Top Ten Warrior Cats That Would Make a Great Couple and Kits


The Top Ten

1 Cinderpelt and Firestar

Sorry FirexCinder fans but I don't really like this couple. Reasons why.

2 Ashfur and Whitewing

I can't see this blossom into a good relationship at all!

NO! I love Whitewing. She. Belongs. With. BIRCH FALL!

Whitewing would Ashfur make happy.

3 Thistleclaw and Bluestar

Good idea! Let's just put the cats who despise each other together! Problem solved!


4 Leapordstar and Tigerstar
5 Brambleclaw and Leafpool

Kinda fuuny to imagine this Pairing :D but I personally think that Leafpool would go more linke with some one like Rainwhisker.

6 Squirrelflight and Stormfur

Stormfur actually had a little crush on Squirrelflight when they were on the journey to the sun-drown-place, he realized that Brambleclaw was the one for her and backed off

I LOVE the idea of this couple! This would make sense because they are FIrestar's and Graystripe's kits and then there kin would be related! They would become brother-in-laws or something. I always loved how Stormfur had the same love for her as Brambleclaw, but he knew it wouldn't work out. SquirrelflightxStormfur!

While reading Moonrise I was so hoping that they would End up together and Brambleclaw with Sorreltail but no

WELL... Better than Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight. Bramblepig stinks!

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7 Firestar and Bluestar

I actually shipped this a while back.

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8 Graystripe and Sandstorm
9 Ravenpaw and Barley

Wait! This wouldn't make sense at all! Aren't they both boys? I'm confused.

Isn't Barley a boy? If he is they can't make kits

gay? ;-; - Astralium

ACTUALLY it said on some website that Ravenpaw, Barely, Tallstar, and What's-His-Name are actually gay. So HA! Legitamite ship!

10 Swiftpaw and Brightheart

I was always hoping these two would be mates.

I really like Cloud x Bright but.In my opinion SwiftxBright is WAY better - cassiabez

The Contenders

11 Sorreltail and Cloudtail
12 Rainwhisker and Leafpool
13 Brambleclaw and Sorreltail

I was hoping it. When I read Firestars Quest, Midnight and Moonrise...

14 Sandstorm and Scourge

No... just no. - Astralium

Wait...What's with this? Imagine that! 🐲 vs 🐱.

15 Briarlight and Jayfeather

Okay I really do ship briarlight and Jayfeather

16 Ashfur and Spottedleaf

Spotted leaf died before Ash fur was born.

17 Firestar and Spottedleaf

You guys are forgetting something...

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