Top Ten Warrior Cats that Should Have Been Mates


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1 Firestar and Spottedleaf

No? just no? not the biggest fan of this pairing. - subscribe2pewdiepie

I know that Spottedleaf is an medicine cat, but I think Firetar didn't deserve Sandstorm at all! AND I HATE MAPLESHADE FOR KILLING SPOTTEDLEAF THE SECOND TIME!

Everyone that has read warriors should know that Spottedleaf loved Firestar right from the start. Firestar loved her too, but Spottedleaf was a medicine cat. If she wasn't, things might have been different. - Silverfur1175

Things would also be a LOT more interesting since medicine cats can't have mates but I can't help thinking FirexSand is the best ship. -Bluefang of DawnClan

2 Bluefur(star) and Thrushpelt

YAS - SilverstarofIceclan

To be honest the top Squirrelflight x Ashfur was bad because Ashfur was, like, ADDICTED. He tried to burn them- and Squirrelflight didn't have him do that. And Ashfur helped kill Firestar BEFORE SQUIRRELFLIGHT EVEN CHOSE BRAMBLECLAW 100%! Then, SandxDust, I don't mind. Then- SpottedxFire? That's a crack ship. They didn't talk to each other alive for a developed relationship. CINDERXFIRE IS BETTER THAN THAT. SandxFire is better because it was like a relationship irl- kids don't like the other gender, they change, and they become teens and date and stuff.

In Bluestar's Prophecy, a blind kid could tell that Thrushpelt was into Bluefur. It would be much easier for Bluefur to have mated Thrushpelt than Oakheart. - Silverfur1175

I would have wanted them to have two kits. One brown tabby she-kit with blue eyes named Heatherkit and one gray-brown tom-kit named Shrewkit. #BLUEFURTHRUSHPELT4EVER - Hawkfrost

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3 Sandstorm and Dustpelt

Sandstorm and Dustpelt were always good friends when Firestar came to the forest. They relied on each other to pick on Firepaw and they worked together a lot. - Silverfur1175

I'm laughing my butt of for some reason. I just it's so funny its like they were already mates as'paws

They should’ve been mates🤡

4 Squirrelflight and Ashfur

Hell no, Although Ashfur turned out as a genuinely cool guy to her at the beggining, even standing up to her while Brambleclaw treated her like trash in The New Prophecy, that's something I really appreciated for him. But if he was capable of doing that when she rejected him, there was obviously something wrong with him from the start. He does not deserve her at all. He's a crazy man that I can totally see why Squirrelfight rejected. - subscribe2pewdiepie

A lot of people like the ship Brambleclaw x Squirrelflight. Squirrelflight always thought of her and Ashfur as "just friends" but if they mated Ashfur would never have tried to kill four cats. - Silverfur1175

It doesn't matter, what matters is that he WOULD have killed four cats if he did get rejected. - subscribe2pewdiepie

Even though he acted too over protective most of the time, he would still be a loyal to the very end. Not only that, he saw something behind her vexing and mischievously attitude.

I don't really like Brambleclaw. That's not because of who his father was, it's 1: he rejected Squirrelflight for staying loyal to her sister and after that telling her and Ashfur exactly what to do since he could because he was a deputy. But Ashfur, he cared for Squirrelfight and didn't care what she had done until she broke his heart and he couldn't replace that. GO SQUIRRELFIGHT X ASHFUR! - Swiftdawn

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5 Crowfeather and Feathertail

To be honest, I don't really like the Crowfeather and Leafpool ship, I love the Crowfeater and Feathertail one, I mean think about it, Crowfeather asked Tallstar for his warrior name to be Crowfeather in honer of Feathertail!

People are always saying Crowfeather and Leafpool are 'the thing.' I don't get it. He wouldn't have loved Leafpool if Feathertail didn't die.

And according to Crowfeather's wiki page, he would most likely pick Feathertail over Leafpool.

Crowfeather would have been Feathertail's mate...if she hadn't died. So he decided he wanted to run away with the ThunderClan medicine cat. - Silverfur1175

6 Tigerstar and Leopardstar

Love both of them!

Leopardstar is tigerstar’s mom... you crazy?

7 Stormfur and Squirrelflight

I LOVE THIS! WHY HAS KNOW ONE VOTED. I love the idea of these two cats together. They both had a crush on each other on the journey in moonrise. Don't get me wrong I like brambe claw too. But I don't like their off and on relationship.

8 Daisy and Cloudtail

All I can say is poor Brightheart! - Silverfur1175

9 Mousefur and Longtail

They are the cuteness pair!

I'm not sure if they're already mates - Silverfur1175

10 Brackenfur and Sorreltail

I know that they're already mates but it's still fun to ship them. - Silverfur1175

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11 Tigerstar and Darkstripe

One of them has to be trangender.

12 Jayfeather and Half Moon

I love this one. Tell me if you do too

13 Ravenpaw and Barley
14 Bramblestar and Jessy

I think it might've been cool under the right circumstances.

They both matched each others fire and would have been better if Jessy had stayed rather than Squirrelflight since she had lied to Bramblestar(at the time, Brambleclaw) about Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather about being their kits, while Jessy completely told Bramblestar the truth about knowing the kittypets and where to find them and didn't keep any secrets from him. For the most part.

15 Brambleclaw(star) and Sorreltail
16 Mapleshade and Appledusk
17 Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw
18 Misty Foot and Ashfur

Cat pokeshipping

19 Tigerstar and Bluestar
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