Warrior Cats Who Should Be Clan Leader Instead of Dark Forest Cats

Some of the Dark Forest cats have courage and persistance, qualities required by a Clan Leader. Which of the Dark Forest cats should've become a Clan leader instead of a Dark Forest cat? Vote your opinion!

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1 Mapleshade Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail and mistakenly described as ginger-and-white. She has her own novella and is a villain in the series after she is exiled from ThunderClan, after which she watched her kits die and was abandoned ...read more.

Mapleshade is great

She is awesome

Yes, but only before she killed Ravenwing and joined the dark forest. She also killed a queen and manipulated Crookedstar, then told him his family's deaths were his fault. - RoseWeasley

How come everyone favour Mapleshade she made Crookedkit go through looking at all of his family and clanmates die!, I will get revenge on you but now I have to sleep! I HATE YOU MAPLESHADE, FOREVER AND EVER

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2 Thistleclaw Thistleclaw

You want a pedophile to become Clan leader? - RisingMoon

Thistleclaw is a really strong and courageous cat. He loves bloodshed and battles, but he's also very loyal to his Clan. He taught Tigerstar. - Duskwhisper

Ooh I love him!

He only turned out bad because he was trained in the dark forest.
read cookedstars promise

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3 Hawkfrost Hawkfrost

Hawkfrost is harsh, and he wasn't afraid to kill Bramblestar when Bramblestar refused to kill Firestar. He is strong, and would therefore make an excellent leader. He can plan very well, too, we have evidence from when he was telling Tigerstar his plot of how he and Bramblestar could rule the Clans. This skill is essential for a leader because they'd need to plan a battle! - Duskwhisper

Hawk frost was like “Come with me to be evil or watch your leader die.” But then YAY. Brambleclaw killed him.

A terrible cat,

F for morals but A for effort and ingenuity

4 Brokenstar Brokenstar

He was literally born evil. They overthrew him as leader. This one should not be a leader. - RisingMoon

Look Yellowfang I’m a tree!

So adorable!

I hate Runningnose and his siblings. I think Lizardstripe is dumb

He is cute just cute

Ok. He had a bad life, we can't blame him. Teased by other kits, not knowing his mom, just think if we were like that.

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5 Tigerstar Tigerstar Tigerstar is a villain in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Son of Leopardfoot and Pinestar, former mate of Goldenflower and Sasha, and father of Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Mothwing, Hawkfrost, and Tadpole. This brown tabby cat almost causes the downfall of the clans. But is killed, firstly by Scourge, ...read more.

I love tigerstar. If he was not in the first series the other series would have been torn apart.

Best villain ever

Tigerstar is a leader of the Dark Forest which already gives him a boost at becoming a Clan leader. He's got ambition, and he learns fast. But he's a bit over ambitious which brings him down on the scale. - Duskwhisper

I don’t think that Tigerstar should have been leader because he betrayed his own clan (ThunderClan),drove out his apprentice from ThunderClan, and almost killed Bluestar, instead Cinderpaw got run over by a tractor.

6 Darkstripe Darkstripe

Darkstripe tried to give Sorreltail a deathberry, but he only did it out of loyalty to Tigerstar. This cat can be loyal if he wishes, and he's curious and inquisitive. In one part when he first enters the Dark Forest he finds Tigerstar and asks him questions. One question he asked was about StarClan, which showed that he still cared about StarClan even if only a little. Leaders need this type of personality! - Duskwhisper

7 Maggottail


What kind of queen names their kit Maggotkit? He was doomed to be evil from the start.

We don't see much of Maggottail, but in the Omen of The Stars series, he appears once when Ivypool tells Brokenstar that she wants to be a warrior. He thinks she has spoken well for a cat of her young age. Even though he has stinky breath, Maggottail gives praise (even though it isn't real praise) not as hesitantly as other Dark Forest cats. And how he just went up to Ivypool and mewed that shows that Maggottail is brave. A Clan leader needs tohave courage and give moderate praise. - Duskwhisper

8 Antpelt

Antpelt was a normal warrior before he, like Ivypool, got trained by Dark Forest cats. He put his loyalty with the dark forest, and he fought Ivypool to the death. This shows that Antpelt is actually a courageous cat. - Duskwhisper

9 Billystorm Billystorm

Why is he HERE!
i'm pretty sure he is not evil

What the - Aquastar_of_DewClan

10 Breezepelt Breezepelt

Yeah he put SO much effort and showed no signs of giving up...

