Top Ten Warrior Cats That Should Become Leaders Soon

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1 Graystar

I always hated the fact that Bramblestar replaced Graystripe's position of deputy because frankly he deserved to keep it. I mean really! Graystripe, who saved Firestar's life multiple times and helped him prove Tigerstar killed Redtail, is suddenly demoted because of some message from Starclan! I don't think any other cat deserved to have remained deputy and then become leader more than Graystripe, as he also dealt with a lot of internal struggle watching his kits be raised in another clan and having Silverstream died. Graystripe would have been Graystar, too, only he had that position stolen by Bramblestar! In fact, this plot twist, combined with Squirrelflight's annoying relationship with Bramblestar, is the reason I utterly despise Firestar's successor.

Look at Gray stripe, thought and kind. He got rusty to the clan, and they showed so much friendship, firestar wouldn't let him go. He's tough enough to escape twolegs with just one cat. And he. Lost silver stream, feather tail, stir fur (who went back to the tribe) And anyway graystripe is more seniors and skilled. No offense, but once firestar knew bramble law was OK with meeting his father he should of made graystripe deputy. And bramble star was absolutely STUPID! He only made squirrel flight deputy because she was his mate. And firestar was way better and if graystripe came longer he wil
Still be deputy. Plus to vigil was FAKE, and bramble law didn't have any apprentices while graystripe had. And one last thing Whitestorm wanted graystripe to succeed his deputy place. And how could firestar not trust Whitestorm? Think about how much did together, eating noodles on the beach, to driving broke star out. Wow. Really bramble star? Really?

Graystripe is a really nice cat. He is loyal and he is brave and even though he took a mate from riverclan he still will protect his clan. Brambleclaw did not deserve to become deputy and Firestar should have waited for Graystripe to come back. Plus Brambleclaw was guided by Tigerstar. Graystripe would have been the ideal leader.

StarClan. Just. NO! Sooo many people think Graystripe deserves to be leader because they say he was "A great helpful friend to Firestar" and things like "He deserves it after being taken by twolegs! " But he wasn't very loyal to the code and he betrayed both of the clans he was in-he betrayed ThunderClan by just straight up LEAVING them and then betrayed RiverClan by, you guessed it, helping Fireheart. He was only made deputy because he became such good friend to Firestar, and their friendship was the only reason he was considered a main character. So, I state my opinion once again-JUST NO

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2 Squirrelstar

She's good as a deputy, I admit, but I believe she would want her own deputy to be more compassionate, kind, and calm. I feel as though Bumblestripe would make a good deputy for her?

It would be interesting to see Squirrelflight as a leader.

Ya Bramblestar made her deputy she deserves leadership - SandstormJr

She would make an awesome leader! I mean she is an amazing deputy, and hey, it might run in the family.

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3 Dovestar

She would be the worst leader ever! Bramble already made Flying Squirrel the deputy, so why when he dies Flying Squirrel would make her deputy? I think someone like Bumblestripe, Brackenfur or Ambermoon should be deputy. They're at least humble and don't throw a temper-tantrum because their boyfriend "hates them"!

Definitely deserves to be in the front page. She has contributed a lot. - Sunadayh

She was awesome,

Oh man who da Hall put this product here
Dovewing is a dumass - Aquastar_of_DewClan

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4 Hollystar

I could imagine Bramblestar choosing her, as he loved her like a daughter, and she was loyal, clever, and devoted to making her clan strong.

I'm almost torn I think squirrels travails be awesome GRAYSTRIPE is my favorite character but man she would be awesome

Hollyleaf would have been a loyal and devoted clan leader.

She should be chosen instead of squirrelflight! hollyleaf is better - BlazeHeart

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5 Lionstar

Indeed, if Lionblaze became leader then the only way he would die is from old age. But, it would be unfair as well to other clans. - AeropostaleWolf

I'd prefer for this to mean Lionheart

He could drown, or burned

Wait is this LionBLAZE or LionHEART but I would prefer it as Lionheart because he was deputy at the very start... but wait... then that means Fireheart probably would never become deputy/leader >:O

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6 Whitestar

He's loyal, intelligent, wise, strong, patient, and kind-hearted. He supported Firestar-at the time, Fireheart, when he was made deputy instead, and showed nothing but acceptance in Bluestar's choice and helped out with Fireheart's duties as deputy whenever needed or filled in for him while he was away; He would have made a excellent leader.

He was an amazing, wise, and strong warrior. He made a excellent deputy for the short time he was, and would have been a perfect leader.

Holy meowing damn. WHITESTORM, ONE OF MY FAVORITE CATS. WHY Is this not replacing Squirrelflight?

