Warrior Cats Who Should Not Have Been Leaders

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21 Riverstar

I mean, he's not that bad, but he seemed more like a medicine cat type.

Oh come on people he never did anything wrong - Songwind

He had WAY too much catnip!

He is one of the kindest leaders but he does seem alittle medicine cat like

22 Bloodstar V 1 Comment
23 Ravenstar
24 Graystar V 1 Comment
25 Stoneteller

I mean she was so loosey goosey. She acted like a kittypet! I didn't like her as a leader and she was just blah. Stonesong should have been leader

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26 Blizzardstar

He was the leader of shadow clan and was in the warrior code thing. He was a really bad leader. Very inconsiderate.

27 DerpStar
28 Raggedstar
29 Rabbitstar
30 Cloudstar

He started out as a good leader but then it all went downhill after they lost territory. He ran AWAY from the clans. He could have stayed and fought, or look to Starclan for guidance. Either way, because of him, cats lost faith in starclan.

31 Gleamstar
32 Flamestar

Okay, Flametail doesn't become leader

33 Redstar

Part of the leadership group that booted out Skyclan. - Songwind

34 Squirrelstar

This is not fake. After Bramblestar's death. She was so annoying during "The New Prophecy.

This never happens, I'm confused - Songwind

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