Top 10 Best Warrior Cats Tribe Names That Should Exist


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21 Moon that Shines Bright
22 River with Fast Water V 2 Comments
23 Fat House Cat

People, that's mouse-brained.

They don't know what houses are, and they call them kittypets, not house cats. - CinderpeltandCinderheart

Hee! Hee!

What?! - IcetailofWishClan

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24 Rain that Ripples Water
25 Blossom that Brings Hope V 1 Comment
26 Flower that Blooms in Darkness

A Beautiful she cat with Pure Black fur with Pure White Splotches. She has green eyes and she may not look like it, but she has very evil plans. Toms fall to her, yet she doesn't care - SnowThunder

I really like this name, good job~

I picture this as a very dark grey (crow feathers colour) she cat with a white patch on her chest. She would have bright yellow eyes that glow (not literally glow but seem like, I don't know, brighter? ) in the darkness. She was mates with a cat called (*insert hawt tom name here*) but died in a flood whilst expecting his kits.

27 Leaf that Floats in Pool
28 Sky Where Eagles Soar

The SUPER DUPER HUNTER and he is super handsome to all she cats of his tribe yet he rejects them all, looking for the perfect one - SnowThunder

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29 Illuminati that is Epic V 1 Comment
30 Mountain that Touches the Sky
31 Rainbow that Brings Peace

A pretty silver she-cat with one green eye and one blue eye. She works with Cloud That Covers Sun to try to save the tribe, but is killed by him.

32 Cloud that Covers Sun

A gray tom with one green eye and one blue eye. He is given the power to control minds. He is given this power because he needs to bring peace between the tribe and the rouges, but he loses his mind and nearly destroys the tribe. He is killed by Nightblaze, daughter of Lionblaze.

33 Misty Breeze of Shadowing Mountains
34 Rain that Flows Downstream
35 Moon that Shines Like Silver
36 Water that Shines Bright
37 Starlight that Flows Thru the Clouds
38 Love that Surges Thru the River
39 Crash of Falling Pine V 2 Comments
40 Scar from Angry Eagle
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