Top Ten Warrior Cats Who Shouldn't Have Died


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21 Mist Kit V 1 Comment
22 Ferncloud

She was a wonderful mother to her kits and a kind mate to Dustpelt.She should have lived longer.

She was AMAZING! She had a lot of litters.She also has amazing qualities.

23 Swiftpaw

Why is Feathertail not on the list?

24 Hopekit

Why do all the terrible leaders have dead sisters!? Poor hope kit though...

Brokenstar's dead sister...

Ahh that's not a dumb name - kittymittens2014

Poor hopekit...:'(

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25 Turtle Tail

Turtle Tail was my favorite character! When she died I cried. She was so kind and loved Gray Wing so much. She died because of that stupid Tom. She died trying to save her kits! She didn't deserve to die!

I loved her! If I could bring any cat back to life it would be her! She sacrificed herself for her kits! Nothing is sweeter than that!

She was kind and pretty and funny and sweet and loving and sensitive and wonderful and she died trying to get her kits back!

Such a great cat...

V 3 Comments
26 Smokefur
27 Petalclaw
28 Gorseheart
29 Riverkit V 3 Comments
30 Streamfur
31 Flametail
32 Oceanheart

She fell into the ocean and drowned.

V 1 Comment
33 Lightpelt V 1 Comment
34 Lightpollution V 1 Comment
35 Forestkit V 1 Comment
36 Badgerfang Badgerfang V 1 Comment
37 Maplefall
38 Bright Stream

We didn't know her that long but she was nice

39 Redtail Redtail
40 Snowkit Snowkit

Why did the stupid hawk have to come and take the poor little deaf kitten who couldn't even hear when his clan mates calling for him inside?

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