Whitestar. I don't remember who whitewing was Lololol

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7 Cloudstar

Cloudtail? Sweet baby back ribs, we are doomed.

Oh yeah he will be great

This list is getting ridiculous. Who would put a cat who doesn't believe in StarClan to receive nine lives? Besides that, though, he's okay. Just a large ego sometimes.

He can't be leader because he doesn't believe in StarClan, so he could not receive his 9 lives. - Spottedtail

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8 Cinderstar

Probably Cinderheart because Cinderpelt was a medicine cat and her leg didn't heal correctly.

Probably cinderheart because she's a warrior and cinderpelt is dead

Which one... Cinderpelt or Cinderheart?

I vote for Cinderheart because she is pretty much Cinderpelt. You would know that if you read all the books, like me. I'm a major Warriors Fan. My favorite cats are Dovewing, Lionblaze, Jayfeather, Cinderheart... Sorry to many to count.😉

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9 Stonestar

Stonefur's death made me cry, draw a picture of his death and sorta hate Firestar! He died for those weaker than himself. (That was yellow fangs life to Firestar) he would have been a great leader

? Stonewhat? Stonefur? Hmm, better leader than Leopardstar ever was I suppose.

WAY BETTER! Leopardstar I think of as snobby, weak, and she doesn't even care about any cat! - Spottedtail

Stonefur... I don't know why but that sounds more amazing than Mistystar. Just to say this, though, sadly, most noble warriors become real defensive on everything when they become leader. I'm not sure why but Mistystar has definitely degraded.

10 Russetstar

Russetfur was one of my favorite warriors and then she DIED?! I was so super excited for her to become leader! How dare the Erin Hunters?! I loved Russetfur!

She did not deserve to die!

She died in the great battle not because of Lionblaze!

Screw Lionblaze she would have become a better leader than mouse-brained Rowandoor.

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11 Duststar

Dustpelt would be a great leader in my opinion

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12 Scourgestar

Scourge should never become leader because he tried to kill firestar

You do realize he'd murder anyone who has the slightest bit of defiance toward him?

FireStar is his half-brother, and Scourge was encouraged by his siblings, Ruby and Socks, to be mean. They also were very mean and harsh to him, so it's all Ruby and Socks fault.

Actually, he DID become leader of BloodClan and we all know that

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13 Bumblestar

Sorry about that, but Bumblestripe is a kind, strong, nice cat. He loves very much and he is almost always calm in horrible situations! GO BUMBLESTAR

He is a awesome, loyal, sweet, and kind tom who is a fighter.

He is strong like his father Graystripe so I think he deserves to be leader.

I mean brackenfur.

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14 Sandstar

Huh. For some reason, I've never imagined the cat with the most amazing respect for those above her actually become the one who gets respect. I suppose she'd make a great leader, though, now that you think about it.

Sandstorm is awesome! Why wouldn't she be leader?!?!?!

She'd actually be a really good leader!

She is strong

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15 Featherstar

She was so brave! I can't believe she risked her life for a tribe she didn't even know yet!

She would be such a courageous leader!

Feathertail is amazing, why can't we up this thing to the top ten?

Yeah she died but so what? She would have made a great leader.

Go feather tail - Aquastar_of_DewClan

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16 IvyStar

I personally think Ivypool would make the best leader because she's dealt with so much. I really like how the Erins made her jealous of her sister because literally, Dovewing had it all, attention from Firestar, a place in the Three, special powers AND a special destiny and special part. I also like how she had to choose between evil or her sister, because I think that frankly, she didn't want either of them, but when the jealousy started to wear off, I think she started appreciating Dovewing more and she realised that Dovewing couldn't control or change her destiny. I also like Ivypool because I think her mistakes would make her stronger, like going into the Dark Forest would make her more understanding and more calm.

Ivypool is calm, fair, understanding NOT a Mary-sue! She's the best combination! - Catsarah123

I hope she becomes leader she would make a great leader and it would make the series juicer because she trained in the dark forest

Ivypool is much more cooler than Dovewing - Aquastar_of_DewClan

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17 Brackenstar

Brackenfur, my favorite warrior. Bracken fur is patient, calm and AWESOME

Brackenfur is my favorite warrior! He deserves to be leader!

He'll be so much better than Bramblestar!


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18 Mudstar

One star is way better than Mudclaw! Booo Mudclaw!

19 Sharpstar

Who's that!

This is sharpclaw from skyclan

Sure.. maybe. I guess he would make a decent leader.

20 Firestar Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet

Well obviously. He was already a leader and is eternally the most amazing cat who ever lived.

Duh he is the best leader of all time

Who doesn't like Firestar?!?!


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