderstar's Echo), he would have become Lightningstar, as he was Thunderstar's deputy. LOL LIGHTNING should come after THUNDER. He probably would've appointed Owl Eyes as his deputy. When Lightning Tail died, Thunderstar made Owl Eyes deputy, and Owl Eyes became Owlstar (Secrets of the Clans). Lightning Tail would've made a strong, kind, and fair leader.

So go Lightningstar!

32 Tawnystar (Tawnyspots)
33 Thornstar

Firestar trusts him

He is brave and strong

34 Hawkstar (Hawkwing)

Thank you for thinking my style! Hawkwing is the best ever cat and your right Leafstar time is up and I will stop reading about Sky clan till Hawkingwing is leader! He is also so tough between him, his father, and Leafstar.

He is the BEST! And Leafstars time should be up honestly. Hawkwing is AWESOME and totally deserves to be leader.

35 Flamestar

I honestly don't get this post. Flametail was a medicine cat, and plus, he didn't even show his colors before they killed him. Frankly, we had no idea he'd even really existed before then.

He didn't deserve to die!

36 Snowstar

Snowfur wasn't bad. Just that she took a few things kind of personally in her warrior life. She'd be a decent leader, especially if she became as good as Bluestar.

I would like the deaf little cute kitty cat to be a leader.. Hey, snow star, shadow clan are attacking! Whitestorm> "S'all right" NO

37 Hawkstar

I don't want to know what would happen if Hawkfrost became HawkSTAR.

Hawkfrost only went bad because of Tigerstar. He would have been a great leader!

Hawkfrost was kind of nice as a warrior. So long as he doesn't become Mini Tigerstar, I'd be okay with him being RiverClan's leader.

38 Brightstar

I'd say Brightheart was a great warrior, but as a leader I think she would focus more on less important qualities.

She is strong and does not need to be perfect.She could have a great life of a leader and she would live longer! Okay I will say I'm a fan but she is an amazing cat.She is brave too go with swiftpaw, she did not let her friends down even if it was not smart!

GO Brightstar! - Spottedtail

39 Maplestar

No way. Ever. She would lead us to our deaths.

Mapleshade is so evil!

Maple shade rocks in my opinion she should have been leader. along with hollyleaf.

40 Briarstar
41 Hawkfrost

He's awesome

42 Sunstar
43 Ashstar

Ashstar:reason:he didn't deserve to be rejected but u might say he killed firestar

44 Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf
45 Ashfur
46 Hollyleaf Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan. She cherished the warrior code as a kit and came back to her clan in a time of need to fight-- even though she was cast out for killing Ashfur.
47 Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail and mistakenly described as ginger-and-white.
48 SpottedLeaf
49 Squirrel Flight

Squirrel Flight would make a good leader. It would help her become more serious about the clan, knowing that she was risking the lives of ThunderClan.

50 Blossomstar

She would be understanding, and not get too angry when a cat breaks the warrior code because she’s been there. She might be a little unfair to cats with disabilities, though.

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