Top 10 Best Warrior Cats Tribe Names That Should Exist


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1 Whispers of Fallen Shadows

Sounds like a black she-cat that has a silver muzzle and a silver tail

A black she cat with ash gray stripes. Her eyes are a pale green, and she has one white paw.

Can someone add Moon that shines through Mist?

<3 this name.

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2 Bird that Soars Above

I imagine a Large Ugly pale brown almost white she-cat with bulging white egg-shaped eye balls and large paws and claws that kill everything, bUt I like Sweat that Taste Goos better though I still like this name!

SO AWESOME I imagine her a a light gray tabby with green eyes

Very realistic,')

Light brown tabby with blue eyes. - Oliveleaf

3 Light that Shines Upon

Light that shines upon mountain, that seems like a good name to me

This is beeeUitiful! This tribe would be graceful,yet ready to jump In war at any second.

4 Bush that Bristles Like Fur

It sounds like this cat has EXTREMELY long fur and bristles A LOT which apparently makes him look like a bush :P

5 Trees that Grow Rapidly
6 Flowing River that Moves Quickly
7 Echo of Shattered Ice

Beautiful, mysterious and sensual at the same time. - CatMote

The name really pops I love it

Oh my Starclan I love this name! Echo of Shattered Ice has icy blue eyes, a white body, and patches of really dark brown. This name is AWESOME

I love this!
Along with Mist of Morning Streams
And Song of Evening Stars

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8 Hawk that Flies Everywhere

Glossy ruffled, red and dark brown, tom dark dark blue eyes

9 Mud that Sticks Like Sweat

Like mine, Sun That Makes People Sweat Until They Curse At You

For some reason, this is my favorite. I love it!

This one is funny - CinderpeltandCinderheart

Perfectly beutiful. I burst out laughing

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10 Butterfly that Lands Gently

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11 Jay that Sings at Dawn

Silver blue/grey silky tom with a fluffy coat and long fur. Son of Hawk that Flies Through Skies ( dark brown and red spotted tom ) and Snow that Falls from Sky ( white and grey silky she cat ) Father to Echo of Shattered Light ( grey and white she kit ) and Peak that Touches the Clouds ( brown and red dappled tom with white paws. Echo had 1 kit named Storm that Stirs the Skies ( white and pale grey tom kit ) Peak had 2 kits named Shadow that Night Follows ( black and red spotted she kit ) and Stone that Shades the Sun ( dark grey tom kit with one white splotch ) Jay that Sings at Dawn mated with Willow that Sways in Breeze ( pale grey and white she cat ) They had a second litter of River that Flows Quickly ( all white tom kit ) and Light that Shines on Mountain ( pretty white and grey spotted she kit ) River mated Bird that Soars Above ( Grey she cat with coral markings ) and had 1 kit Tree That Grows Rapidly ( white and grey tom kit with coral and brown markings ) Light mated with ...more

I love it! This sounds like it could be in the series! Silver gray tabby tom with blue eyes. Is mates with Feather that Floats on Water, the daughter of Echo of Shattered Ice and Storm that Comes Quickly. They have three kits, Kestrel that Flies in Storm, Willow that Sways in Breeze, and Flame that Burns in Darkness

O.O Reminds me of Jayfeather and Dawnpelt.. - WatchItBurn

A bit fat cat, with blue eyes and a bushy fat tail, is overfed and the owners put him in a tribe. Is stupid and eats and hogs everything, ate Belly that Sits Above, a tan fat she cat. X3

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12 Poop that Sits and Rots

Best name ever... if I ever have a child I'll call it this!...

This is a masterpiece, a work of art..

Guys have a sense of humor!

Yes... yes - CinderpeltandCinderheart

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13 Willow that Sways in the Breeze

LOVELY! - Spottedtail

I imagine a light brown she cat with oval shaped, green eyes. She is gentle and kind, she has two mates, Sap that drips Down Oak, who is now a rogue, and Fern that Rustles under Mouse. She doesn't have any kits, and is currently a prey hunter. She is respected, and 3 years old. What do you guys think? ---- Mousefur15

This name is so beautiful~~ you should be proud of yourself.

In my opinion this would be a pale grey (or silver) she-cat with pale green eyes and darker grey tabby stripes. She would live an average life and probably be a side character if she isn't a main.

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15 Snow that Falls from Sky

White she-cat with blue eyes is blind

I like it.

So beautiful. Like snow in winter that falls from the clouds up in the sky!
And for the last post I agree with the colors and eyes

16 A Willow that is as Quick as the Wind

It's name would be A. Really? "Hey A, come on a patrol to protect the prey hunters! A, come share this mouse with me! " That is a very silly name. Can you do better?

Can you be nicer! I bet that you would come with something nice and someone will hate it and you will get sad!

Her name is not a so stop trying to make it look bad you idiot!

Lol I agree with whoever posted the " A " thing

This is too long. Her name is A stupid-_-

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17 Star that Shines Brightest

The best one is Marysue that people create like this name.

18 Wings of a Brown Eagle

Long-furred dark brown she-cat with white underbelly and paws, very long tail, yellow eyes. She is a prey-hunter.
Personality : shy, sweet, kind, caring, quiet, short-tempered.

19 Storm that Stirs Clouds

Silver She Cat, her eyes are so icy blue that they look white. She was nearly killed by lightning as a kit and was nearly blind ed. s he was destined to be the leader of her tribe, so Starclan gave her two lives to use until she became leader. The side effects of the lightning made her icy blue eyes turn into a faint blue-white. She was mistreated because her eyes leave the reminder of the terrible storm that nearly killed the whole tribe. One tom didn't mistreat her, his name was Echo of Shattered Ice. They had three kits, the older two were killed by foxes, but the runt lived through the attack. Her name was Typhoon That Surges Through Clouds. Typhoon had her mother's white eyes and gray fur. She still gets mistreated like her mother, but not when they are watching. After her Parent's death, keeping her warm through a blizzard, she was mistreated everyday until she took over as leader. She met a cat named Rain That Brings Ripples. The average cat, not a super handsome cat (she fell ...more - SnowThunder

20 Mountain that Touches the Sky

So beautiful! I imagine a small, but muscular, independent and calming she cat. She has pale grey and white fur with darker grey spots. She has a stone cold gaze of almost grey eyes. Her mate is Cloud that Covers Sun and has 2 kits, Pine that Crashes in Forests and Drizzle that Ripples the Lake. Cloud is a grey tom with darker grey spots and brown spots. Pine is a white tom kit with brown spots and Drizzle is a pale grey she kit with near grey eyes.

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