To destroy all the sympathy I had for him. - RoseWeasley

Breezepelt was cruel and loyal only to Dark Forest cats. He was loyal, strongly loyal to the the Dark Forest until the battle. He fought hard for what he wanted and isn't easy to be swayed on his loyalty and courage. Leaders need to be strong and sure. - Duskwhisper

He is brave and strong, and can fight. He also would be nicer if Crowfeather and Nightcloud didn't hate each other so much, so he would not harm other clans, only Lionblaze, but I hate him anyway so whatever.

Look I feel super sorry for him and I really really like him he's like this super cute bad boy buuut I don't like cats that are obsessed with the dark forest.

The Newcomers

? Fuzzypelt
? Lilypool Lilypool

This is my OC. She is in ThunderClan and her mom dies because of a Fox when she is still a apprentice. That day her she gets her warrior name with her sister, Rose song
Later she becomes mates with a warrior called blaze fire. Then she tells him that she is expecting kits. One day blaze fire was still on patrol while she was in the nursery, sleeping as she was tired from the kits she was going to have soon and a giant badger came up to her mate and killed him. She has her kits and was sad

The Contenders

11 Shredtail

Shredtail is a tom of the Dark Forest who follows Tigerstar. He trains his apprentices hard, and he is also extremely loyal. There aren't too many supportive, positive points about him, but he's fierce and loyal like many other Dark Forest cats. - Duskwhisper

12 Silverstream Silverstream

She is one of my favorite warrior cats, but she is in Starclan, not the Dark Forest. - Berrystream

Silver stream is sooo cute ;-;

What if Graystripe and Silverstream were leaders and mates at the same time lol.

13 Blossomfall

I put blossomfall on the list - Berrystream

14 Graystripe Graystripe

Well, he's alive this list is sometimes fake.. - Warriorsforeverandkitties


He’s not in the Dark Forest stupid, he’s not even dead! - Camaro6

15 Berrynose
16 Dapplepelt
17 Feathertail Feathertail
18 Clawface Clawface
19 Redwillow
20 Berrytail

This is my made up cat, his mate died and kits also so he started killing lots of cats

21 Pansyfall

This is my made up cat.she was born in Streamclan with a brother named Aspenkit and a sister named Dewkit.Dewkit was everyone’s favourite and their parents neglected Aspenkit and Pansykit.when they were apprentices Dewpaw fell in love with the evil cat Hailfang.Hailfang murdered Aspenpaw because Dewpaw didn’t like him and blamed it on Pansypaw. Pansypaw is banished and she gives herself her own warrior name,Pansyfall.She ambushes Hailfang when he wanders away from the hunting patrol.As Hailfang dies, he tells Pansyfall that he will live on in Dewflower’s kits.Hailfang’s brother Lionfrost attacks Pansyfall and kills her.he tells her that StarClan will never welcome her.Pansyfall whispers weakly that at least they will welcome Aspenpaw.Pansyfall wakes up in the dark forest where she finds that Hailfang went to StarClan.She wails,StarClan how could you? - Blossomshade

22 Ivypool Ivypool

She was a good cat. She was only a little jealous. And Dovewing did go out of her way to show everyone she was all fancy and powerful and stuff.

23 Bloodclaw

This is my OC. She is strong and brave and bold. she never fears anything. Her brother Bearleap, always teased her of her small size.But she wanted to be a strong warrior and she susseeded! But she met a rogue called Thunderstorm who convinced her to attack Moonclan. Thunderstorm was a cat from Moonclan but got exiled for trying to kill the leader. So he said that if Patchslip killed the leader and some other cats, he will make her the leader of his rouge group. She did kill all of the cats Thunderstorm asked to. That's how she earned the name Bloodclaw. But she got killed by a cat from Moonclan.

24 Spottedleaf Spottedleaf
25 Rushtooth
26 Mistybird

Mistybird was a very strong she cat from OtterClan. But here sister Clearbee got murdered by her mate Shadowfang. By the way Clearbee joined a different clan, ThornClan. Shadowfang admitted that he never actually loved her and he hated Clearbee. Mistybird tried to tell the leader about Shodowfang, but he didn't believe her. So she killed Shadowfang in revenge. Her best friend Hollyflight saw this and told the leader.(because Shadowfang was her brother.) The leader Bumblestar banishes her. Mistybird finds out that her only kit in her litter Brightpaw dies because of a fox. She then kills Bumblestar because he had one life left. Then Hollyflight kills her. Mistybird finds herself in the dark forest. She doesn't like it there and hates herself for what she's done. Please let me know if you like my OC! - Yellowsong

27 Goldenflower Goldenflower
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