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21 Tigerstar (Tigerheart)

LOL. Nice one. Wait, you weren't kidding?! This is a childish noob! Why the heck is he on here?

He truly does love, and it would be awesome if the kitty becomes leader and is struggling with his love 4 Dove

Congratulations, this one's canon now

He's great in Tigerheart's Shadow, except for Dovewing. What did he ever see in her...? And his kit, Shadowkit, can like " see into the shadows " or something. All I think is that ThunderClan and ShadowClan would have a LOT less attacks now that Bramblestar and Tigerstar are leaders. All because of Tawnypelt. Bramblestar is not going to kill his mother's son, and Tigerstar is not going to kill his own uncle. Unless it was like a Yellowfang & Brokenstar incident. I think he'd be a good leader, and he was also one of the few cats to step in and help Rowanstar when Darktail attacked him.

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22 Tawnypelt

She is kind, but can be feisty. That is two things that helps the clan trust her. The only problem is that she would make exceptions for thunderclan because of Bramblestar

Tawnypelt is easily one of my fave cats. I think she should be Tawnystar for at least a little bit because her brother was leader.

she cool

23 Jaystar

He'd be more accepting toward cats with disabilities and treat them fairly, as he, himself, is blind. He'd also be funny to read about as leader.

I love Jayfeather! Even though he is blind he is still awesome! GO JAYSTAR!

LOLOLOL why Jayfeather I'm sorry but that would be hilarious to read about.

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24 Berrystar

He grew up fast and he would make an okay leader.

No! We are DOOMED! - Spottedtail

He actually might've if he wanted to continue the chain. Pinestar mentored Sunfall, Sunstar mentored Bluefur, Bluestar mentored Fireheart, Firestar mentored Brambleclaw, and Bramblestar mentored Berrynose. Unless Bramblestar got another apprentice...? Otherwise a broken chain or... or... BERRYSTAR?!


25 Reedstar
26 Silverstar


Silverstream! if you only stayed longer you wouldve been an exellent leader. you were caring inside and out. you were lovable and that's why graystripe loved you. you cared for the clan and you saved other cats from other clans. what a hero you are. youd be perfect in making decisions

27 Flamestar

I honestly don't get this post. Flametail was a medicine cat, and plus, he didn't even show his colors before they killed him. Frankly, we had no idea he'd even really existed before then.

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28 Stormstar (Stormfur)

Geez... Why is this not at the Top 5? Stormfur was one of the best warriors in the forest. From the first few seconds he was introduced I could tell he was better than Brambleclaw, or rather, Bramblestar.

29 Snowstar

Snowfur wasn't bad. Just that she took a few things kind of personally in her warrior life. She'd be a decent leader, especially if she became as good as Bluestar.

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30 Tawnystar

Tawnypelt is awesome as a warrior, she'd be EPIC as a leader!

She's a decent warrior. Just wondering, how would she act if she faced Bramblestar in battle? Or how would she react if cats accused ThunderClan for something if Bramblestar was leader? I know she'd do her best to make the right choices, but that'd tear her apart.

She was born in Thunderclan though!

31 Hawkstar

Hawkfrost only went bad because of Tigerstar. He would have been a great leader!

I don't want to know what would happen if Hawkfrost became HawkSTAR.

Hawkfrost was kind of nice as a warrior. So long as he doesn't become Mini Tigerstar, I'd be okay with him being RiverClan's leader.

32 Brightstar

I'd say Brightheart was a great warrior, but as a leader I think she would focus more on less important qualities.

She is strong and does not need to be perfect.She could have a great life of a leader and she would live longer! Okay I will say I'm a fan but she is an amazing cat.She is brave too go with swiftpaw, she did not let her friends down even if it was not smart!

GO Brightstar! - Spottedtail

33 Spiderstar

Spiderleg is an amazing cat who would die in a heartbeat for his clan. I know he neglected his children, but his parents neglected him, and that will affect how a child acts in the future. Spiderleg may seem rude and hot headed, but he is an amazing cat and I will defend this title.

I think though Spiderleg may have been a decent warrior, he could start un unnessacary battles with that rude mouth.

34 Crowstar

Crowfeather would make a great leader, and the erins hinted that he would become a leader soon. But they didn't necessarily say he's become leader of WindClan...

Come on! U can do it! - Spottedtail

35 Maplestar

No way. Ever. She would lead us to our deaths.

Mapleshade is so evil!

Maple shade rocks in my opinion she should have been leader. along with hollyleaf.

36 Lightningtail

He really should have been leader. Like really bad

37 Tawnystar (Tawnyspots)
38 Briarstar
39 Thornstar V 1 Comment
40 Hawkfrost Hawkfrost

He's awesome

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